Tuesday, November 21, 2006

a little of everything...

Hey everyone!

So it's Thanksgiving this week for the US right? I've been wondering if it was last week or this week :P Does that mean that US folk will have more time to blog or that you'll be too busy? (just curious :P)

All right, so little update on me... The good news: my supervisor finally emailed me back! Youppi! However, he's been having difficulty to adapt and all, so he might not have time to help me for my presentation... too bad. Talking about presentation, I still haven't done anything... 1 week to go, but I'm sure I can do it. There's such a difference between knowing when it's going to happen. remember at the beginning of the month? I was freaking out because I thought there was 2 weeks before the presentation, but I didn't know when exactly the presentation would be. Now, I don't feel nervous about the presentation, so I guess that's good. I have the presentation in my head, the analysis is 95% done... so now, just have to complete the 5% which is like statistic (beurk) and make some slides...

So that's the boring personal stuff in my life. Book-related now. Hmmm, the new Indigo store was a disappointment to me. Yeah, sucks no? Been waiting so long for it and it sucks. The store itself is really nice, but the arrangement of the shelves is no good. The separation between section isn't clear either. The romance section is pitiful... it's about 1/3 or 1/4 of the romance section at the Chapters or Indigo downtown. I guess it's the lack of space... the Indigo and Chapters downtown have 2 floors (Chapters even have 3) while this one only has 1 floor. So they're trying to cram everything together (English + French books) and so, they have to cut some corners... I guess it'll be good for the new releases... but if I want some older books (like 3-4 months old), I'll have to go in downtown still. Anyway, you can guess that I didn't spend the Customer day there... Instead, I drove downtown (hey, it was one day only, had to enjoy it!) and bought a couple of books:

- Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan (rec. by Kris)
- Good Girls Do by Cathie Linz (Sandie rec. Bad Girls Don't, 2nd book of the series, but it wasn't there)
- His Dark Kiss by Eve Silver (Canadian author, so I wanted to try her out)
- Major Crush by Jennifer Echols (rec. by Dancechica)
- House of Gaian by Anne Bishop (remember, I bought the first 2 books at UBS)
- The Glasswrights' Apprentice by Mindy L. Klasky

and I think that's it... but I can't be sure ^^; You know, been buying a lot of books lately, hard to keep track ^^; Not bad right for a girl who didn't have much a specific book in mind.

While I was at the bookstore, I took a look at Shattered Dance by Caitlin Brennan, which is one of the sequel to Mountain's Call. (it's the third book in the series so far... not sure if they'll be more). I was hesitating whether to continue the series or not and so, I went and read the ending. You know me, if there's no HEA then, it's not worth to read... Spoilers (highlight to see) well, Valeria and Kerrec don't end up together. Kerrec end up marrying someone else and Valeria, for some reason, at the end end of the book, has decided to become the Barbarian Queen. End of Spoilers. So yeah, I'm going to sell Mountain's Call to UBS, unless anyone here wants it... Ames? since you already have the second book...

So what else, what else... Oh yeah! Remember, I was reading London's Perfect Scoundrel by Suzanne Enoch? Well, it might take awhile before I finish that book... I went and skimmed through another of her regency book that I've bought during McGill charity book fair and well, I have a problem with her books. It's the way the brothers treat the heroine... They can't stop giving orders and be-littling (in my opinion) the heroine. That gets annoying. I'm pretty sure that that's what really happened in those time, instead of the heroine being allowed to do mostly what she wants, but in today's time, it's you know, insulting for a woman. I like Suzanne Enoch's contemporary, but I'm not so sure about the historicals... and it seems this happen in every of her historicals... too bad for me I guess.

So well, that's it... Now, i have two reviews! :D so what new books did I read? The lucky winners were Major Crush by Jennifer Echols and Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan.

Major Crush by Jennifer Echols: 4/5

Virginia Saunter is 16 years old and the co-drum major of her school marching band. She shares the position of drum major with Drew Morrow, a senior and her crush. Drew was drum major last year and so, Virginia is having difficult to ascertain her authority within the band. It doesn't help that their first show was a complete disaster. Now, Mr. Rush, the new band director, is giving Drew and Virginia the choice: work together or he'll have someone else replace them.

What to say? This is a young adult novel, which explains why the H/H are 17 and 16 y.o. However, it is still a very cutsy story :D I did enjoy it, with all the drama and stuff... however, probably not as much as DC did. See, there's a lot of thing I didn't know and so I can't relate to... My school didn't have a marching band and actually, I don't think that many school in Quebec province has one... it's just not popular here. Also, we don't have the SAT exam here, so that's also something I cannot relate to. It's nice though that teenagers can find love... I've always liked the high school sweetheart romance :D

The only major problem I had with this book is that, well it's a young adult novel... these characters have their whole life in front of them. Sure, the ending of the BOOK is HEA, but for how long? Are they going to be together still in 20 years? Well, yeah, I'll never get the answer. I hope so too, but might not happen right? Anyway, good story. I'm wondering if the other from the series are as good... For a better review, you should go to DC's blog.

Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan: 4.25/5

Jack Norton is a GhostWalker, i.e. that he's been enhanced physically and psychically. He leads a mission to Congo, to go rescue his twin brother Ken, whose been captured on a mission. Ken is saved, but it is now Jack who's been captured. Jack successfully escaped, but is severely injured. Luckily for him, he runs into Briony Jenkins... a woman who has also been enhanced physically and psychically.

Briony Jenkins is a very strong empath and being in large crowds hurt her... but that doesn't stop her from being part of the Flying Five and performing their flying act, because above all, Briony loves her adopted family. For some reason, the Flying Five (Briony and her 4 brothers) have been paid a huge amount of money to perform at the Music Festival in Congo. There, Briony runs into Jack and saves his life. Attraction sizzles between Briony and Jack; however, for Jack, ppl he loves and cares for are a liability and so, Jack leaves... hoping it'd be better that way for Briony... That is, until Briony is pregnant and someone is after her, but more importantly, after her baby. Having no choice, not wanting to endanger her brothers and also wanting to learn some skills to be able to protect her baby in the future, Briony turns to Jack.

As a rule, I'm not a big fan of Christine Feehan... Never got into her Dark Series and the only books that I've really read were Shadow Game and Mind Game, the 2 first book of the well, Game Series. I've actually given up on the Game series... Basically, what you need to know about the Game series is that you had a mad scientist, Dr. Peter Whitney, with a lot money experimenting on humans to give them or enhance their natural psychic powers. He did many experiments, but 2 stood out. His first experiment was on very young girls whom he got from orphanage in Europe. Because he couldn't keep all the girls at one point, he adopted them out, but kept one, Lily. Then, he started experimenting on soldiers (SEALS and another group)... so basically, what's been happening is: soldier meet orphan girl in dangerous situation and fall in love. It's basically the same thing happening over and again and that's why I decided to save some money. However, Kris said this one was good and I should give it a try and so I did and bought it during the week-end. She was right, this one is indeed pretty good.

So, I did really enjoy the book. I guess I liked the characters, Briony and Jack as well as Ken. I thought Briony's brothers were jerks at first, but then, they redeemed themselves a lot. I'm happy that we didn't get to see too many characters from previous books, but then at the same time, their little appearance was a bit too short.... so it makes the book unbalanced I think. Anyway, Briony is not your usual heroine... She's tough, but always afraid... what's make her stand out is that she learnt how to deal with her fear. She's strong and she's trained, but she's never been in a situation where she needed to use her training. In short, a nice heroine... not a TSTL and not a too tough character either. As for Jack, well he's tough and very controlling. He also has a dark monster in his past. He's the type of alpha that you usually like.

The plot was a good one, the way it was told was enjoyable as well. If I had a problem tho is that it seems the novel is not complete. Briony came to Jack's house for protection. They're safe for awhile, but then, gets attacked. The trio runs away and manage to escape, kill the most threatening man and then, that's the end of the book. Okay... There's just a lot of thing unanswered. Of course, you do get the answer in the next book which is Deadly Game and features Ken as the hero, but still. So that's the only major complain I have... Now, I'm still not decided though if reading Deadly Game is going to be good... seems like it's going to be a repeat of Conspiracy Game...

oh well, that's enough for today :D Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Hey Nath,

    Good luck on your presentation sweets! You'll do great, I'm sure though.

    It sucks that your new bookstore wasn't all that you hoped it would be and that you still have to drive downtown to get new, older books.

    I've been meaning to read the Christine Feehan books, I've got a book by hers but I know it's in a series so I haven't touched it yet, I think I have Conspiracy something, I'd have to double check for that.

    Great book load you got there. I want to try a YA book, so I think I'll start with this one, I gotta write this down though. Thanks for the rec, I went to school in the US and the band thing is a big here, just last week they had a battle of the High School Bands and I wanted to go so bad, but couldn't. *sigh*

    Great reviews sweets!

  2. Hey Nath! The customer appreciation day was yesterday, so I think I got some goodies: Prince of Ice, Must Love Dragons, Valley of Silence, and the Black Jewels Trilogy. :P Saved 10 bucks in total, which is great I think. LOL

    That sucks that new store is a disappointment. I would love to go to a three floored bookstore. The Chapters here in Winnipeg is two floored, but there's lots of open space-so I know it could fill one story. :P Can't complain.

