Monday, January 08, 2007

Review: Falling for Anthony by Meljean Brooks

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Falling for Anthony by Meljean Brooks: 3/5 (C)
published by Berkley in November 2006
Anthony Ramsdell has known Colin and Emily (twins) and they have been friends since their childhood, despite the difference in status (Anthony being from a decent family and the twins, the children of a duke or marquess). To elevate his status, Anthony has become a doctor, accepting Colin's father offer to pay for his studies. Now, the duke/marquess has decided to collect his favor from Anthony and is sending him to Spain as a war doctor. Just before his departure, Anthony saw Emily whose he's been attracted to since his youth. Angered at her father for some reasons, Emily seduced Anthony. Afterwards, Anthony went to war, promising Emily that he would come back for her.

However, not everything goes according to what we want and Anthony died and became a Guardian. Under normal circumstances, he would have trained for a 100 years in Caelum; however, Colin was bitten by a nosferatu and Anthony, along with his master Hugh, must save him and protect a sword.
Genre: paranormal romance
Series: The Guardians series, book 1

Review: As you know, I bought this anthology because it contained Falling for Anthony, which was the prequel/book 1 of Demon Angel. I enjoyed Demon Angel and I wanted to know more, I mean anything that could give me an insight in the past of Colin, Lilith and Hugh was good :D I didn't read the other stories however. Maybe another day...

Characters - Hum, I liked Anthony quite well, but didn't really enjoyed Emily. Anthony is quite similar to Hugh, but a little less rigid and little more selfish. It is a little bit difficult to comment on them, since it was a short story... As for Emily, well I understand the motives of her behaviour, but it doesn't make me like her. She pretty much used Anthony and after his death, she did feel remorse, but I don't think she loved him. Not until he came back as a Guardian. So that's my take on the main couple. As for Colin, he's his usual self, although pretty much comatose for more than half of the story. Still vain as ever, but I did get to see another side of him... Responsible. I mean, he does care for his little sister and I believe they do have a bond... Also, he was ready to marry to provide a mother for his orphaned nephew. Might not be the good reason to marry, but it was done in those time and he was ready to do it for his nephew. So that speaks out a lot about his character.

Story & Writing - The writing was consistent with Demon Angel, so quite good. As for the story, well, it was short and therefore, lack a bit of development, but that's to be expected. Otherwise, it was okay. in my opinion, it wasn't as captivating as Demon Angel.

The Cover - All right again. I'll have to say that I don't really care about half-naked ppl on my covers ^^; I don't find that "hot" and I wonder if it really increases the sales of a book. I do like the color schemes tho and the texture of it :D

Am I keeping this book: Well yes, since it's part of The Guardians series.

Anything else: Well not really. I read this book, because I wanted to know more about Colin and also, his sister, since she was mentioned in Demon Angel. My expectations weren't as high, because well, it's a short story. Of course, they'll be higher for Demon Moon. As for the grading, it's a 3 not because of the story, but more due to my dislike of the heroine.


  1. I appreciate this review Nath. Now I don't feel the urge to buy the anthology. LOL

  2. Hey Ames :D

    you're welcome :D you don't need the anthology to enjoy Demon Angel... so you can take your time to find it ;D

  3. Overall I liked the anthology, but I bought it because I like Emma Holly's Demon series and one of the stories is from that series.

  4. Hmmm, well mebe I might have to give Demon Angel a shot- I felt the same way as you on this one so I stayed away from Demon Angel. But since you think it's better ...

    btw, I bought Hot Spell for Lora Leigh's entry LOL!

  5. Funny how we all bought the anthology for different authors :D

    Kris - I'm hesitating about giving Emma Holly, because I heard there was a lot of sex... Probably I'm going to give the other stories a try as well tho.

    Zeek - I think you should give Demon Angel a shot, because it's much better. The short story was a bit bland...