Sunday, April 29, 2007

My new pen holder

Hello everyone!

Well surprisingly enough, I don't really have much to say today... hmmm, actually, that might be a lie :P Cos if not, why would I write a post? For those who wonders, my interview went well :D I can't guarantee how good my answers were, but at least, I wasn't nervous. I think my body language was good and I was honest. The good thing was the interviewers were nice and look really sympathetic... and not intimidating at all, so that helped. So now, I'm really done with my applications :D All I have to do is wait for answers.... hopefully, it'll be positives ones :D

As for this week-end, well I have been reading, but nothing new. Mostly re-reads... that'll mean this week, I'll be able to catch up on my late reviews :D By the way, is there anything to look forward to, book-wise? I know there was a couple of books, but I've pre-ordered most of the one I really looked forward too. I'm still waiting for Wild Thing anthology though... So any suggestions?

What else? well I watch my first Korean drama this week-end :D The Princess Hours, which is the adaptation of the manwha Goong. (Note, manwha is the Korean version of manga, which is Japanese comic book). Korean dramas have become really, but really popular lately. I thought it was okay, and funny... but I still need to get used to it, I think... it's so different from HK drama. The best thing of the drama I think was all the teddy bears re-enacting scenes :D I'll show you some pics in another post :D it was just really cute :D Also, since I haven't read that much, I took some time to catch up on anime and manga... Still a long way to go though :D To anime fans, any new, good anime this season?

Finally, I promise some pictures of my new pen holder... you know, the one I painted LOL. I chose the pen holder, mainly because it had 3 flat surfaces, so I didn't have to do a continuous image.


  1. More patience than I have to paint something that small with detail like that.

    As for upcoming books...this Tuesday I'm looking forward to NIGHT LOST by Lynn Viehl is the 4th installment in the Darkyn series and FORBIDDEN PLEASURE by Lora Leigh. I debated on the LL but I read an excerpt that made it sound pretty good. Of course, WILD THING is on my list too.

  2. Your pen holder looks great! And yeah, I got nothing when it comes to upcoming books.


  3. Mailyn - thanks :D I thought you would think so too :D Especially the natuschan :) the purple thingie is a yetichan and that's how my friend draws herself LOL :)

    Rosie - it was actually a lot of fun :D not that much patience required LOL :) The only thing was a bit of worry... would the colors come out as we want... because the paint is paler when you apply it. It become much darker when you bake it... so that was the only worry.

    Bookwise - i haven't read Lynn Viehl's series yet, perhaps I should. As for LL, I've decided not to buy her books - just not my style.

    Cindy - thanks! I think it's actually a vase :D but what would I do with a vase? so it became a pen holder LOL :) I was very excited about books coming out actually... but most of them were on May 1st and well, almost got them all :P

    Edmund - hey you! waiting for your reply :D and glad you like it :D

  4. So cute!! I love that Temeraire made it onto your pen holder!!



  5. hehe, cute!
    Lora Leigh has a new one out on May 1'st.
    Lucy Monroe had a new one out this month. Called 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' I have it, but I have not read it yet.

  6. I love your pen holder! Really cute--your dumpling is great. ;)

    I think you've already read all the newly released books I've been looking forward to! LOL.

  7. Cute pen holders, great job!

    If you want very HOT Wild, Wicked and Wanton by Jaci Burton comes out tomorrow too.

  8. Ames - thanks ;D Yeah, I kept thinking about you when I drew Temeraire :D I'm a bit sad he didn't turn out as well as I wished tho.

    Chantal - yeah, I saw Satisfaction Guaranteed by Lucy Monroe... but I'm not sure. She's not one of my favorite author.... perhaps, but I doubt. As for Lora Leigh, I'm not buying :P

    Jennie - isn't the dumpling great LOL :P You can't imagine how much I was looking forward to the May 1st releases... so I almost pre-ordered all of them ^^; there isn't much coming out during the month though...

    Kris - thanks for the suggestion, but I already got my hand on it... and it is indeed HOT :)

  9. Tres cute! (Why, yes, I do speak French like an American;). I'm looking forward to OVERLOOK (Michael Connelly), ROOM SERVICE (Amy Garvey), and INTO THE DARK (Cindy Gerard). I've also discovered a great Blaze author, Sarah Mayberry, who has a book out this month.

  10. It's IS adorable- and I couldn't paint that either. Hmf, I can't even draw stick figures! LOL!