Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thank you everyone!

Hello :D

Well I'm still alive! okay, let's be serious. First, I'd like to thank everyone who wish me good luck, it's always heart-warming to know that ppl care. So:


How did it go? Well. Well at least, that's what everyone told me... cos standing in front, I have no idea. For sure, I was nervous and I thought that it came out a bit wrong, hesitant and there was a lot of pause, but it seems it sounded good. As for the questions, I was able to answer every one of them. So I'm glad... All my labmates took the time to come to see me, so it was really nice of them and my supervisor seemed happy. My friend told me that he was quite proud (cos she overheard him talking to another prof) and that the other prof was quite impressed that I was able to achieve so much in such an short amount of time. My immediate supervisor (the one in France) also sent me an email to wish me good luck and to give me some advices. Although it came in too late, I was glad that he cared enough :) To tell the truth tho, I was quite nervous, because on Tuesday night, I was trying to practice and I think I only got the whole presentation twice... So I was quite worried and woke up at 5am to practice some more, but was interrupted by my parents... But yeah, this part is now over and I'm really glad. Soon, I'll be writing my report. Soon.

The cool part was after the presentation tho. I took the day off and hang out with my friends... it's been such a long time! And I had a great time. In addition, to celebrate a bit, guess what I did? Bought books of course! I used my mysterious card and got 5$... What pissed me off tho was that apparently, if you bought more than 50$, you got another card with a rabate of 10$... but I didn't get that. How unfair really!

I'm sure you're dying to know what books I bought! So here is my new purchases:

My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding (anthology): couldn't resist after reading the review at Ames'
Bad Girls Don't by Cathie Linz: currently reading
Drop Dead Gorgeous by Linda Howard: I didn't enjoy the first one that much, but it's Howard, so it deserves another try.
Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara: It sounds good. As you know, i'm trying series by the Luna Harlequin and this one is one. The cashier girl told me it was a good book, so great :P
Eragon by Christopher Paolini: Well, I remember seeing the blue cover with the dragon on it for such a long time and I remember Mailyn saying something about it. I didn't know the author or the title, so when I went to the library last week, I didn't find it.... It's only when I bought it yesterday that I realized that it's Eragon, the one coming out as a movie soon. Yeah, I know, I'm clueless. Anyway, I got the book, the version with the dragon on it, in trade paperback format.

and that's it :D The only book I didn't find and that I wanted was Eye of Heaven by Marjorie Liu. Apparently, this one is good.

So that's pretty much for yesterday and today. Right now, I'm debating what to do after work... Going out with friends again tonight and I have about 2 hours to kill... so my choices are:

1) Going to Zellers and see if they got Eye of Heaven
2) Going to UBS
3) Going to buy manga
4) Going rental store.

hmmm, tough choices... I also have to come up with a wish-list of books. The trouble is that when I'm trying to figure out which book I want, well, I want it right... so having the list urges me to go buy the book right away and so I don't have any wish-list anymore.... but guess I'll try :P

Okay, that's it for today folks!


  1. Hey, I'm glad it went well. Congratulations!! :-)

    more books, good idea.

  2. LOL - I got some of the same! Drop Dead Gorgeous & Bad Girls Don't. Unfourtunately I thought I was getting Liu's latest but I didn't realize until tonight it's the one before that, The Red Heart of Jade. I only got $5 off too :( but I did get the $10 card.
    And congratulations on your presentation. I'm glad everything went well and you took a well deserved rest!

  3. YAY! Congrats on the presentation. I'm awful about any kind of public speaking, so I know how hard it can be. Glad to hear it went well.

    I love Eragon!

  4. Well congrats on doing well with your presentation (and sorry I wasn’t around earlier to wish you luck!) I hate presentations too so I know how much anxiety they cause. But congrats to you!

    I’m kind interested in that Big Fat Wedding anthology and Cast in Shadow. I plan to read Eragon too ‘cause I want to see the movie but I’d rather read the book before I do. ;-)

  5. Yeah, I am glad everything went well with your presentation. I can't wait to read drop dead gorgeous. I have started bad girls don't but I keep getting distracted. So I am also reading Red Heart of Jade by Margarie Lui. (I know I did not spell that right)

  6. Woohoo!! Great news! Hopefully now you can relax for a bit - with all those books you'll need some relaxation time.

    Really happy for you!


  7. Laura - thanx :D and yeah, books are such a great rewards!

    Kristie - haha :D Great mind thinks alike! I'm still looking the new Marjorie Liu book. it said there was some at the new store and I went, but couldn't find them :( Hope I'll be more lucky tomorrow.

    Jennie - YAY! I was quite nervous, but it went fine :D As for Eragon, I haven't started yet... but I want the next volume, but it's only available in hardcover! What to do?

    DC - don't worry for not being around :D I'm glad to see your comment tho :D See, as I said to Kristie, Great minds think alike! For the anthology, you can take a look at Ames blog for a review... and i'll let you know what I think about Cast in Shadow :D

    Kris - I'm also having difficulty getting into Bad Girls Don't... I think it's Skye, don't really like her personality. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it... do post your review tho!

    Cindy - yeah, presentation is over... but I still have the report T_T 20 pages single-spaced... I'm going to have to BS so much!

  8. I'm so happy it went well!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!! *does a happy Natty dance* XD

    OK, so no wish list, hmmm any manga yaou want?!?! One that you can wait to read until you get it in the mail. LOL.

  9. Hey Mailyn!

    I'm going to have a wishlist soon! Very soon!

    hmmm... wonder what a dumpling dance looks like?

  10. Oooh I'm so glad your presentation went well! KUDOS Nath.