Monday, May 05, 2008

What's on my mind...

Hello everyone!

How have you been doing? I'm sorry I've been MIA since last Thursday ^_^; Been quite busy and also, a bit lethargic LOL :) Anyway, couple of things on my mind...

I turned 25 on Saturday :D I actually don't really care about my age, because well, it doesn't change me much. I am who I am, LOL, and age won't change anything. I was actually quite giddy and happy. Great thing is that everytime I'm going to want to rent a car now, I won't have to pay the surcharge LOL :) I had lots of fun with my friends on Thursday as we went for all-you-can-eat sushi :) Pretty good place. My friends gave me a purse! Tell you the truth, I didn't really want a purse ^_^; but I couldn't think of anything else (besides books) that I wanted and that was "easy" to buy... so a purse it was. I have to say, I love it though!!! Love the design, the color and it's sooooo soft :) Only downside is that I can't put many books in it... actually, I'm only allowed of one book. If there's more than one book, they'll be confiscated by my friends, LOL :)

I ordered some books last week-end and for some reasons, they were shipped from Vancouver. Now, that's the first time I've had orders sent from the warehouse in Vancouver, considering how much closer Ontario is. Anyway, long story short, when checking my order status, books were supposed to be delivered on Friday... but when I asked my mom and sister, they said we didn't receive anything... which was like impossible. I started worrying that the mailman put the key in the wrong box (mailman doesn't come to door to door in my neighborhood... we have commun mailbox with individual case for each house and bigger cases for packages...). I was expecting whoever got the key, opened the case and saw the package would return it to my house... Turns out, on Saturday m0rning, when I came down, I saw this big package, the size of a VCR or DVD player box, wrapped in newspapers... and on it: "Nath's birthday surprise" I thanked my parents and sister - my parents had no idea what it was and my sis said, "Don't thank us, you bought it" LOL :) Yep, the box was left in front of my hosue and my sister just hid it from me. She's evil sometimes.

Speaking of sister, she's gone for tw0 weeks... Went to California to hang out with my cousins... I think I'm really going to miss her ^_^; We've grown really close in the past couple of years and it's just going to be weird not having her nagging me about her tv shows and nobody to sneak food with. Ah well, lucky for me, it's only 2 weeks. I have a friend, her sis is gone for the whole summer.

Something else on my mind... I have a project for the summer and it involves my room, bookcases and my books. I'm thinking of buying some shelving units... but as I said before, I don't have anymore room in my place for furniture... so my plan is to exchange the computer desk for my nice desk. I have one of those big screen though and I won't be able to put the computer tower on the floor anymore... So big computer screen + tower + printer on a desk... not enough place. So I'm thinking of buying a new computer with a flat screen. My current computer is about 5-6 years old... It's not bad, but it has some bugs. Like the screen going black for few seconds at a time for no reason. My anti-virus on it is also dead for a long time. I can't open Adobe Reader with Mozilla Firefox without freezing it... and I almost have more space on my harddrive. I did think of buying the screen only, but the one I'm eyeing is already 300$ Also, the day before I changed computer completely is not far... so might as well get a good deal... but it'll still cost me >1,000$... the other thing is the actual bookcase. My parents have always gone for quality... that means all my furniture in my room are in teak wood (except my computer deak which is why I'm getting rid of it)... and I'd like for my new bookcase to match and be of teak wood... however, I have a feeling it's going to be quite pricey *sigh*
So I gotta find ways to be thrifty, LOL :) So I'm going to take a page out of Ames' book and try not to buy any books for a couple of weeks. Shouldn't be too hard considering that there's nothing really interesting coming out soon and lucky me, I've already pre-ordered Scream for Me by Karen Rose. In addition, I still have about 30-something $ on my online account at Chapters + a co-worker gave me a gift card :D So that should help :) and if I'm lucky, mangas will be arriving from France slowly... esp. since it's the summer. So yeah, I guess it's feasible. Pluse, I'm hoping that eating out less, as in not at all, would help.

