Friday, August 10, 2007

I feel so stupid...

Hey everyone :D

I just want to reassure everyone that I'm fine and thank everyone for their worries and kind words.

Just after the accident, I was quite in shock. I didn't think of asking for the other party's driving license and we didn't fill an accident report. Actually, I did think about it, but the other party brushed it away and I didn't insist. He gave me his phone numbers, name and license plate... Stupid me, I didn't check his license plate myself :( I didn't think of calling the police either because no one was injured and our cars were still "working."

So you can guess... I totally got screwed over. When I call the insurance, I gave them the phone numbers... the insurance lady called me 2 minutes later to confirm the numbers and announced that they were wrong or not in function. Stupid me, I still wanted to trust that person and said that he was supposed to call me in the afternoon.

I later brought my car to the garage directly... there was no point letting it sit at home and I didn't want to drive it more than necessary (i.e. drive home from work and then, garage). At this point, it was about 10am. I went home, but didn't want to stay home alone so I went over to a friend house. Over there, I wrote my declaration of "what happened..." My friend's mother came back and asked me questions and then urged me I should report the accident to the police. She was afraid that the other party would call the police and report the accident first and say that I ran away from the scene. I tried to call the other party and the phone numbers were really false... so I went to a police station and give them the license plate number so they could do a search. Turns out the license plate was false too! So in the end, I have to make a hit and run offence report.

So yeah, I feel stupid... but at least everything has been cleared up with the insurance... and they are going to treat my case as a hit and run.


Oh, I haven't had time to really blog-hop... luckily, there is google reader... but because of that, I didn't have time to comment... I promise I will something today!


  1. That really sucks. Ugh! I can't believe they did that to you! Is it possible they could find the person later with your description?? I swear some people. Makes me mad.

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you are all right. People are really awful when it comes to accidents. Nobody wants to do the right thing. Always insist on calling the police, rather than exchanging info.

    It's a learning experience, huh? Most important is that you're ok.

  3. That totally stinks. I am glad that you are alright. I am sorry that they screwed you over.

  4. Oh, Nath :( I'm so sorry about your accident. Getting screwed over by the other guy, too. Ugh.

    Since it's a hit and run, at least your insurance wont go up. Thats good, right?

  5. hey nath,

    I'm just glad you're ok! And as long as the insurance company is dealing with it, it's all good. Chalk it up to experience. It does suck that the guy was a complete ass-grrr!

  6. Bugger it! That person is going to have VERY BAD karma. It's so frustrating to think that person is going to get away with hitting you isn't it? I'm with Ames, thank goodness you are okay and the insurance company will (hopefully) take care of the rest.

  7. Holy Crap I swear I was just here last night!! I'm so very glad that you are okay - nobody is allowed to drive anymore cause you're all freaking me out!!

    I'm so sorry that piece of crud screwed you. You did the right thing by going to the police and I'm hoping they catch this guy and he has to do some jail time. Hit and runs inexcusable and don't feel stupid. I think we all try and trust those people around us - last year I hit that motorcyclist if you remember and his wife hugged me and was worried about how I was doing.

    You're such a sweet and kind person so don't worry about that asshat. He has something coming to him.

    Again, I'm grateful you are safe. Put another way, what if this guy was off his rocker and you pushed for information. Things could have become much worse so being trusting in the end kept you safe.



  8. Wow - I try and catch up on some sleep by going to bed early and I wake up to see you too were in an accident!!!
    I'm glad you're OK and that's nasty that they guy who hit you turned out to be such a shithead!!

  9. Isabel - Yep, it really sucks... but I don't think they'll ever find that person... my memory was kind of blurry... I do have the description of the person, but not the car :(

    Devon - True, ppl are awful... i'm hearing horror stories from my colleagues about how some faulty parties came out and screamt at them and etc. It is a learning experience though... Next time, I know what to do.

    Kris - Hey Kris! how are you? Haven't heard from you for so long. Yeah, it sure stinks.

    Chantal - agree, definitively a jerk. worst is that he didn't have any damage at all! I don't know about the insurance though... but yeah, it'd be good if it didn't go up.

    Ames - Yep, life experience... what would we do without them? Strange how we are never taught to deal with such situations.

    Rosie - I sure hope that person gets bad karma... but you know what? I have a feeling that it wasn't the first time it happened to him! So far, the insurance part hasn't been too difficult or problematic... I'm crossing my fingers so it stays that way.

    Cindy - thanks for the kind words :P I've been driving... but changing lanes kind of scares me now ^^; LOL :P

    Kristie - hey Kristie! You know what? I kept telling one of my co-workers that she's too pessimist about life and doesn't see the good side of ppl and situation... I'm starting to wonder if I'm not too naive and innocent instead and that she's right.

  10. Wow. I'm so sorry about your accident, as well as the lousy behavior of the other driver.