Monday, April 28, 2008

Wiiiiiiiii :D

Hi everyone!!!

How was your week-end? My week-end started off badly... My room has been a mess for weeks and apparently, my father finally cracked down and couldn't stand it anymore. Apparently, he was really mad on Friday night... I say apparently, because, well, I was asleep ^_^; So I didn't see the volcano erupting... So I spent Saturday cleaning my room. It's not sparkling, but it's acceptable. The thing is, I'm planning to change things around soon, that's why I've been putting off cleaning. Also, I'd pretty much like to purge everything... my books, my closet, my desk, my clothings... But then, I guess I have to have space in order to purge.

Then, to cheer myself up, I went to eat Japanese food on Saturday evening. There's this tiny Japanese restaurant near my house and it's sooooooo good. Seriously, I've been to Japanese restaurants and that place is really great. My sis got the salmon teriaki and I chose tempura... part of the complete dinner... So that included appetizer (my sis: fried tofu, me: sashimi - 7 pieces), japanese salad, miso soup, main meal (and it's good portion... i got 5-6 shrimp, 2 pieces of sweet potatoe, 2 of zuchinni and 1 green pepper) along with some maki... plus, dessert - 1 scoop of green tea ice cream. I don't usually eat at the restaurant... I mostly take sushi take-out... enough that the staff knows me by sight... and I was feeling so bad on that evening, because the restaurant closes at 10pm and we showed up at 9.30pm... So we kind of rushed through the main meal and told them we were going to take out the ice cream... I think they realized and were grateful, so they gave us some extra treat :) How nice! LOL :) It was green tea ice cream wrapped in some paste and so the ice cream wasn't melting out :P Anyway, all very yummy.

Yesterday, I went shopping with my sister and a friend :D Both some nice summer tops and a pair of pants as well as some books :D Always buying books ^_^; LOL :) It was fun, the weather was soooo nice :) Then, when we went home, my sister saw that one of our mutual friend was able to buy a Wii this week-end, so we started looking online and saw that some shops finally got some in!! So I sent my sister on a mission today :) To buy the Wii...

So guess what? We got one!!! Yay!!!!

LOL :) Also, I sneaked out today and both more remotes and games... and well, there was a bookstore next to it, so I got the books I couldn't find yesterday :P In addition to all this, I read three books during the week-end :) and watch a very good TVB series called D.I.E. = Detective Investigation Extended. It's a great tv series. Roger Kwork is such a good actor!! The whole plot was pretty good and so were the investigations cases :D

so what about you? How was your week-end?


  1. Hey, I have a Wii too. The tennis game is soooo addictive. We just got the latest Wii Fit balance board this w/e as well - cool, but not as great as Wii Sports because it's just for one player at a time...

    I love Japanese food, so your Sat night meal sounds yummy!

  2. I'm glad you had such a fun weekend! I still haven't ever played on a Wii--I need to find a friend who has one. :)

  3. I am not going to mention what my room looks like. :(

  4. That is exciting, I told my hubby, he is very jealous. My whole house looks like your room. I have to do some serious cleaning. If I could have a fairy come in and just fold and put away laundry, I would be half done. :P

  5. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. ;)

    Mine was rather uneventful. My hubby keeps on telling me that he's going to get me a Wii. That promise is yet to be fulfilled :(

  6. You got a Wii? that's cool. :) Do you have guitar hero? I love that game.

  7. Li - Hi Li :D I think the game is great! The tennis game, is that with the Wii sport? You already have the Wii Fit? It's only coming out at the end of May for us. Japanese food is sooo yummy :) and we paid 50$... that's a great price :D

    Jennie - how was your week-end Jennie? LOL, you're welcomed to come to Canada to try it out :P

    Katie(babs) - Can't be worse than mine :P You know, i think we should do a contest :P

    Kris - LOL, poor hubby :P Didn't mean to make him jealous. I've been looking for a Wii till b4 X-mas... Almost gave up on it.

    Brie - Is it because he can't find one or he keeps forgetting about it? I hope you get one soon :) Uneventful week-end can be fun sometimes :D

    Isabel - Yep, got one... but not Guitar Hero. The game is really hard to find over here.