Monday, April 16, 2007

Review: The Trouble with Valentine's Day by Rachel Gibson

I think I've read three books by Rachel Gibson so far and I like them okay. So when I saw The Trouble with Valentine by Rachel Gibson at the UBS, I picked it up.

The Trouble with Valentine's Day by Rachel Gibson: 3.25/5
published by Avon in January 2005

Kate Hamilton was a PI in Vegas and is on her way to her grandfather's home in Gospel, Idaho. Due to snow, she stops at her a bar and starts thinking about her life: her last investigation has ended in tragedy, for which Kate feels partly responsible. Her last relationship has ended when she mentionned the word "marriage" to her boyfriend who broke up, because he wasn't ready for commitment... however, he got married 8 months later. Worst of all, it's Valentine's Day, everyone around Kate is in couple and in kissing mood while Kate hasn't had sex for months. Half drunk, Kate does something unusual and propositions to the hunk next to her, but she's cruelly rejected. Ashamed, Kate's only comfort is that at least, she'll never see the man again... till Rob Sutter walks in her grandfather's grocery where she has started working. Turns out that Rob, an ex-hockey player, has settled in Gospel and opened a sport equipment shop.
Genre: contemporary romance
Series: none

Review: This book was enjoyable, but that's about it. Focused on relationships, I'd say it's a pretty generic romance novels with nothing to make it stands out.

The Characters - The characters were interesting enough, but I can't say that I felt any kinship to them or that I cared for them. Kate went to Gospel and decided to stay on after she saw that her grandfather hadn't moved on after the death of her grandmother, even if it's been two years. Thus, she's the new girl in town and of course, some funny little events occur. All in all, Kate is your typical heroine... As for Rob, he is a bit more interesting. The circumstances in which his hockey career ended is quite unique, although I have to say he brought it on himself. His reasons for not wanting to get married and why he rejected Kate's proposition does make sense. It's just sad that in the end, it was lust that was the answer to everything. Well of course, lust and love... As a character tho, Rob is also a typical hero - a yummy man who used to be a player.

The Story & Writing - The story was pretty much focused on relationships with a series of little and sometimes funny events happening. Nothing particular, no intrigue, but no day-to-day life either. As for Ms Gibson's writing, well it's good with nothing to complain about.

The Cover - cute and attractive. The kind of cover I would pick up out of curiosity.

Am I keeping it? For now...

Anything else? Not really :P


  1. I'm not big on this one. I like RG for a fluffy read, but she kind of ruined herself for me after See Jane Score (her best, IMO).

  2. Hey Holly :D

    I have to agree with you that her last few books weren't great. I mean, still enjoyable if you're looking for fluffy read, but otherwise... I mean, I wouldn't miss them at all.

  3. Sounds more like a 'meh' read. See Jane Score was one of those books where I found the hero to be passive-agressive in a very crazy way. I get mood swings but damn, that guy was a nutter!


  4. Oh man, I have See Jane Score in my tbr pile and Cindy's comment is freaking me out! LOL

  5. Cindy - yeah, in a way, it was "meh," but the enjoyable kind :D As for See Jane Score, to be frank, I can't remember the hero... I do remember the general storyline, but the hero... nope :P

    Ames - LOL :) You'll probably want to pick up the book at one time :D

  6. Really Cindy? I loved that book. I thought it was fantabulous!

    There was just something about that tattoo...

    "I want to lick your tattoo"

    SO DO I!!! lol