Monday, January 29, 2007

Catching up...

Hey everyone!!

Can someone please tell me where my week-end went?!? It went by so quickly T_T anyway, my day at work today was really booooring.

Okay, but let me recap a bit the end of last week and the week-end... I found a new UBS last week and had a blast in it :P It's still a bit expensive, but I was able to find 3 Anne Stuart, 3 Andrea Kane and a couple more books. I have to admit tho that the books were a bit expensive for used ones, but there's not that many English UBS in Montreal and I guesss they have to make a living right? Also, they really don't pay a lot of money for books... So after buying so much books, I decided I had to do something to restrain myself, limit myself... and the answer: BUDGET!

So yeah, basically, I'm going to allow myself an amount of $$ per week to buy books and try not to go over - quite pitiful no? I really have no self control... *sigh* Which is pretty sad. Anyway, I'm going to try to stick to it, and also limit my visit to the book stores, but so far... I haven't been that successful. To my defenses, I have to say that it's all my sister's fault. She ambushed me... I had to drive her to McGill University Open House yesterday and so, I hang out at the book store and bought books... but as you can, really, it's my sis' fault, because I wouldn't have gone to the book store if I didn't need to drive her downtown. Ah well, no books this week... no books this week, no books this week... I guess this is going to become my mantra ^^;

I've said earlier this year that I wanted to make some lists... well at least, this is something I'll be doing. I bought a notebook, really nice, big and thick and I've started making lists... What I bought, what I read, list of upcoming books, wishlist and all. As for the new look to my blog, i'm still waiting for my new banner... Hopefully, soon.

I really wanted to write some reviews over the week-end, but I didn't have time. Instead, I read 4 books, so for sure, this week, I'll try to catch up with everything. So the four books I've read were:

- How to abduct a Highland Lord by Karen Hawkins
- Shadows at Sunset by Anne Stuart
- Feet First by Leanne Banks
- Scent of Danger by Andrea Kane

and I think I still had two other books to review... so, hmmm, it's going to be a busy week.

So, what else. I went to the library and got some books, mostly fantasy/sci-fi ones. The more I look at the romance section, the sadder I become. Really pitiful T_T but hey, I was still able to find some books and bring home. Hope I'll have time to read them tho...

Other good news? My pen pal to whom I haven't written for 3 years has contacted me over the week-end, I'm so glad :D and I just finished my applications for pharmacy school :P Now, all I have to do is send out my CV to find a new job in case I don't get in pharmacy school...

So, how has everyone been doing?


  1. I have been coughing. That was my weekend. Well, coughing and other flu/cold symptoms. Finally on Sunday after like a week I got interested in reading again, and finished a book! And then today, I am almost finished another. Plus, the new Patricia Briggs book is on the way to me, so I am VERY excited.

  2. We went out of town this weekend, and my youngest got sick and was throwing up, so that was my weekend.
    Kailana, I read the new Patricia Briggs books and it was really good.

  3. What other Anne Stuart books did you buy?

  4. Kailana - I hope you do feel better now! I'm so glad you were able to read :D you'll have to review the new Patricia Briggs... I got the first one, rec of DC, but I couldn't get into it... wonder if it was my mood, probably :P

    Kris - Oh, poor sweetie. Was it something s/he ate? By the way, how many children do you have?

    Ames - Hey :D I got Shadow Dance, Lady Fortune and Shadows at Sunset and another one, can't remember the name and it's somewhere... ^^; it's a contemporary one tho. Unfortunately, I really can't find A Rose at Midnight. :(

  5. I don't know if it was something she ate, she was throwing up for about 6 hours then stopped and slept a lot that day and the next.
    I have two little girls, 2 and 4 years old.

  6. Kris - well I hope she feels better now. For som reasons, I thought you had boys... :P And wow, 2 and 4... little ones indeed :D

  7. She is doing fine, thanks.