Tuesday, January 02, 2007

For 2007...

Hey everyone :D

So how was New Year? I hope everyone is well :D

So there won't be a recap of 2006 for me nor will there be any resolutions (I never keep them up, so I've stopped making them)... Let's take this year relax and easy... I say that, but 2007 will probably be one of the most imoprtant year of my life... really deciding what I'm going to do in the future. Oh well, we'll see what it brings...

So I'm in a mood lately... not a bad mood, but I guess I'm feeling restless and a lot bored. So there's probably going to be some changes soon to the blog (and my life too ^^;) First thing is going to be the layout, although I haven't started on it yet ^^; Then, there's also going to be the review format and I'll be soon working on an archive. See, I feel like I have to re-organize everything so it's nice and tidy. How long is the mood going to last, no idea :P

Well, that's enough of me :D Last thing is an offer for the Dark-Hunters fans. Author Ms. Sherrilyn Kenyon has offered a short story entitled Fear the Darkness which is supposed to gap the bridge between the Dark-Hunter series and the Dream-Hunter series (which is quite the same really). This short story was offered through internet... so if you want it, please leave a comment stating that you want it and I'll forward it to you.

Next post is going to be my review of Demon Angel by Meljean Brooks.


  1. I got this! Thanks for sending this to me sweetie, I am so looking forward to reading this even though I'm not fond of the DH books anymore.

  2. I am not sure if I have this, has it come already. I signed up for it, but i do not know if it got shunted into my bulk mail and deleted.

  3. Oh, I found it, it got shufled down in my inbox without me realizing it.

  4. Do you have to be on one of SK's loops to get this? I'd love to read it. Would you mind passing it along? Thanks.

  5. Okay girls, sorry for late reply to the comments. I don't know where my mind is lately... it's exhausted, but why? I didn't really party during the holidays!

    Dylan - no problem Dylan :D I'm not that fond of DH books either and I don't like Nick's new personality, so it didn't grab me... but it's supposed to gap between the books, so it's always good to have.

    Kris - I'm glad you found it :D Hope you enjoy it!

    Devon - You don't have to be in SK's loop. I guess it's some deals she had with her publishing house. The story will be published in one of her later books, but I guess it won't be out before Dream Hunter and that's why it was offered on the net first. I'll send it to you tonight :D

  6. It would've been good to include my email, huh? Thanks Again, Nath.