Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ugh... e-books...

E-books... to me, that's like opening a can of worms topic. I know they're getting increasingly popular and there's so many pros and cons. However, I'm an old-fashioned girl and I don't like change and as long as there's paper and they are going to publish books with papers, then I'm going to buy them in that format.

I thought for 2 seconds about buying an e-book reader, but I never did. I don't know, e-book technology just don't appeal to me. I've read a couple of e-books on the computer and even bought some... Which leads me to my story...

I've been hearing a lot of good things about Karen Templeton's books lately. The Book Binge girls say it's good, Sybil says it's good... My problem with category romance? The books don't stay on the shelves long enough. So on Tuesday, I went to buy the third book in the series; however, there wasn't a chance that I'd find book 1 and 2. After reading the synopsis, I really wanted to read book 1, Dear Santa... However, that means ordering it from the bookstore, then shipping. Long story short, I wouldn't have gotten it before next week and that's just too far away for me. So I went on e-Harlequin and bought the ebook version. By the way, did I mention I was bored mindless at work and I was going to read it on my work computer while lab booking (hey, we girls have the mind for multi-tasking). Anyway, I bought the pdf version and downloaded it... and... it wouldn't **** open. I tried to figure out and turns out I need to install Adobe Digital Editions. Well hello, I bought the pdf file so I could read it on any computer... I don't want to be installing Adobe Digital Editions... and I can't, since it's work computer and I can't install anything on it.

So me not happy, but hey, it's time to go home... So I get home and install Adobe Digital Editions to my greatest displeasure. I sent myself the e-books that I downloaded at work by email. Download them at home... and again, it wouldn't work! It blocks at the authorizing step and then, an error message appears telling me I'm not authorized or something like that... so I went back to my account on e-Harlequin and downloaded Dear Santa and it works. So I'm guessing that I can't open the e-book with Adobe Digital Editions unless I download it directly from where i bought it? (I read that they start Adobe Digial Editions to increase the security aka so ppl can't share their e-books) Problem is? Well I've already downloaded Yours, Mine... Ours twice at work because I didn't understand at first that I needed Adobe Digital Editions.... Seems like 2 is the limit of download and seriously, I'm not about to buy the e-book a second time!

So there it is, why I don't buy e-books... because the freaking technology keep changing... oh, I mean evolving... grrrrr. All I wanted was to read a pdf file. Well now, I can't even do so :( Next time, I'll be waiting for the shipping.


  1. Poor Nath! I sometimes have trouble when I download to my phone, but I've only lost one book that way. When it happened I went into a pout and a strike on e-books for a while. I could buy the 3rd O'Reilly book in e-book right now, but I'm waiting since I have the other two in know in case I decide to keep them I'll have them all in paperback. :-)

    I can't imagine e-books completely replacing paperbacks, but maybe that's just wishful thinking. I like looking at and touching some of my favorites.

  2. I've read a couple of e books and meh. I like to get comfy on the couch or in bed and read. With the e books, I can't do that unless I print it out and I'm not gonna do that.

    I thought about buying an e book reader but it's just not worth spending the money.

  3. I am definitely not ready for the ebooks myself. I like to hold the book in my hand. I imagine it is sort of like people who give up smoking and go with a nicotine patch.

    I am sorry about your bad experience Nath. I have downloaded a couple ebooks from Elora's Cave and never had a problem. I was afraid something like what happened to you would happen to me. But it didn't. That's not to say it wouldn't happen in the future.

  4. Says the librarian: ebooks will NEVER take off until "they" settle on a format and quit making it so dang hard. If they want everybody to enjoy ebooks, they need to dumb down the technology. A lot. As in, click this button and here's your book. At this point, you need to be extremely tech savvy to enjoy the technology, and coming from someone who works with the public for living - not everybody is a budding computer scientist.

    I have a Sony Reader, and I'm pretty much locked into buying from the Sony eBook Store. I supposedly can buy from other places, but then I have to convert files - and meh. I just can't be bothered. Besides, I'm really only going digital when it comes to Harlequin. I've got a mess of Harlequins in print, and dang, they take up space!

  5. ACK hon! That sucks did you finally get it to open?

  6. Contact customer service and they will unlock your account and give you more downloads. If you bought from the eBookstore then the email address is

    While I agree that multiple formats are challenging, at least I know our customer service is awesome.

  7. Oh, and I have to add (since I work on eBooks for Harlequin) I love eBooks! They won't replace traditional print novels, but they are a format choice -- just like hardcover, mass or audio. There are times when eBooks are my preferred choice -- when I'm travelling and want to carry a lot of books with me; when I'm far away from a good bookstore but close to an internet connection as two for example!

    Last summer on vacation at my cottage I finished the last of the Lois McMaster Bujold novels I had brought with me and wanted more. I pondered driving over 100 miles to a store that would probably not have her backlist when it hit me -- eBooks. Twenty minutes later I was back on my deck reading another novel by Lois. It was a technological miracle!

  8. You know how I feel about eBooks, so I won't comment on that, but just a word of advice..don't buy your eBooks in PDF format anymore. LOL

    I've bought a couple in that format and regretted it immediately.

