Monday, August 13, 2007

Reading slump...

Thanks for everyone who worried about me and left some words :D it's really comforting to see that others care about you :P I've been quite lonely in the past few days, because my sis and parents are on vacation... luckily, I have awesome friends - both in real life and online.

So yeah, as you can read in the title... I'm in a reading slump... really, that's the worst :( I went to the bookstore yesterday and there was nothing that I really wanted to read or buy. I planned to do some reshelving this week-end, but I ended up being lazy and just reading, watching some tv and sleeping :( Boring.... and I was doing so well in the beginning of the month :(

so how was your week-end?


  1. Aw man. Slumps suck. Sometimes it helps me to switch genres for a book or two ...

    Btw, I tried reading Virgin River over the weekend and just couldn't get into it??? WHAT UP wid dat?? I think I need to wait and try again when I'm more in the mood for it I guess!

    (I ended up re-reading one of neices little house books of all things! LOL!)

  2. I've been reading the same book for since beginning of august. It's not bad but just not in the mood. meh... Hopefully it passes.

  3. Aw hope you find something to pique your interest!

    About the whole accident thing. I did the SAME thing once...was so flustered I didn't call the cops or get all their info. Sigh. But we live and learn. Next time, we'll know better!!!!

  4. Just dropping by to say "hello". I'm sorry to hear about the accident you had and that the people were so dishonest, but like others have said, you can just chalk it up to experience. I hope you're doing well now. I've been in a reading slump for a long while now so I sympathize. The most I read a month these days is three books, and that's if I'm on a roll! LOL.

  5. Girl I feel you on the slump, I've been in a reading slump for the past few months, I hope your slump is nowhere near as long as mine is though....

    Good thoughts, good thoughts coming your way Nath! =)


  6. Zeek - I don't know if switching genres will help me... I just look at my books and there's nothing that I want to read NOW. I hope that you'll be able to get into Virgin River... but perhaps, it's expectations... sometimes, when I have high expectations because it's from one of my fav. authors or it has good comments from other bloggers, it makes it harder for me to get in the book.

    Isabel - What book is it?

    Mollie - I hope so too! cos if not, this is going to be a very long month! and yeah, we live and learn... but it still sucks :P

    DC - hey DC :D I've been wondering where you were :D You just don't expect ppl to be dishonest, you know... not in those situations... and ouch, that is an extremely long and painful reading slump you're in.

    Rowena - thanks for the good thoughts :D and hope we both get back our reading mojo soon!

  7. Og course we love you silly willy. ^__^

    Hope you are feeling better from the accident since I know they can be quite hard to get over.

    I HATE reading slumps! Try reading your favorite manga and maybe that will help?

  8. Mailyn - Maybe I have super speed of recovery, but the accident didn't bother me that much... Sure I was in shock at first, but I'm fine now... I guess it's because I was too worried about the insurances and repairs.

    I hate reading slump too!!! I don't know if this time, reading manga will help... anyway, the manga I want to read is at my friend's house :( hmmm, I'll go take a walk at the UBS and see LOL :P