Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Review: Feet first by Leanne Banks

I wasn't sure if I was going to write the review tonight or wait till tomorrow morning. However, I decided I should stop procastinating and so here it is :D See, my old pen pal has just re-contacted me after 3 years and so we're catching up... but it sure does take time! So now, I don't think I'll have time to read tonight :P Oh well, it's for the greater good right?

So tonight, the lucky book is...

Feet First by Leanne Banks: 3.5/5
published in September 2005 by HQN Books (Harlequin)

Jenny Prillaman has been jumping from job to job, not sure of what she wanted to do in her life until now. She's been at Bellagio for almost two years, which is the longest time she'd stayed at a job, as Sal, a shoe designer at Bellagio, assistant. For the past few months, she's been doodling shoe designs, covering for Sal's hangovers. When Sal enters rehab when he's supposed to be designing Bellagio president's niece (Brooke) shoes for her reality-tv wedding, Jenny is asked by Marc Waterson - VP - to cover for Sal once again.

For a couple of months now, Jenny has wanted to have an affair with the handsome VP, but the man cannot even remember her name! However, this is about to change as they're obliged to work together in addition to baby-sit and keep Brooke under control... The problem is that Jenny doesn't factor in Marc plans; he's been looking for a wife and ambitious Jenny isn't the right woman. Yet, he's attracted to her...

Series: the Feet trilogy. This is the first book of the trilogy, Underfoot and Foot Loose are the two other books.
Genre: contemporary romance

Review: I read the two other books of the trilogy first and I just wanted to know how Jenny and Marc got together as they had some brief appearances in the two other books. It was an enjoyable read and exactly what I needed to get back my reading mojo.

Characters - The book mainly focuses on Jenny and Marc, although there's a range of secondary characters. The problem with the secondary characters is that they're just part of the scenery... Only one will get her own book (Trina) while Brooke's stories will be told over the three books. Jenny is an interesting character enough... Average woman who has two over-achiever siblings and has finally found her goal. She's nice, sociable, has good friends, no dark past... a bit carefree, but realist. I guess she's a bit typical as a character... As for Marc, well he's focus. That's the word for it. He has a plan and intends to follow it. Again, typical character...

Writing & Story - The writing was okay... I mean, seriously, the whole book was a bit typical. Man and woman attracted to each other, have sex and find it's not enough so decide to engage in an affair with a number of rules. Of course, they enjoy each other's company and slowly develop feelings for each other; however, there's a misunderstanding... but at the end, they get back together. Sorry if I spoiled the book to anyone :P So you have typical characters and a not so original plot, but it's still enjoyable - not memorable, but enjoyable. Why? The writing, the flow... It wasn't too dragging and I liked that the misunderstanding was resolved fast. Actually, the hero wasn't really bother by it, it really wasn't important for him, because he has already figured out his feelings.

The Cover - I like it. It's flimsy and the colors are nice and soft and most importantly, it fit the story.

Am I keeping it? Yes... I already have the two others and it's a cute trilogy.

Anything else? Not really, just that Leanne Banks next book will be co-authored with Janet Evanovich and it's titled Hot Stuff, coming out in April.

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