Monday, May 12, 2008

Goals for summer 2008...

1. Re-decorate my room
- buy new computer
- buy new bookcase --> in process
- re-shelve books
- clean out the closet for more storage place

2. Lose weight
- Sign up at gym (*think I found one)
- Eat healthier
- Walk and run

3. Find a new job


  1. Me too! your number 3 is my #1, though. Top priority, find a new job.

    Then lose weight. I think I'm going to join Curves. A new one just opened by my house and I like that it's an all girl gym.

    Then re-organize and finish decorating MM's house.

  2. *screams* You got a new computer!!! Yay!!

  3. Holly - Looking for a job should be a priority, but it's not as fun as working on my room ^_^;

    I think I'm going to join a gym too. My problem is that it's so hard to keep going and going :( that's my only fear. That I'll pay for a year and just end up going one or twice.

    Rosie - Yep :D I got a new computer... it was shipped on Friday, so I guess it should arrive soon :D However, that means I have to transfer everything and re-download many programs. Not looking forward to that so much LOL :P

  4. Ohhh, I need to make up a list of things I would like to do. I've been flying by Bob's seat of his pants for too long. I think it's time I concentrate of some of the stuff I want done!

    And I've met you and you don't need to lose weight. I'm all for staying healthy with exercise (even though I'm allergic to it) so go to but you my friend are not overweight!


  5. Cindy - Well in a way, you have similar goals with Bob - get the house in order... so it's understandable you've been flying by Bob's seat of his pants. Although you came up with a nice list for "while he is gone."

    As for losing weight.. I'm not exactly overweight, but I've gained a lot in the past few years. It just doesn't show as much ^_^;