Thursday, November 02, 2006

October TBR challenge

Well I wanted to read this book for the October TBR challenge and well, I did... altho it's already November, I think that no one would mind... anyway, here it is:

Title: No Rest for the Wicked

Author: Kresley Cole

Year published: Oct. 2006

Why did you get this book? Personally, I have no idea. Maybe because I was giving a chance to the series.

Do you like the cover? I like the colors, but I could have passed on on the models :P

Did you enjoy the book? It was meh... I was expecting a bit more from the sneak preview, so I'm a tiny bit disappointed.

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? Nope, the author wasn't new to me. I've read the first of the series which was No Hunger Like Mine, or something like that...

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Not sure yet. probably keeping it till I have no more space and have to cut down on my books.

Anything else? I bet you actually dying to know more... so here it is... My formal review:

No Rest for the Wicked by Kresley Cole: 2.5/5

Sebastien Wroth was turned into a vampire 300 years ago by his two elder brothers, because well, Sebastien was dying and his brothers didn't want him to. Angry at his brothers to have gone against his will, Sebastien has been sulking in one of his castle in Scotland and is awaiting death. Finally, appears Kaderin, a Valkyrie whose sole purpose in life is to kill vampire. Sebastien believes that he can die, but Kaderin hesitates... and suddenly, both characters get a bad case of lust, because apparently, Sebastien's Bride is Kaderin. Once a vampire finds his Bride, he can "lives" again, but well he's still dead. Anyway, Bride are important to vampires... Well it seems that Sebastien is not the only one affected by their connection, as Kaderin, in the presence of Sebastien, starts to feel again (see, she was turned emotionless by the Gods)... so Kaderin runs away. Sebastien pursues her and finds her at the Goddess Riora's temple where the creatures of the Lore (the otherworld) have gathered to participate to the Hie. The Hie is a competition among the representants of each race and basically, Riora gives a list of objects she wants and an amount of points that go with the task and well, the first 2 to reach 87 points get a place in the finale and the winner gets a price. Kaderin has been winning the competition for the last 5 times (the Hie happens every 250 yrs). Anyway, Kaderin and Sebastien both participate: Kaderin is even more eager than previous years because this year, the price is a key that allows to go back in time and as a result, she could save her triplet sisters and avoid a 1000 years of guilt, and Sebastien, to win the key and give it to Kaderin. However, another dangerous participant is present this year, Bowen, a werewolf, who wants the key to bring his mate back to life.

So yeah, sounds exciting? Not really. I guess the author wanted Sebastien to be a tortured hero, but his characterization doesn't turn out so well. Actually, I guess my problem is that this story is so deja-vu... it's been written and you don't bring anything new to it. It's nice to see other creatures aside from vampire, werewolf and witch, but I find the Valkyries not very interesting... Bunch of hyper girls that want to look tough. Kaderin wasn't an entertaining heroine either and I actually thought that the plot was weak and boring. So yeah, I don't know what to do anymore with this series? Give it another go or not... I guess not.