Friday, April 13, 2007


Hey everyone :D

it seems it's been awhile since I've updated on myself :P So here it is... April has been quite boring so far. I have managed to buy books, mostly at the UBS. There are no new releases that I'm looking forward, which makes it a slow and boring month. That is why, I've already pre-ordered the new releases that were coming out on May 1st (thanks god, there were a couple!) and hoping they'll arrive to my doorstep early. As for my reading, it's going steady :P Been able to read almost everyday and have managed to post a couple of reviews as well.

Aside from that, my life has been following its usual routine. It seems however, I've been running around a bit more and been a bit more busy. With what? I have no idea ^^; For those who wonder, I did the psychiometric test for pharmacy school last Wednesday (two days ago). I'm hoping to receive an answer in about 2 weeks, although it could be longer. Is it going to be a positive answer, I don't know :P Right now, I just feel very tired and the thought of going back to school for another 4 years is making me even more tired. I think I would enjoy it, once I start, but 4 years is a bit committment. Anyway, I thought that after the psychiometric test, I could relax for the rest of the month... Wrong. My second choice on my application was optometry... and I got a letter yesterday. They're asking for a motivation letter that has to be sent before the 18th and at the end of the month, there's an interview. Now, I can see the stress mounting in me :( This could be a very good alternative if I don't get in pharmacy... but then, it's also very hard to get in. Why did I put this as second choice? LOL So yeah, have to write his motivation letter... The interview doesn't thrill me either. Hey, did I say that my little sister is going to University next September... yeah, that would mean there is a possibility we go to school TOGETHER. Gosh, that never happened... she's 4.5 years younger than me and being born in October, she started school a year late. So we've always had 5 years difference in schooling and that makes a big difference... anyway, needless to say, she's very excited at the possibility LOL Me, I have to get used to the idea... LOL

By the way, guess what we had yesterday? Yep, more snow. The wet kind. It was nice when it fell, big snowflakes a bit like cotton candy, but it was really bad driving in it. It's also very heavy...

Well I'll stop here. No major plan this week-end... Read of course... Write that motiviation letter :( Also planning to catch up with some friends... What about your week-end? Any plans?


  1. Yeah, we got some yucky snow too that I could do without!

  2. This weekend I plan to work, work, work! (School work, of course.) Not looking forward to it.

    My routine has been pretty boring too, so I know exactly what you mean. Good luck writing your motiviation letter and getting into school!

    It's been pretty cold/rainy here over the past two days, but I'm thinking the snow is over now. *fingers crossed*

  3. I've got no plans for this weekend except to clean another room in the house. :P And clean the yard out.

  4. Crikeys snow in mid-April. It makes me glad I'm in Southern California which I only say when we are talking about snow.

    I wish you very good luck on your first choice and brilliant thoughts for your letter.

  5. I'm going laze around and try to get better.

    You are a brave woman. I ran out of university when I was done and never looked back. I think it shows ;)

    Lots of mojo being sent your way. I don't know what a motivation letter is but lots of luck!

    AND (I know, I never shut up) my brother is 5 years younger than I am and we never went to school together after he hit grade 2 (we were in a school kindergarten to 8). I missed him.


  6. Kailana - good news is that it melt... bad news, more on monday... but slight snow i think.

    DC - good luck for school! I know, school is a lot of work. I called an optometrist and ask a few questions and now, I'm more motivated, so that's good news :D

    Ames - Clean the yard out... I don't envy you that job. Soon my dad's going to wash the car... sigh... I'm trying to avoid it! Ah well, good luck with cleaning... I still have to figure out how to keep my room CLEAN for more than 2 days ^^;

    Rosie - Snow is nice for Christmas and New Year... but Mother Nature doesn'T seem to realize it's a no-no for Easter... just makes us more depressed. We want sun! And thanks for the kind wishes :P

    Cindy - I do hope you feel better! ANd lucky you, you get to laze around :P Right now, i'm questioning my sanity over the fact that I want to go back to school... cos my motiviation for it is all gone! T_T

    Chantal - doesn't it make you depress? To see snow... the only good news is at this time of the year, whatever snow falls won't last long.

  7. Hey,

    4 more years of school sounds great, don't you think? I'm doing 3-4 years studies to get my Financial Planner certification as well. Only started this week (and I'm 7 years older than you!) :)

    My youngest sis did get into optometry and it was a fully-sponsored course even but she gave it up. It's really a very good course, but she's too unrealistic a person to get serious about something so down-to-earth as "studies" when there're so many parties to go to, so much shopping to do and so many boys to attract! :(

    You'll be in Uni with Nghi? That's a nice thought...

    All the best - whatever the future holds.

  8. Hi Nath :-)

    good luck with all the school stuff. 4 years goes by might as well be working on your career right?

    we finally got rid of our snow so its time to go play in the yard !

  9. Hey Laura :)

    yeah, 4 years will go by very fast :) At least, today, I feel more motivated... and lucky you, rid of your snow! We had more yesterday night! and there's soooo much wind!!