  9. I hope you get it sorted, Nath. Agree with Holly - PDFs are the worst format, esp with this Digital Editions DRM thing!

    I must say I don't think I could do without my Sony Reader now. It's been only three months, but already I have 70+ books on it - and, yes, I've actually read quite a few of them :)

  10. Rosie - LOL, see, that's something I won't even try, not that my phone could handle it. Are e-books released earlier than paperback version? and I don't think that e-books will replace paperbacks... when there won't be anymore trees, they'll find altermnates.

    Isabel - Printing out e-books is crazy... unless you use ink and paper from work LOL :) I'd rather buy the paper version in that case though.

    Jill - Well with e-book readers, you get to hold something :P but I get what you mean. I bought once from Ellora Cave, a couple of years ago and this is my second time buying ebooks. I wonder if it's all the e-books in pdf files though...

    Wendy - So true... that's what I've been actually waiting before investing in a e-book reader. Sony is often tricky and exclusive, that's what I don't like about them.

    Sybil - Not at home :(

    Malle - Thank you very much for stopping by. I will try emailing customer service... and you're bringing up very good points about e-books :P but LOL, to tell you the truth, whenever I travel, I always bring books, no matter the weight... not very practical ^_^;

    Holly - What other format can I buy e-books if I don't have a reader?

    Li - Well, I'll know for next time... It's just going to take me time before I switch ^_^;

  11. Well, a lot of places offer them in HTML format, but if that isn't an option, I suggest getting them in MS Reader format. You have to d/l the reader, but it's much more user friendly, you can d/l unlimited versions and they're easy to convert into other formats.

  12. Holly - nod, right... MS Reader format... completely forgot about that... see, my plan was to buy it and read it at work... (I was and still am going to buy paperback version). and the stupid thing is I can't install anything on my work computer... hence pdf file.

  13. Nath: I hear you!! As Wendy says

    If they want everybody to enjoy ebooks, they need to dumb down the technology. A lot.

    For me, I'm not sure if they can dumb it down enough!! I have enough trouble with a cell phone!!

  14. Oh nath, that stinks. I have never ordered from eHarlequin. I have not had any issues with Samhain or Ellora's Cave. Those are the only places I have ordered ebooks from. All of mine are in pdf format.
    Hope you get things worked out with Harlequin.

  15. Man, I'm sorry you couldn't open that pdf. I've been reading that series myself (on the 3rd book now) and I like 'em. And yes, they are all in ebook format.

    So, I have an ebookwise reader and I dunno, I just love it. Yes, it gets frustrating sometimes that there's so many different readers and formats. It's because there hasn't been one single dominant company monopolizing the ebook world. I sat next to this guy on the plane last week who was telling me about a new ereader that will most likely blow the competition out of the water... like the iPod of ereaders... so we'll see.

    I honestly don't think you have to be very computer savvy to get the hang of ebooks. I figure if we can all manage our own blogs and make 'em all creative and add widgets and crap, then it's not impossible to do the ebook thing. That's just me.

  16. I feel your pain. Hey, it may not be impossible to figure out ebooks but it can be headache inducing. I can only hope that when ebooks are ready to go single format (like VHS vs beta or HD vs Blueray) that I have the winning technology ;) Cause I won it ;)

    I'm glad that customer service was brought up and I hope they can help you with the book.

    What's horrible is that I don't think most people who are reading e-books are looking to rip anyone off. I get it could be a problem but with many of us having more than one computer and Lord have mercy, probably having to restore or re-format them, we lose things we paid money for.

    Still, I'm a newbie and I love the ability to keep more than one book with me at any time. Priceless. As long as I remember to recharge the battery. But then I'm always forgetting something.


  17. Kristie - Hey, you figure out the computer and blogging and post pictures and so on :) I think the problem with cellphone is that they're too small :P and it's really not clear cos there's so many functions, but not as many buttons.

    Kris - Yup, everything's fine now :D I emailed customer service and they gave me more downloads. Like Malle said, eHarlequin's customer service is good :D

    I wonder if it's because eHarlequin is more "mainstream" then Ellora Cave or Samhain.... hmmm...

    Daphne - I just finished the third one yesterday and they're great!! Love them too!!

    The thing is with this new ereader is the cost... I mean, I don't want to spend a fortune on it and then, they'll be new models coming out every year or something like that. At first, one of the advantages of e-books was price, but now that they're not much cheaper than paperbacks... I don't know.

    As for computer savvyness, well it's all depend on the person. I think the main problem is the converting... that definitively can confuse ppl.

    Cindy - You're absolutely right. I mean, I own the book... if I want to read it on my own computer or on my sister laptop or at my work computer, I should be able to download it again no? I mean, it's for me. Then, when i change computer, will I lose it? Will it work or will I have to download it again? So that sucks. I understand that they want to reinforce the security and limit ppl sharing with other ppl... but when it's only me...

    LOL, Cindy... you should see my tote bag... I have like 5-6 books in it :D Who says you can't have more than one book with you at a time?