Sunday, January 21, 2007


Hey everyone!

Wassup? Been a relaxing week-end so far for me. Yes, I've been reading, seriously, that's probably the only thing I do :P so there will be some reviews coming up, hopefully tonight, or during the week for sure. I read on Tara Marie's blog her review for Blame it on Paris by Laura Florand and I cracked. Had to get the book. In addition, I was bored and went back to the bookstore again and bought more books and I have plans to return today. Ames, that support group and 12-Steps-Program to say "No to a book," I definitively need them. Definitively.

Okay, so I have few things to say...

1. Canadian fans of manga (English), go to Chapters/Indigo right away as all of Viz manga (Death Note, One Piece, Bleach, Host Club, etc.) are 20% off. If you are a I-rewards member, you get the additional 10% off. So 30% in total! What, still sitting there? Go! (I don't know when this end tho)...

2. Well, this should have been my first news, but since the book is only coming in July and I have no idea when the manga sale will be over, but probably before July, I guess I have the right order. Ms Kay Hooper hasn't updated her website for so long ^^; but... I finally found out what's her next book, the title and when it's coming out! Seriously, I was starting to worry that she stopped or something. So the next book is Blood Dreams, first installment of the Blood trilogy. I have no idea who's story it's going to be, but hey, a new trilogy!! So the book is coming in hardcover format end of July 2007 (I think the 27th, but not sure)....

Ain't it cool? and apparently, Ms. Hooper will re-visit some of the characters (maybe not in this book tho). She plans to write about Beau, Hollis, Quentin and Diana, Bonnie and Seth, and Gallen... That'd be cool... I can't wait for Bonnie and Seth's story!

3. Tennis! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to WATCH tennis, because the schedule is a bit all over the place and there's so many sport events this week-end, it's insane... also, everything they show is almost all the American's matches. I understand that it's an american coverage, but I don't want to watch a replay of Blake and Ginepri when there's a more interesting match going on LIVE! So, it seems that the tournament on the women's side is getting really exciting! Defending champion Mauresmo is out (YAY!), almost all the Russian are out except for Sharapova (please, let her follow the lead of her "compatriots" - Seriously I don't see why she considers herself Russian when she's an all-American girl. Nobody considers her Russian anyway.) Serena Williams is still in (boo - sorry, don't like the Williams sisters)... So I'm definitively rooting for Clijters! Go Clijters or any NEW face (not Vaidisova). On the men's side, well not as many upset... Hewitt is out (bye-bye T_T) but he's really out of shape. Sad. Anyway, I'm rooting for Andy Murray now! Young Scot who's going to play against Nadal (shoot!). Isn't it all exciting?

4. Last thing... I'm off for a breakfast date! Wish me good luck!


  1. Glad that your weekend has been relaxing, those are the best sometimes. I went shopping and bought 3 books this weekend, My Nerdy Valentine by VLT, Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs, and Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur. I am so excited.

    The only thing I have read by Kay Hooper was her Wizard in Seattle and another one that went with it. How are her other books.

    I hope that your date went well!

  2. Oh! How intriguing ;) Hope you had a nice breakfast!


  3. Hello Kris :D

    Yeah, I was happy about my week-end. Please, let me know if My Nerdy Valentine is good. I've been debating whether to buy it or not, but been a good girl so far and resist the temptation. (Of course, I've been tempted by other books ^^; )

    Personally, I don't really like the Wizard in Seattle, it was one of my least favorite book. If you haven't tried the FBI SCU series yet, I think you should. Start with the Shadows trilogy, either Stealing Shadows or Out of the Shadows. I really liked them, she can conveyed psychic powers with a lot of realism and the books are just very good :P

    The date went all right :P thanx.

    Cindy - Yeah, it was a nice breakfast. I don't know if it's going to go anywhere tho ^^;

  4. My Nerdy Valentine - I thought that it was cute. But it is not my favorite of the series. So it is probably not one that I would rush out to buy immediately.

  5. Kris - That's good, because I'm trying to have some self-control here :P By the way, which in the series did you like the most? I've tried one and it was so,so... so now, I'm not sure about that series... but I feel like reading some contemporary romance.