Saturday, November 18, 2006

no, tell me it's a lie!

Shoot me now and end my suffering please!!!!!

I can't believe this!!!

So after being disappointed by Mountain's Call, I went to re-read Poison Study and Magic Study. Just out of curiosity, I went to see on Maria V. Snyder's website  if an except was out... After all, that's usually what happens, excerpt of the sequel is posted when the book comes out. Well, I wasn't disappointed, here is the excerpt for Fire Study.

But guess what I discover besides the excerpt? Sit down fans and start bawling. So Harlequin has moved the Study series from LUNA to MIRA. So, what's the big deal? Well, Mira wants to re-release Poison Study and Magic Study in trade paperback format... they will be out in March 2007 and September 2007 respectively, both with new covers... So this means that Fire Study will be coming out in.... March 2008. 2008!!!!!! Are you freaking playing with me? That's like 1 year 1/4 to wait, after I've already wait 2-3 months already!!!!!!!!!

You're being very very cruel Mira. Couldn't you just release Fire Study in hardcover when it should be released and have it re-released later on in trade paperback? I never thought I'd be asking for hardcovers, but yeah, I am. Anyway, this is crushing news to me, because I bet the book is already completed and everything... Boohoohoo T_T

Anyway, here are the new covers... I prefer the old ones, but at least, they are not ugly. Boohoohoo T_T


  1. That stinks!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait that long, we should stage a protest (just kidding) :) But that totally is not cool. If the book is done just release it already.

    Though i do like the new covers.

  2. Man, that's also annoying because book 3 won't match the two I have already! Why must authors do that, especially when you take the time to buy hardcover and then you end up with two books the same and one different. I think they should finish a series in the same covers they started it it. It is called matching! bah.

  3. Kris - I know!!! I also think we should protest... an online petition.

    The new covers are nice, altho the 2nd one, Magic Study, I don't think it fits Yelena... since Yelena likes to wear pants.

    Kailana - well in this case, I don't think it's the author fault, but more like the publishing house. It's the publishing house (Harlequin) that decided to switch the series from Luna to Mira, which doesn't really make sense to me, since the series is obviously "fantasy" while Mira has always been like "mystery"...

    Well, to me, nothing will match... I have Poison STudy in paperback, Magic Study in hardcover... and now, Fire Study in trade paperback?!? oh yeah, that's going to look so nice on my shelf ^^;

  4. I said authors, but I meant publishers. I wish they had waited until I had all three. Even if you have all paperbacks they will all be different. They just do it so the people that care will go back and rebuy, I am telling you. Like Diana Gabaldon, her new books have the new cover, so those that have been reading her from the beginning. Nothing matches. George R.R. Martin is the same. So annoying.

  5. ACK NOOOOOO! Grrr, now i'm going to wait even longer before I read Magic Study because if I don't and read it now, I'm going to be extremely annoyed that I have to wait over a year for the next one.

  6. The books were on my Christmas list and i just tole my hubby to take them off, so I could gett the new ones when they come out so my covers and the size would match, he made fun of me (lovingly) and said I was silly. But he knows I am anal about my books and I like them to match. I told him that he gets excited when his computer matches things why should I not want my books to match on the shelf, it is more pleasing to the eye.

  7. I haven't read these books yet. But kudos to me, I found poison study at the thrift store and bought it for one dolla! LOL I'm so cheap, it's scary.

    And because of the Grey Cup, Chapters is having it's sale today. Yay.

  8. yeah, it's true. I heard about this and it's just as bad as Meyer's holding out on the Twilight series as well. publishers suck.

  9. Mailyn - *wide eyes* Has there been a hold up with the Twilight series? LOL. (I sound like a druggie or something looking for my fix! lol.)

    Well, I have PS in PB and MS in HC, so my shelf wouldn't match anyway, but that doesn't bother too much. I like the new covers, but I think the old ones fit the series better. But the new ones are nice too, just different.

  10. Gah. Sometimes it's good to be behind on the reading curve. That way I'm not the one waiting impatiently. I have enough authors that make my heart bleed with impatience.


  11. Kelly - well that's how they make money. I still don't understand the switch, because I don't think the Study series fit in the Mira category, but well. I'm not the publisher. Anyway, it's going to work... I was thinking of buying a second copy of Poison Study, because mine has some tears on the cover... but now, might as well buy the new set :P

    Samantha - yes... You're the smart girl... me, I just can't wait. I'm impatient, so that wouldn't work... Now, all I can do is wait and wait.

    Kris - well, that's good for you :D Now, you can replace the books on your wishlist by others! I'm not that anal about the covers and format, but it's always nicer when everything fits together.

    Ames - You're not cheap. You're, hum, saving? Anyway, it's always good when you can find a good deal, and that was a really good deal. If I could buy my books cheaper, I would too... Now go read Poison Study! and what did you buy at Chapters?

    Mailyn - you sum it up quite nicely :D I mean, be smart... if you release Fire Study in hardcover and then in trade paperback, you'd made even more $$! So why wait?

    DC - same here with me :D have PS in PB and MS in HC... and you're right, the new covers are pretty too (at least, they didn't ruin everything with ugly covers), just different. I also thinks the old covers fit better... esp. for Magic Study. I can't imagine Yelena wearing a dress like that!

    Cindy - yeah, but I'm a fast catch-up! I was behind for this book too when it first came out and then i read Poison Study and Magic Study back-to-back... so now, i caught up ^^;

  12. Well since I haven't read this yet, I guess I'll hold off a little longer so I Don't have a longer wait than I need to...but I like the new covers, those are really pretty!

    Sorry you guys have to wait longer than you wanted to.

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  14. Dylan - you're lucky, but at the same time, you're missing out and you can be part of the fanlisting :P

  15. Boooo on Harlequin!! Those new covers are pretty though. But I'm with everyone else in being upset that my books won't match. I'll probably want to buy the trade paperbacks when they come out, even though that's a total waste of money!!!

    RRRRG. 2008 is forever away. :)