Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Buddy review anyone?

Hi there everyone!

I've been blog-hopping religiously, but not blogging. Just didn't know what to say, plus I've been busy at work. Kind of. Ah well... So just to catch up a little... my week-end was okay. For those who are wondering how Friday night (see the part where I say I'm pissed) went... well it was okay. I had some alone time with friend no.1 and we shopped around till it was time to go to the restaurant. As I expected, it was really divided. New friends of friend no. 2 on one side, us on the other. The restaurant wasn't so bad, but not great either. The service was really slow and after our meal, all we wanted to do was get out of there. We went for bubble tea and hung out. Basically, I was up from 5.30am to 1am... and I was working full day (8.30am to 9pm) the next day. Let's just say that I didn't do much on Sunday :P

Good news is that I've got my reading mojo back :P Yay! I've been reading, maybe not as fast as usual, but at least, I've been reading :) Which brings me to the topic of this post. I just finished 50 ways to hex your lover by Linda Wisdom and Grimspace by Ann Aguirre and since there's been some buzz for both books on blogland, I was wondering if anyone would be interested to buddy review these books with me? (Brie, Jill? I know you've been or are about to read 50 ways to hex your lover... interested in three buddy review? :P) So if anyone is interested, please let me know :D

Oh, anyone knows anything about DVD player? I've been thinking of buying a new one as mine can't read VCD anymore... Anyone has a Pioneer Upconverting HDMI DVD Player With 1080P and DivX (DV-400V-K) ? or LG Progressive Scan 1-Disc DVD Player With DivX (LDA-830) ? Those are the ones I'm leaning towards to...

EDIT: Kris asked me what was bubble tea :P

Here's a pic:

Basically, it's a mixture of sweetened tea, milk and flavoring (any fruit you can imagine) with black gummy balls of tapioca. You have to drink it with a wide straw, so you can get the bubbles. It's really popular with Asians :P I personally don't drink tea, so I just drink flavored milk with bubbles. I think now, you can have smoothies as well and instead of the bubbles, you can get jelly (mango, lychee, etc.). My favorite flavors are taro (kind of sweet, purple-ish potato) and honey dew. You can learn more about it here.


  1. Yeah, i am glad that you are out of your reading slump. THose are never fun. I am also glad that Friday went okay. I know it was not perfect or wonderful, but it does not sound like a total disaster either. Sorry it was not perfect.

    Question: what is "bubble tea"?

  2. I'm dying to know why you thought of GRIMSPACE. So?

  3. Kris - Yeah, I'm glad too :D and I did have fun on Friday, so I guess that's count. As for bubble tea, I put up an explanation and a pic in my post :D

    Rosie - I emailed you already, so by now, you know what I thought of it :P

  4. Hi Nath! :)
    I LOVE those tapioca balls!!!

    I have had them with shaved ice and a green tea sugar syrup... and sometimes with almond flavored jello square thngys... like an ice cold slushy dessert soup that I eat with a spoon. But I like the fat straw idea. I want one right now!

  5. Katie(babs) - I know, now that I'm looking at the pics, I'm thirsty too...

    Christine- LOL, you make me craving for some!!