Thursday, April 26, 2007

Me and stress

Yeah, lot of posts this morning... what can I say... me bored, at work, plus nervous as hell and lacking sleep :(

I got No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong yesterday in the mail!!! *dances around* So of course, I stayed up late to read it... and let me tell you 1am, for someone who has to wake up at 6am, is very late ^^; But it was all worth it! I'll be reviewing the book soon... probably during the week-end.

I just got a haircut too... nothing drastic, just make got my hair shorter... that's because of the interview. I didn't tell my parents, but my sis let it slipped and now, they're as nervous as me... my mom has been going through her closet to find nice clothes for me to wear for the interview (I don't have anything)... she wants me to wear a suit, but I'm more into the casual, but professional look - black pants, a cami and over it, a nice top with sleeves... All of that belongs to my younger sister LOL... I don't want to go in suit, cos that's just not me, and I think that what I'm planning to wear is nice enough and dress up enough... However, my mom won for the haircut :P I still haven't had time to prepare for the interview tomorrow - hey, I've been reading :P However, I did practice some of my answers while driving to work... there is still tonight and tomorrow... and I'm nervous as hell. I did think for a moment not to go... Actually, that thought is becoming more and more appealing by the minute... I just wish it'll be over soon and fast and without it being too painful.

Finally, I went to Ceramic Cafe a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if there's anything like that outside of Quebec, but basically, that coffee shop sell ceramic pieces (mostly plates, mug, etc) that you can paint while eating or drinking a coffee. You paint whatever you want with the paint they provide and once you're done, they'll vernish it and bake it so it's all nice and shiny :) So I did a vase that I'm planning to use as a pencil holder LOL :) so I went to pick it up yesterday and was very pleased with the result! I'm at work now, so no pictures... but tonight, I promise!

that's it for me at the moment... It's been very quiet on the romance blogosphere - i know, I seem to say this in every ramblings I do, but it's the truth :D Just let me know what you've been up to and what you'll be up to in the next few days :D I like to keep in touch and I miss you all very much!


  1. Hey,

    How was the interview?

    You cut your hair? :)

    I love the idea of the ceramic cafe. Wish they had those over here. Didn't know you liked ceramic painting before?

    Sorry - been really busy lately. But I really will reply your mail soon... ;p

  2. Hey Edmund :D

    Interview is tomorrow night and I'm dreading it...big time, me don't wanna do it T_T (the interview)... As for ceramic painting, it was a first... it just seemed like a nice activity to do with friends... it was fun, but turns out everyone was focus on their own project, so not a lot of talking done. I also figured out that you were busy, so don't worry :D Take your time replying :D

  3. Hi nath!!!
    Good luck on your interview tomorrow. The Ceramic Cafe sounds like fun, I don't know if I have something like that around me.
    How do you like your new look?

  4. Hi Nath--
    Good luck on the interview tomorrow!! You'll do great, I know. Deep breaths! ;)

    Can't wait to see Kelley Armstrong on TK!

  5. Kris - hey! I missed you! I was wondering how come you haven't post... it really sucks to lose internet connection :( I can't wait for tonight to be over! As for Cermaic Cafe, it is fun :) I'll post pics of my vase tonight LOL :) As for my hair, it's okay :D same look, just shorter LOL

    Jennie - thanks... I'm going to need all the luck :) Don't forget to head over TK for Kelley Armstrong's guest post :D

  6. You know, either I'm on glue, or blogger hates me, because I KNOW I posted a comment on this. *sigh*

    How short is your hair? I mean, how many inches did they take? I love haircuts.

    I've been swamped busy lately, but I'm hoping to be able to update/bloghop more often now. *sigh* I hope. :)

  7. Hi Holly! Perhaps you meant to comment and forgot... that's what happens to me most of the time LOL ^^; As for my hair, hmmm, I think I cut about one or two inches... my hair was long to my shoulders and I cut it, so now it only reaches my chin. It's an okay haircut... nothing new or special :(

    and I hope you do have more time to blog and bloghop :D