Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Review: The Dare by Elda Minger

Miss me? LOL :) I had so many things to talk about yesterday, but I forgot them all today ^_^; Isn't that sad? 24 years old and already so forgetful... I don't really want to know how it's going to be in the future, LOL :P

So instead, you get a nice little review of one of my week-end's reads.

The Dare by Elda Minger
published by Berkley in September 2008

Mindy wants to trust her groom-to-be, but the only way to get the dirt on his bachelor party is to send in her good friend Alyssa-disguised as the entertainment. Before she knows it, Alyssa's in trouble with the best man. But when the straitlaced Cooper accepts Alyssa's challenge to a little game of Truth or Dare, all bets are off...

Genre: contemporary romance
Series: none

The Story: Okay, so basically Alyssa goes to the bachelor party, disguised as a stripper, to spy on the groom. She ends up spending the night in the arms of the best man, too much work-not enough play, Cooper Sinclair. Waking up the next morning, she panics and returns to Mindy's house. She spends the whole wedding hoping that Cooper won't recognize her (she was wearing a wig and a mask)... As for Cooper, he is still wowed by the night he spent and is determined to see Bambi again. Only, during the wedding reception, he realizes that Bambi and Alyssa is the same person. Before he can make a move, Alyssa has flee back to San Francisco in a panic. Determined to win her over, no matter what, Cooper follows her.

My Opinion: This was a great book and I really enjoyed reading it. The storyline was cute, the characters were fun and there were so many animals... all cuter than the others. I think one of the reason I enjoyed this book so much was the author's voice and writing style. The story just flowed so well and the timeline fit.

One thing that I really like is how Cooper discovered that Alyssa was Bambi. It wasn't instant recognition and the scene wasn't dumbed down so it'd be easy for Cooper. I like why Cooper wanted to get to know Alyssa more, because she made him feel and life was different with her in it... and it helped that I really liked Cooper's character. He's a nice man, generous and loving, but also quite determined.

I have to say I didn't enjoy Alyssa's character as much. One of the reason is that her personality seemed to be a bit contradicting. She's quite young, only 24 years old, but quite mature, experienced and sophisticated. She also really enjoys life. I guess in a sense, the personality actually fits... as in, although mature and sophisticated, she's insecure when it comes to relationship... mostly due her mother's experience. It just annoyed me, when I was reading, how she tried to avoid this relationship with Cooper, denied that there was something special between them just because of fear... however, now that I'm writing this review, it actually makes sense... since she's so young.

Overall, the whole story was great. My only complaint is that it did dragged a little bit about 3/4 of the book. Like I said, Alyssa shying away from the relationship didn't work too well for me. Also the bet her grandfather did with her, I thought a bit ridiculous. However, Cooper, Jake and the animals really make up for that part.

My Grade: B+

ps - anyone has read The Fling? Any good?


  1. Nope haven't read the fling. this one look cute though.

  2. Isabel - It was quite cute and enjoyable :D if you can find it, you should give it a try.

  3. I'm really really tempted to read this now. LOL