Friday, April 04, 2008

Shelving systems?

LOL, I think that many can relate to my problem: too many books, not enough space. I've been meaning to re-shelve my books for a couple months... but at the same time, I've been very lazy ^_^; Also, it usually takes me more than a week-end and it drives my parents absolutely nuts to see all those books lying around everywhere in my room. So I haven't done it yet... but since I don't have anything to do this week-end and there's already so many books on the floor, plus no more order to my books... I thought this week-end would be nice.

The thing though is how should I shelve them? Basically, I have the hardcovers, paperbacks and tradesize paperbacks all separated. No real order to hardcovers and paperbacks since I used to not have enough so it didn't matter. That's no longer true. For my paperbacks, that's another issue. Basically, I only have one shelving unit (the other is for my manga) and I triple-stack the shelves. I used to divided them in genres (or at least try) and then alphabetized them. However, since I triple-stack the shelves, I'd put my favorites in the front. Yes, favoritism, LOL.

Another problem is that I've been steadily running out of space the past year. My dad wants me to put some in the basement. Never! LOL, basically, two problems - no shelves in the basement and which would I take down?!? And then, I'm not a fan of the idea of going down to get a book in the middle of the night... Plus, it's dark... and wouldn't my books be lonely without me?!?

Anyway, I know this has been asked many times around blogland, but how do you shelve your books? and what do you think I should do? One shelve is not enough per genre... but if I alphabetized everything, then the last letters will be in boxes... and LOL, shelving by colors is out of question :P


  1. Oh the pain of shelving books. I have book cases. Right now there are seven. I don't separate by genre only by paperback and hardcover. I shelve them separately because size is an issue. Other than that it's alpha by author. I've gone through all the other incarnations of shelving the same genre together and in the long run it just wasn't practical when you keep adding books and need the space.

    My paperbacks are shelved two deep on each shelf with stacks on top. I try not to get too heavy with the stacks because I don't want to hurt spines of the books on the bottom.

    I think keeping the manga separate makes sense because they are different sized than either paperbacks or hardcovers.

    I know it's tough (it is for me anyway) but you also have to do some weeding as you do your shelving and try to shed books you know you'll never read again.

  2. I have no shelving system, lately books are in boxes, on the floor or in piles on my desk.
    I need the While You Where Out crew to come by and help me!

  3. Oh, I can so identify!

    I do by size (mass, trade, paperback, etc) and then by genre. I don't alphabetise because that would take waaaaay too long, byt I try to group by author.

    Also, I stack them rather than shelving vertically (does that make sense?) because I think it creates more space (prob depends on your shelf heights though). And I use the top of the bookcase as well :-)

    Gosh, I'm sad.

  4. I have my books alphabetized...and all over my room. I have my bookshelf wall, 2 separate bookshelves (one is two books deep, the other is 3 deep) and then I have 4 boxes stacked on top of each other that are 2 books deep. LOL So yeah, paperbacks are separated from the bigger books, like trade and hard covers. I rearrange them every couple of months...I like to handle my babies. haha But since I have an excel sheet of my tbr pile, its really easy for me to keep them organized.

  5. Rosie - LOL, 7 book cases... you're so lucky. I think you're right though... it's not practical to shelve by genre, especially since some are many genres together.

    Katie - LOL, but the question is: do you know where the book you want is? As long as you easily find the book you're looking for, then there's no problem.

    Li - but what happens when it's in-between two genres? I also stack them... i have no place if I was to put them vertically... and no, you're right... it takes less place when it's stacked. I would use the top of my cases too, if it wasn't so high ^_^;

    and you're not sad. Sad is when you reach to take a hardcover and then, several fall down at the same time... on your TV ^_^;

    Ames - see, I want to start an excel spreadsheet, but it'll take forever!! and you have more shelves than I do... i'm jealous. :(

  6. You know, the funny thing is I know where all my books are :)
    But I do try to keep them by author and for awhile alphabetically. Now it looks like a storm has gone through them.