Thursday, April 26, 2007

Book Binge and Kelley Armstrong at Twisted Kingdom!

Hey everyone!

There is two things I'm so happy to announce to you!!!

1) Book Binge - Holly, Isabel and Rowena's new blog! Yes, the ladies at Sanctuary's Finest are making a fresh new start with a new blog! Isn't that exciting news?!?! Here's a look for their new blog:

It promises to be entertaining and active LOL :)

2) Kelley Armstrong, the author of the Women of the Otherworld series, is guest blogging over at Twisted Kingdom tomorrow/this week-end! Plus, there'll be an interview with her on May 1st!!! Don't miss it! It will be very interesting. If any of you aren't familiar with her book, you can see Kailana's review of her first book in the series, Bitten, and the Author of the Month feature over at TK!


  1. Thanks so much Nath, you so rock!!! We, over at Book Binge appreciate the pimp! =)

    Good luck on the contest sweetie!!

  2. Hey Rowena :D so, did you decide not to use Dylan anymore? No problem, it was my pleasure to adverstise Book Binge :D now, if only i could win the contest!