Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Twisted Kingdom and my life

Hey everyone!

So how have you been doing? Me, okay... but I wish the week would be over and we're only half-way! T_T Anyway, life has been busy and a bit stressing for me... hopefully, it'll be over tomorrow!

Remember 2 posts ago, I mentionned optometry school... Well I wasn't really motivated, until I talked to the son of a friend of a friend of my mom. He's an optometrist and has answered some of my questions, really making it sounded interesting. So I wrote my letter of motivation on Monday... then, the guy offered to correct it for me (which was really nice) and go through a mock interview with me - euh, less fun! Mock interview is tonight and I'm supposed to prepare for it, but heck, I don't know how! So I'm stressing over it... it's one thing to look like a fool in front of strangers, it's another when this stranger can spread the word in your community. So yeah, stressing... sigh.

Aside from that, I've been doing a bit of reading. Just finished Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan. Why the heck did I stay away from this series this long? Oh yeah, cos I couldn't find book 1. Well that's a good reason. Anyway, more reviews to come soon! I promise!

On other news, today at Twisted Kingdom, we have an interview with Colleen Gleason, author of The Rest Falls Away! Haven't read that book? Well head towards TK anyway, since Ames has reviewed it!


  1. Don't stress about your mock interview!! Here is this amazingly helpful person who is there to help you!! He's going to help you iron out the kinks.

  2. Yes...what Ames said. I'm sending good karma your way. How cool is that you have someone to practice with? Yippee, skippy doo-dah day!!

  3. Yeah, what Ames and Rosie said.

    Shoot, if I could sign into SF I'd pimp CG again, but for some reason it's being ree ree. grrr.

  4. Hey girls! Mock interview is over and it went so-so... more bad then good, but I got a lot of good pointers and stuff... so hopefully, I'll be able to make the adjustments... I have to say tho, I'm glad that the guy goes on a trip on Saturday for 3 weeks tho :P (so I won't have to go through it again LOL).. but he was really nice and helpful.

    Ames - Yep, hopefully, I'll be able to adjust for the real interview. I try to relax and it kind of translated into a "I don't care attitude" ^^;

    Rosie - thanks Rosie :D love the skippy doo-dah day... reminds me a bit of Cinderella.

    Holly - thanks Holly :D and it's the thought that counts! :D

  5. Optometry school sounds like a great idea. Good job doing the mock interview--I know how hard any sort of interview can be, even if it's not for real. But practice is sure to help for the real deal. ;)

  6. just in case you're sitting there thinking how lucky am because our snow all left....I'm looking out my window at a fresh 3 inches! argh!

    judging by your comments about the mock served its purpose so now you can work on specifics for improving. You'll be great!

  7. Jennie - hey Jennie! How have you been doing? As for the mock interview, he proposed it, I didn't ask for it. You can't really say no to someone who wants to help you! But yeah, it was a good thing I went through it...

    Laura - oh, I'm so sorry... just tell me that the snow is not coming our way though, please! It's been so nice since yesterday... very sunny and they say that the weather will be around 15-18 degrees C this week-end... so I don't want more snow! you have my sympathy though, I know what you're going through.

  8. But do you really even like optometry in the first place? I don't remember you saying that you ever liked it! :(

    Anyway, mock interview is over so the only thing to look forward to is the REAL interview! Nothing to worry about, right? Haha! Sorry, just kidding! I just took my mock exams yesterday and my REAL contract-exam is next Monday (if I fail, then the company won't sign a contract with me!). So I guess the joke's really on me...

    All the best in your choices and your upcoming interview. Don't worry about replying my previous mail - write me a brand new one after once you have time, ok? :)

    I've been terribly stressed out myself lately. Problems from an old friend/enemy. Troubles at home. Quarrels with May, etc. Bertie's sick now. Studies. Exams. :( Don't worry, I'm confident to pull through it all (you do the same, ok?)

    Take care now.

  9. Hey Edmund :)

    just sent you an email :)

  10. The mock interview is like a dress rehearsal. Now you'll know when you have your real interviews, it will go just great!!