Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm still alive...

Seriously, I don't know what's happening ^^; I'm still alive, that's for sure... and unfortunately, still in a reading slump... worst is that, I'm exhausted ^^;

my week-end has been quite boring so far... Watched tennis on Saturday... actually watched two matches: Justine Henin vs. Yan Zi and Federer vs. Hewitt... it's unfortunate that Hewitt lost. He was sooo close! I've watched tennis today again... it was Henin vs. Jankovic and Henin won... so I'm really happy, since she is my favorite player. It looked like a really tough match, so i'm happy for her. The US Open starts next Monday (not tomorrow, but next one).

Went to a wedding reception yesterday... Boring... I didn't know the bride or groom... but the bride's grandmother is my great-grandfather half-sister... So I went since it was "family." The whole thing was quite boring... the food was good, but not varied enough in my opinion... as like, not many with different tastes... it was all pretty mild. Also, only interesting thing was that I met a friend... she was in the charge of the catering and she's soo nice :D My dad got drunk :( It wasn't so bad, but he didn't reach the bathroom in time to throw up... ewww.... and he didn't say
too much nonsense... kept repeating himself though... that was funny... I think he said this about three times in the car: I have two daughters... I wish them to get married. He (the guy he met at the wedding reception) have three sons - obviously he was thinking matchmaking... Then, he started saying: Your mother... your mother... and so I finished the sentence: My mother has two daughters and wish them to get married... and the man has 3 sons... Luckily, he fell asleep pretty fast after that. Then, when we got home, he asked my sis how did he get home... and that he had a wonderful wife. LOL :P At least, he didn't piss my mom further by saying bad stuff :P

I'm trying to read a book, but so far, it's not going well. I personally don't know if it's the book or my mood. Even my re-reads went really slowly. So sad. So I'll probably be catching up on my reviews this week... in addition, I want to sort through my books... hopefully, I'll be able to make it :P

so how's everyone?


  1. Ha ha, that's quite funny about your dad. I can totally relate to the reading slump, though, as I'm in the same boat. Mostly I've just been watching movies since it seems I can't focus enough to get into anything I try to read. All in all, my weekend was pretty boring too. LOL. Here's hoping we get out of our slumps soon! :-D

  2. Hey Nath. A boring wedding reception? That's soooo not good. Beanie finally got his insurance check over the weekend. No car yet though. He's going to save a few more bucks. Other than that pretty quiet here which we needed after this past week.

  3. That's funny about your dad. Too bad he threw up though. Did he have a bad hangover the next day.

    I don't like going to "family" functions like that. LIke when I had to attend my grandpa's sister's grandson party. SIgh...

  4. HA! That IS funny about dear ol' dad but I'm sure it didnt feel all that funny when he didn't make it to the toilet! (awww bless' im!)

    Boring receptions are the pits but I'm always happy to have free food ... :)

  5. DC - the great thing is that he didn't piss my mom off by saying something bad :P and you've been watching a lot of movies :D that's good :D let's hope indeed that our slumps go away!

    Rosie - well it was pretty boring, because I didn't know anyone... and I'm not a dancer... plus, the music was so loud I couldn't even hear what my sis was telling me :( That's great for Beanie... hopefully, he'll be able to save money and buy his new car soon :P

    Isabel - yeah, too bad he threw up...thanks god, I didn't have to clean ^^; He slept almost the whole day, so I don't know about hangover LOL :P

    yeah, I don't really like extended family reunion... but then, I don't have immediate family... so it's that or nothing.

    Zeek - he's pretty lucky that HE didn't have to clean his own mess LOL :P Luckily, it really doesn't happen often that he gets drunk. and free food is always good indeed :D

  6. LMFAO @ your dad! He was trying to be a matchmaker? Drunks are the funniest people ever. LOL.

  7. Your a good daughter cause I would have thrown my dad in a cab if he had puked. Bad daughter I am.

    You and I are surfing the same wave length. I have no interest in reading, hell the TV is boring me and I ran out of movies to watch last night. So I'm sitting her twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do next to waste time till bed. I mean really, who am I?

    I also thought about going into the book room and arranging things. Then I remember I'm lazy.


  8. Mailyn - Obviously, my dad is already worried that I'll be an old maid LOL and I don't get why ppl are always trying to matchmake me with ppl that live far away! i mean, i don't mind matchmaking that much so far, cos in every case, I would have to take the plane to meet them!

    Cindy - I hope I won't jinx it, but my reading mojo is coming back... I think. I came back home yesterday night with a headache... but still got some reading done :P

    I think I'm going to try to do some shelving this week-end.. the thing with shelving however, is that you have to have time... it's not something you can do in a couple of hours... and LOL, I'm lazy too :P good thing you remembered before you started :P

    As for my father... well, he threw up at home... like after the car ride, so it wasn't too bad ^^;

  9. sorry you're in a reading slump. and too funny about your dad trying to matchmake!!

  10. Hehe, your dad sounds likes a hoot.
    I really hate going to weddings. Haaatttte it.
    Every time we get an invite I try to think up excuses on why not to go, lol