Thursday, August 02, 2007

July reads

I took the day off today... still not 100% healthy yet :( the sore throat is going better, but I don't have much energy left :( Anyway, I stole this from both Chantal and the girls at Book Binge :D I liked the idea, but always been too lazy to list the books I've read ^^; However, I don't feel like reviewing tonight and July was a good reading month... So here are the books I've read:

1) When She was Bad by Cindy Kirk : B-
2) You don't know Jack by Erin McCarty: C+
3) One Night with a Goddess by Judy McCoy: B-
4) Touchstone by Dinah McCall: B+
5) Hot Ice by Cherry Adair: B
6) Aphrodite's Kiss by Julie Kenner: B-
7) A Date with the Other Side by Erin McCarty: B
8) Heiress for Hire by Erin McCarty: B
9) High Noon by Nora Roberts : A-
10) Lord of the Isles by Amanda Scott: C-
11) The Wager by Metsy Hingle: B+
12) Flashpoint by Metsy Hingle: B
13) Shadow Dance by Susan Andersen: DNF
14) Stray by Rachel Vincent: DNF
15) Soul Song by Marjorie M. Liu: B
16) Double Trouble by Claire Cross: C+
17) Something's Different by Kay Hooper: B+
18) Dockside by Susan Wiggs: B-
19) Pepper's Way by Kay Hooper: B

Hmmm, I thought I reach the 20 mark... but guess not :P This month, perhaps. Anyway, obviously, best book was High Noon by Nora Roberts, I've also definitively enjoyed books from favorite authors Kay Hooper (reprints) and Dinah McCall. Honorable mention goes to Metsy Hingle's books :) Apparently, I have a lot of reviews to catch up to!!

One last thing, I've updated my sidebar and the review archives :P I'm just sooo lazy!


  1. woah! that is a lot of reviews to catch up on.

    hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. I wish I could read like you. I'm lucky if my attention span allows me to read two books per month, much less nearly 20! But that's good. I do hope you feel better, though. Being sick sucks!

  3. 20 books. Good for you. It was a slow month for me. Sorry to hear about the cold though. Summer colds are the worst. Take care of yourself.

  4. Ames - I don't think I'll be able to catch up all of them ^^; it's a bit crazy... I wish I could do like you and one liner reviews, but I tend to go on and on and on... feel a bit better, but still not 100%... LOL at your icon, so old-fashioned :D

    DC - I'm sure you do all kind of other stuff... for me, reading is pretty much it :P and yeah, being sick sucks BIG TIME!

    Rosie - Sorry it's been a slow month for you :( and sounds like your week-end is going to be ultra-busy. and summer colds suck... but this one isn't so bad.

  5. oh yes, i counted the books i read in july. 17! not bad at all, considering i am only reading between the hours of 12 am to 3 am. haha

  6. Jeez, I wish I could read that fast. I'm doing good if I read 12 in a month. I really really want High Noon. I hate summer colds the worst. I can handle it any other time, but summer is just wrong. I've stuff to do in the yard and hate being stuck inside.

  7. I envy you when you say that July was a good reading month...I've had the complete opposite except for a few reads. *Sigh*

    __-hope you get well soon!-__

  8. Nath - I hope you are feeling better real soon. Summer colds are horrible. So Amanda Scott not so great (I started the one I had but the political stuff in the opening just about put me to sleep so I put the book down) and it looks like you and I have similar feelings about Anderson unless it was just a 'not in the mood for'. I don't get the love for Anderson.

    Get Better!!


  9. You did really well. There are Few C's and only two DNF's. Thats a good reading month :)

  10. Ames - 17 is soo good! that proves how fast you read :D but actually, I think those are the best hours to read LOL :P

    Renee - hey there :D actually, I think anything above 10 is good :P LOL :P I mean, if I reached 20... it just shows how much free time I have ^^; which means, too much. and yeah, I hate summer colds too!!! I've actually never had them... i'm rarely sick, so this really sucks.

    Kookie - any reasons it was a slow month? I suffered slow months in May and June... so that's why I'm so happy July was way better :D

    Cindy - I'm recovering, but not fast enough... My problem with Amanda Scott and that, I should have realized earlier, is that it's a Scotland Medieval... hello the language ^^; I'm so stupid you know... I barely enjoy historicals and I went for medievals... *shakes head* As for Andersen... I've enjoyed some of her books more than others... but this one was a definite stinker.

    Chantal - yeah, but I'm far behind you! (competition spirit ^^;)