Thursday, August 09, 2007

My turn...

Stupid blogger ate my post, grrrr...

So what I was saying is that after Ames and Rosie's son, it's my turn to have a car accident.

I'm okay, not injured... just shaken up. I guess I'm in shock... I had a good crying jag after... My arms and probably my legs, but I don't know since I'm sitting, are jelly-like.

Basically, I just exited the highway and was driving in the service lane... when this car with a long metal trailer changed lane to get on the highway. I guess he didn't see me or he thought I was out of reach... unfortunately for me, I wasn't... I don't know if I would have had time to brake... but all I can remember is thinking "Shit, he's close!" and then, he scratched my passenger side, broke my side mirror and some glass... oh and the impact made me do an 180 degree. Lucky for me, no car crashed into me afterwards.

So at least my car is not totaled... now, I have to figure out the procedure and the insurances thingie... the worst is that my parents are gone on vacation... well technically, they're not gone yet... but I really don't want to ruin their vacation...

So yeah, I should have stayed home like I wished it this morning.


  1. I'm glad you are ok. How scary!!!

  2. OMG!! What is up with all the car crashes??

    I'm sooo glad you're ok!!! HUGS

    Isn't it scary though? I'm still leery at intersections.

    Really, I'm glad you're ok.

  3. Oh man that totally sucks!!! I am so glad that you are OK and it was just the car and not you that got hit.

    I'm so sorry and I hope it all gets worked out soon.


  4. P.S. Devil May Cry the anime is awesome so far! Have you read the manga?

    I am waiting for Ash's story since I am not a Dark Hunter fan at all. I just liked Ash and Simi from the author's site and wanted to read their books when they came out. I'm wondering if they are ever coming out. LOL.

  5. Nath, I'm so sorry! Are you going to be all by yourself without a car while your parents are gone? Aaaiiieee!! I'm so paranoid about driving lately.

    I hope you are feeling better and a little less shaky. If you were closer I'd let the house be an inferno and bake you a damn chocolate cake. Except, wait, you aren't a sweet eater are you?

    Oh, I know...I'd get you a Wendy's baked potatoe! ;)

  6. Oh no! Nath, I'm so sorry. At least you weren't hurt! I know that the insurance junk can be a pain though.

    Hope you get it all figured out. :)

  7. Oh, Nath, how scary. I'm so glad you are alright. I think Rosie has the right idea... you need chocolate and lots of it. Or whatever comfort food you like (mashed potatoes :)

    Take care.

  8. Isabel - I'm glad I'm okay too... and it was scary!

    Ames - I don't know, I'm thinking it's bad karma lately ^^; It sucks... and yeah, I'm okay...

    Can you believe, me, it's changing lanes that scares me! and it wasn't even my fault! I had to drive yesterday and now, I have to regain some confidence :(

    Mailyn - It sure sucks!! Yeah, I'm lucky... and apparently, it has all worken out... Somehow.

    I still haven't watched Devil May Cry... I haven't been much in anime lately... but if it's good, I'll definitively give it a try.

    As for the book by Sherrilyn Kenyon, you should give it a try, perhaps from the library or somewhere... cos I think it's an important book in Ash's "story."

    Rosie - How I wish I lived close to you Rosie!!! chocolate cake and baked potatoe... miam, miam!

    Jennie - Hey Jennie :D actually, the insurance part went surprisingly well and smooth... seems like everything has been cleared out :D which is what I was most afraid of.

    Renee - Thanks so much for your words :D I went to a friend house yesterday and then, sushi with more friends... didn't want to be alone, so I got surrounded :D

  9. MAN! Hey were you just trying to copy Ames?? Just kidding- SO glad to hear you're okay!

    I had a bad intersection crash a couple years back. I was fine too but my car was totaled. Ugh. What a mess. Hang in there and here's hoping you get a GREAT car out of the mix.