Monday, April 09, 2007

Review: Hot Stuff by Janet Evanovich and Leanne Banks

So there were very little books I were expecting for the month of April. I wasn't too sure whether I would get this book, but I ended up doing so... cos I was bored. To be honest, 50% was for Janet Evanovich (my level of fan-ness has dropped down dramatically in the past few years) and 50% for Leanne Banks, cos I liked her Feet series.

Hot Stuff by Janet Evanovich and Leanne Banks: 3.5/5
published by St.Martin's Paperbacks in April 2007
Cate Madigan is a 26 years old woman, studying to get her teaching degree and working part-time in a bar at night. She's swore off of men, because they're a distraction and messy, but her family keeps matching her up with potential boyfriends. Her roomate is a drag-queen singer who attracts most of the bar's business, and is in need of a house-sitter for when he's out-of-town performing... the arrangement suits Cate fine, till the day Marty leaves town precipitedly, after receiving strange phone calls. Then, Kellen McBride appears in her bar and starts getting close with some purposes in mind. The next thing she knows, Marty sends her a very ugly dog named Beast to insure her safety...
Genre: contemporary romance, comedy
Series: none so far that I know of

Review: sorry for the crappy synopsis... didn't know what to come up at the end... So, this book was all right in my opinion. It had it funny moments where I did laugh out loud, but that's to be expected from Ms Evanovich and Ms Banks. I'd say the book sounds a lot more like most of Ms Evanovich's books though with a very similar style. All in all, you'll get a good laugh, but it's not the best book by either author.

The Character - Cate's character was okay, except for the fact where she swore off man. I mean, I understand why, but when someone's yummy as Kellen storms into your life, don't hesitate too much. I also thought either Cate was very ignorant or naive, and a bit stupid - maybe to fit the story better. Otherwise, she was okay... nothing that particular about her.

Kellen was yummy. He reminded me a bit of Morelli, but kinder and gentler. Something that I don't get tho... is that one moment, he said his family was dead (all of them, parents + 6 sisters), but it didn't state how... but I wonder if it wasn't an error. Anyway, his past wasn't discussed much, which made him a bit intriguing. What bothers me the most though was how he seemed to have fallen in love with Cate... but I think that's more concerning the story...

There's also a lot of other characters, such as Cate's 2 best friends, Pugg and Marty... All interesting characters, but that we don't get to know in depth.

The Story & Writing - The writing reminded me a lot of Stephanie Plum. It's not a bad thing, but the story just wasn't long enough. Some few stuff was also pretty obvious to the reader, but not the characters, which I found a bit unbelievable... and there were some inconsistencies that were annoying. For example, Julie's a Southerner and is supposed to have this very thick accent. This is portrayed writtenly in the first sentence of her dialogue, but once you start the second sentence, it'll be back to normal. For example, she says "dawg" in her first sentence, and then, it will revert to "dog" in the rest of her lines... which is just weird. Finally, the ending seemed a bit rushed, which is quite sad, considering the book was quite short and there was no reason to rush it.

The Cover - It's nice and it fits the book :D

Am I keeping this book? Undecided so far... probably, because I'm a book hogger...

Anything else? Well, this issue was brought up with Ms Evanovich previous release, Motor Mouth I think... the font is quite large in the book, much larger than usual... the book is already pretty thin, compared to most books out on the market. If you consider the font size, the story is really short and so, I do feel a bit cheated.


  1. I've got this on request at the library. There was no way that I was going to pay for it!! It is supposed to be the start of a series as far as I understand it!

  2. Marg - i know it's supposed to e the start of a series, but i can't imagine how they will make a series out of this... As for paying for this book, well I wasn't going to be able to request at the library, so I didn't have a choice :(

  3. I was a mad Stephanie Plum fan and still read the books. I also started the other Evanovich Barnaby series (Motor Mouth, etc). I was never able to get into her category books (she originally wrote for Bantam Loveswept) and I've never tried her collaborative books.

    I too don't have much on my list for April and actually eyed this in the store. Glad I saw your review. It will make it easier to walk by now!

  4. I tried one of Evanovich's other co-authored books. Not this one--I think all the titles have Full in the title or something. I was not impressed. ;)

    I think I'm a Plum-only Evanovich fan. LOL.

  5. Not a fan of collaborative stuff just to make money which Evanovich has been doing recently. ---keishon

  6. Just wanted to say hi Natty!!!! ^___^

  7. A book hogger? LOL

    I've been on the fence about reading this one. I like LB, but I'm not sure how I feel about JE lately. I didn't care for any of her older novels (the ones that have recently been republished) and her Plum series is lacking lately.

    I might get this one later if I need something to fill in time, though.

    PS: I've missed you. Sorry i've been MIA lately. :(

  8. Rosie - happy to help :) I don't know anymore about my feelings for Ms. Evanovich. I loved Stephanie Plum when it started and now, I'm feeling very saturated... everything she writes seem to have the same basis, which is not bad, but when you know what to expect and all... it certainly loses a bit of its novelty.

    Jennie - wasn't impressed with her Full series. Got Motor something... cos it was on sale, really cheap, but have yet to read it... actually, wonder where I put it. I don't think I'll be buying anything else from her anymore... which is sad.

    Keishon - I do wonder why she does the collaborative stuff... cos this sounds like she was the one who wrote it... I didn't see any glimpse of Ms. Banks... and you'd think it'd be the opposite... most popular author tacking her name on a book the less popular author has work on most...

    Mailyn - HELLO Mailyn!! Miss you a lot! When are you coming back?!?

    Holly - hey there! Miss you a lot too! welcome home! I have to admit I wasn't planning to buy this book... but then I was bored, not many releases this month and I cave... and well, it ended in a bleh. I'm all with you - don't care much about her old books or other series and Stephanie Plum series is getting old. Ah well, times to find other good books and authors then :P

  9. I really enjoyed Hot Stuff, mostly because of the Irish/Boston angle, a hero named Kellen, I'm sold. I don't really see how this could be the start of a series either but that was the rumor.

    I have to say I'm getting a little frustrated with the Plum series, how long does she think she can drag this Ranger/Morelli, it's getting a bit taxing, even though I love both of 'em...