Monday, May 19, 2008

My room in chaos II - Shelving

The bookcases assembly went without a hitch :P I had a friend coming over to help, so it was fun :) Since the bookcases are 2m high, it is recommended to fix them to the wall. Somehow, I fix them skewed ^_^; I'm too lazy get the ladder and fix it... anyway, it's not that skewed...

I started shelving my books. The big questions was how to organize all the books. Ugh. My previous system was kind of all over the place. I had the books divided by genre and then, alphabetically by authors... but since they were triple-stacked (depth-wise), I put all my favorite authors in the front. Anyway, it ended up all messed up. In addition, I haven't re-organized them for over a year... In the past year, I've been buying boxes and baskets... so all the new additions and books I've read went either in the boxes, baskets or on the floor ^_^;

In the end, I decided to do it alphabetically by authors, no matter the genre. I did separate by sizes. Hardcovers and trade-size paperbacks are just shelved alphabetically by authors. I did cheat and put my favorite authors aside in the 40cm wide bookcase. The authors are: Nora Roberts, Jennifer Crusie, Katherine Stone, Judith McNaught, Patti O'Shea, Kay Hooper, Sharon Sala/Dinah McCall, Karen Rose, Naomi Novak and Linda Howard. I might add Kelley Armstrong...

I also made a special shelves for "series." I'm surprised by the small amount of series... I put the Grace Valley/Virgin River books by Robyn Carr, The Guardians by Meljean Brooks, Psy-Changelings World by Nalini Singh and the Warlands Chronicles + Dagger Star by Elizabeth Vaughan... Oh and the Immortals after Dark by Kresley Cole. I thought I'd run out of space very quickly, but nope. I might add the Nightwalkers by Jacquelyn Franks and the Dirke Steele series by Marjorie Liu, but those are two series that I'm thinking of stopping. I haven't added the Dark-Hunters because I plan to stop after the next book, Acheron. Or perhaps I'll buy some others, but it'll depend on the characters and reviews/recommendations. What I've realized is that many of my favorite series have become hardcovers... for examples, In Death series, Temeraire, Women of the Otherworld, FBI SCU... Since I'm getting those in hardcovers, I thought it shouldn't go in the series shelf... and well, it was already in "my favorites."

So far, I've gone through the books that were already in the bookcases and the ones in baskets. I still have 4 boxes ^_^; Lots of them contain TBR books though. What do you do with your TBR pile? Do you shelve them with the rest or separately?

What does it say about a book if you don't remember the storyline? Does it mean you should part with it or does it mean it's time to re-read? Do you have difficulty parting with books? I don't know, I feel bad ^_^; Not only for the money I spent buying the books, but also just for the book itself.

Hmmm, I can't seem to find my copy of Caress by Ice. I wonder where it is :( I'm also missing Slave to Sensation... Also, I've been buying a lot of second copies in the past year for keepsafe. Should I shelve them with the rest as well or keep it separated?

Ah well... I guess I'll take a decision tomorrow. I'm tired now. Enough shelving for now.


  1. Keep your keepsafe copies separate. But label wherever you put them, so you know you have duplicates already.

    Also, I didn't see any mention of Maria V. Snyder??

  2. Nath, I've been shelving alpha by author no matter the genre for a long time because of a space issue. I keep special books (signed by authors or keepsake copies) in a special tub by themselves. I have the tub marked and know what's in it.

    My tbr is separated into 5 tubs. The books are separated in the tubs by genre and then stacked in alpha order by author.

    When I do a big clean up I go through my bed side stack, the tbr tubs and my shelves to purge stuff. I don't think there's anything wrong with not remembering a book clearly.

    My test for keeping or passing a book on is simple. If I can skim the book and read the blurb and begin to recall the story or at least my reaction to the story, I'll keep the book. If not it's a goner.

  3. Ames - I think that's what I'm going to do... cos well, the keepsafe copies are taking up more space than I expected ^_^;

    Maria V. Snyder... well right now, they are shelved in the trade-size section. My sister has taken my paperback copy of Poison Study for her trip and I lent my HC copy of Magic Study. however, I might move it to the series section... I'm not sure yet. It's just, well they're trade-size...

    Rosie - well I've started shelving alpha by author... then, I ran into some fantasy books and straight mystery books that I haven't read and am not sure I'm going to read. I don't want to give them away yet... at the same time, I don't want to shelve them with the others either.... since I haven't read most of them. So now, I'm torn.

    there is one book, I really have no recollection except that it was just okay ^_^; but I know I read it, because I reviewed it ^_^;

  4. Nath, I put books I haven't read yet in a separate pile next to my bed. Not the tidiest of solutions, but it reminds me that I have stacks to be read!

    Will you put up photos once you're finished? :-)

  5. Li - hi there Li :D See, I was going to do that too, put my TBR pile separately. At the same time, however, there's some books by authors that I enjoy that I haven't had time to read yet. So should I shelve them with the rest of the books by the author or in the TBR pile? Ugh, so hard to decide. I'm also a girl that likes to have entire backlist of authors, even if I don't enjoy the book necessarily... knowing that, sometimes I look at the book and I'm like, should I keep it or give it away?

    I'll try to have pics once I'm finished, but it might takes a while for me to finish... plus, we only have one camera and my sis' gone with it for her vacation... so it might take a really long while ^_^;