Part two of my project, I've alredy mentioned... is to clean out the closet and put some cheap, waist-level, shelving cases. Just so I have space to put my stuff and all... but between you and me, cleaning my closet? Ugh, it's going to be a nightmare... of course, not as bad as cleaning out under of Holly's daughter's bed LOL :) but let just says I have lots of stuff.

Other things that are on my mind... Gas price. Ugh, I gas at 1.29$/liter this morning. It was 1.37$/liter at the highest last week. What doesn't help is that I live far from work :( and also, there's construction on the way for the rest of the summer. Gotta find another way to get to work... and also, I don't know... go out less? Again, not stopping and making detours to the bookstores should help... right?

Last thing, I have a review up at Book Binge!! This time, it's The Cinderella Deal by Jennifer Crusie. Click here for the review :D

Oh, and last last thing... i'm glad the hockey season is over in Montreal. I think the people went a bit crazy this year. I know it's been a long time since the Canadians haven't done so good, but still :P


  1. Ack, there's a lot to talk about in that post. LOL

    Get the new computer-it'll be faster and it's just so much fun having a new computer. :P And flat screens are nice.

    Love that shelf! I hope that's what you get because that is soooooo nice.

    And don't forget, I got you a giftcard for your birthday! So you don't have to be that thrifty. hehe

    Ugh, I filled up my car last night, which I haven't done in a long time, and it was $60!! When I first got it, it cost $36 to fill it up. That's awful.

  2. Ames - LOL :) I know, I felt chatty today :D

    I'm definitively getting a new computer. I'm not hesitating about it. I'm just hesitating when to buy it. Also, I'm limited in my choice because I want Windows XP.

    LOL :) yes, I remember, your giftcard :) Well I'll still have to be thriftier than I usually am LOL :)

    Gas is crazy, absolutely crazy. I gas 40$ this morning and got only 30L and that wasn't a full tank. Sigh. Make me feel bad to go anywhere.

  3. Hi Nath,


    The shelves sound wonderful :)

    Ok, the not giving you the books you ordered when they first came was just mean mean mean! lol

  4. Happy belated birthday!! Good luck on all your projects--reorganizing books is always fun. Cleaning closets not so much.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    Good luck with all the cleaning. If you feel your calling doing this you are welcome to come to my house and do the same for me :P

    When my mother was here this weekend i saw her bring in a present for Mother's Day but i was in the middle of doing something and now i have no idea where it is. Hubby says that "It is around somewhere" Family is funny like that. :D

  6. Happy Birthday! My sister was all sad when she turned 25. Not me, I was happy. That is a cute purse.

  7. Happy Birthday Nath!! I loved 25. I met, dated and married GG all in my 25th year. So, you never know what the year will bring.

    I love the book shelves you have pictured. Very nice.

    You'll love having a new computer. We've been thinking of biting the bullet too because I get tired of sharing with the boys. Although Shmoo has his own now (thank goodness!).

    BTW, I still can't believe you didn't like GRIMSPACE.

  8. Chantal - Thank you Chantal! I know, my sister has a mean streak in her, esp. since I was worrying about it so much!! By the way, I'm working on the buddy review :P I'll send you the draft when I'm done.

    Jennie - LOL, you nailed it :D Although, this project involves pretty much rearranging my whole room. Sigh.

    Kris - LOL, I doubt I'll have the envy to do your house LOL :) but we never know :D

    Isabel - I'm happy and yes, it's a cute purse! and it's really soft!

    Rosie - Sounds like 25 was your year :D I wish I'll meet someone this year :P Yeah, the bookshelves in the pic are so nice... I'm going to see later today how much they cost. Cross your fingers.

    You know, Rosie, if all you want to do is blog on the computer and watch a dvd from time to time, I mean, no gaming and stuff... you don't need a top of the line computer in that case and so, they do come pretty cheap.

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy SCREAM FOR ME ;-)

    Karen Rose

  10. You are going to be a quarter century old!! Congrats! :D

  11. Karen Rose - Thank you for the wishes and for stopping by!! My copy is on the way. I can't wait!

    Katie(babs) - LOL :) I'm already 25 :) My b-day was on May 3rd :P

  12. Oops sorry Nath!
    Hope it was a great one!
    I am long past my quarter life. ;P