Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My car...

Just quickly while everyone is still on lunch break... here are pics of my car, taken by a co-worker with her cell phone. I still haven't heard from the estimator :( I'm going to call the insurance tomorrow afternoon... however, the garage said it'd take at least two weeks! (don't worry, I got a rental car)...
so here are the pics:

my poor car...


  1. Oh, Nath :(

    You know what? My van was hit 2 weeks ago. It was a hit and run while I was in the grocery store. Some woman was backing out of a stall behind me and she hit my van TWICE. She even got out to look at the damage, then she took off.

    It was all caught on the grocers parking lot security camera.

  2. Poor car. But better the car than you. At least it's fixable.

  3. Aw, that sucks about the car. They really did some damage to it. But at least you came out okay. It's a shame that simply being a safe driver isn't enough. There are so many reckless and inattention drivers out there it's scary.

  4. OMG that's horrible and scary!!! :-(

    I'm so glad that you are OK.


  5. Nath, that looks like such a pretty car too. Boy that guy is a real bastard. Hope you get good news from the insurance adjuster.

  6. Chantal - ppl don't have anymore decency nowadays... it really simply sucks. At least, you have some proof and know what happens, thanks to the security camera.

    Isabel - yeah, poor car... have to call the insurance though to know if it's fixable and so on:(

    DC - That's true what you're saying... it really sucks that it's not enough that WE are driving safely, you really don't know what kind of jerk can appear and do the damage. You know, in Montreal, they are some kind of billboards that announce the road conditions (if there's traffic ahead, what road/bridge are close, etc.) and when everything's normal and fine, they put message such as "Drive Carefully" and so on... and there's one about you should be careful about other drivers' mistakes... but sometimes, it's just unavoidable. sigh.

    Mailyn - *HUGS*

    Rosie - my car was not even 2 years old :( so it pretty much sucks :( but oh well...

  7. Holy crap Nath!!! I'm so glad you're okay though..HUGS!

  8. Poor car! He got smooshed. :(

  9. Ho-boy. That there is some damage! Ouch! I think your car can be fixed. I had a little SUV there years ago parked on the side of the road when a garbage truck backed up along side of it. Opened it like a tin can. Never saw anything like it - and they fixed it!

    Hope your slump is close to ending. Right now it's people coming and going that's keeping me from reading.


  10. Just dropping by to say hi Natty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Rowena - I'm glad I'm safe too :D *Hugs*

    Jennie - I know T_T so sad.

    Cindy - I hope it's fixable. they have estimated the car already, but I don't know how much :( I hope everything goes smoothly...

    I hope my slump goes away fast too! i haven't read anything for a week already... actually, 2, since the week b4 that was only re-reads :(

    Mailyn - Hi Mailyn :D

  12. OUCH! That ain't good! So glad you're alright!

  13. Yikes!!! That is some nasty damage!! How did your mom take it?