    And I have Mountain's Call. :P But I didn't read your spoiler. I don't want to know anything. LOL

  3. Dylan - thanx, I hope so. Now, if only I could start popping up some slides...

    As for the bookstore, yeah, I know... disappointing, but oh well, can't have it all. Conspiracy Game just came out... but if it's your first book of the series, you might be confused... You'll want to read at least the first book of the series...

    welcome for the recommendation. I thought Major Crush was fun to read :D

    Ames - You got a nice haul too :D did you read the Black Jewels trilogy yet?

    I just think that one floor is way too small for the Indigo... it's pretty crammed... but they have a great kids section, lots of room for the kids. i'm jealous. and you got Mountain's Call already? ah well, then, it's definitively going to the UBS pile :D

  4. I wanted to get the Feehan book - Iread and quite liked the first in this series and then saw the excellent review that Kris gave it. But it was in the larger size and they wanted $13. I don't think so. Then when I was in the States a couple of weeks ago, they had a regular sized one in Target on for $5.55. Score!!! Also got the newest Madeline Hunter for the same price. Then of course, I went and bought all those other books less than a week later ;)

  5. Looks like you got some good books. The Black Jewels trilogy is on my Christmas list, I hope I get it, but I already decided if I don't I am going to go get them anyway.

    I am glad that you liked Conspiracy Game and I agree if she does not do some fancy foot work with Deadly Game it will be a repeat of CG.

    Good luck on your presentation.

    As far as Thanksgiving week goes, it usually means the last half of the week we are visiting family or entertaining family. So not a whole lot of time in there.

    Go Kristie! I did not even know that it was released in the larger size.

  6. Kristie - it's nice that you got some books cheap :D ain't it always fun? As for Conspiracy Game, it's back in normal format... I know what you mean with the bigger format, for more comfortable reading... that was totally a rip-off. I guess publishers realized, because I haven't seen those format anymore and I'm glad.

    Kris - it's pretty worth it, the Black Jewels Trilogy :D and thanx for the good luck, I'm going to need it. hate public speaking. As for Deadly Game, you can already see it: Ken falling in love with Mari... of course, Mari has been abused and all, so it might be a bit different, but still... And are Mari and Briony twins?

    Oh, and Happy thanksgiving!

  7. Nice Haul!

    As far as T-Giving and blogging, not sure how much I'll be on, but I'll try and get some blogging in!

    I hope to get to the bookstore and try to increase my sagging tbr pile!

    So no holiday in Canada? You guys had your Thanksgiving last month right?

  8. Yes, they are twins from what I can gather.

  9. Zeek - I know, I like buying books :D I hope you'll be able to increase your TBR pile too... quite some interesting books out there. Happy T-giving to you :D and yeah, no holiday for us (that sucks)... anyway, T-giving is not big in Canada...

    Kris - yeah, that's what I thought too... just weird no? how much do you bet she's going to have Ken's twins?

  10. Hey Nath!

    I read the Black Jewels Trilogy already, but it was a library copy. So I had to get a brand new one without rips in the cover. LOL I haven't reviewed it yet though. I want to reread it before I write my review. I blubbered like an idiot at the end, so I want to see if it has the same emotional impact. :P

  11. good to hear you finally got your e-mail anyway.

    I went for customer day at Chapter too but only bought one book, a double header of Linda Howard: Dream Man and After the Night. Pretty good stuff.

    I find that Chapters is kind of disappointing and would rather shop at amazon online. Its just hard to get out to the store you know? ;-)

  12. First - sending you lots of good thoughts for your presentation. I was never good at the public speaking part but could throw info around like a pro ;)


    I don't think Indigo caters to romance but I do love to go to our Indigo store for other types of books. Cooking, self-stuff, renovation, decorating books. I'm more relaxed in the Indigo and I like the atmosphere. I rarely browse at Chapters only because I get angry at what they don't have and then there are people every where.

    At the Indigo - they have their books laid out differently so different things catch your eye. I also feel much more private in the space.

    So I go to these stores with different purposes.


  13. Ames - hey girl :D I know, I was crying so much at the end too!!! Can't wait to read your review... did you buy the three volumes separately or 3-in-1 book?

    Laura - yeah, I'm happy too that my supervisor replied. I actually like to go to the store... and the ones in downtown are quite good :D I do buy online, but I don't like it, because I have to wait to receive the books... Oh and nice book you got, the Linda Howard, I had that one too :D

    Cindy - hello :D thanx for the good thoughts... I'm starting to feel the pressure now, esp. because my powerpoint presentation still not ready ^^;

    As for our bookstores, yeah, there's more than one floor... I haven't seen a Chapters or Indigo in another province, so can't really tell the comparison... but I guess that here, because we have very few English bookstores, so whenever we have a Chapters or Indigo, they're huge. As for Indigo vs. Chapters, I prefer Indigo as well... I just think that Indigo is brighter and that makes all the difference :D and both Chapters and Indigo in downtown have a nice romance section, but as I said, that's because we don't have that much english bookstores.