Sunday, May 18, 2008

My room in chaos

Well that's nothing new really, LOL :) It's been messy like forever, but as I said, I had big plans for my room and I've started them.

I got my computer last Tuesday, but it took time before I installed it. First, I had to empty my old hard drive and saved all the information, files, etc. So that's what I did on Wednesday. On Thursday, I moved the two desks and switch them. Then, I put up the computer. I'm happy with the computer... I don't really care about the speed and memory, because I knew it was better than my old computer... one thing I was worried though is whether it was noisy or not. My old computer was very very quiet. I'm glad to say that this one is equally quiet :D So yay me! I've started re-installing some of the programs, but not all. I'm trying to not clutter my computer as much as the old one. We'll see how it goes...

On Friday, I went to Ikea with my mom. I've decided to buy "cheaper" bookcases. The wood is not as nice, but 399$+tax+delivery for the bookcase I want was just a bit too much. Now, I've paid half and I got more space. Sure the wood is not as nice, but hey, it's all about compromise... and also the money in my wallet LOL :P Here are the 2 bookcases I bought:

So yesterday, I disassemble the desk I was getting rid of. I've realized that I get very attached to my things. Well it's not something new... but it made me feel a bit bad to get rid of my old computer and desk :( However, now I know that it's going to a good home (the monk at the temple) instead of the trash, so I'm relieved.

So today's plan is to assemble the bookcases. I hope I'll have enough space in my room... the bookcases are 2m high. I'm not afraid that it won't fit LOL :) We learn from others (thanks Kristie!!) and so I did measure the space that I had and even my car (see whether I had enough place to bring them back home or I had to have them delivered...) and they will fit. The only thing is I don't know if I have 2m on my floor to assemble them ^_^;

Unfortunately, I don't have my camera at home to take pics. My sister is on vacation (sniff, sniff... I do kind of miss her...) so no piccies until June 8 at least. The good thing about her gone though is that I can use her room as storage, LOL :) So right now, her room is as bad as mine... oups. That means I have two rooms to clean out... but it's all for a good cause no? I just can't wait to have the bookcases up so I can play around and finally SHELVE THE BOOKS! (Ames, after this, you won't hear about me complaining about shelving the books for a loooooong time :P) Luckily, this week-end is a long week-end here in Canada :P

So how's your week-end going?


  1. I think those are the exact same bookcases I have! Only I have the lighter color wood. You're right, the wood isn't great (it's not wood at all, but that composite stuff) but mine have held up really well. I've had them for over 7 years now. I was looking to buy another bookcase recently and I wanted real wood too, but they are sooooo expensive. :(

    Good luck putting everything together! And lucky you, having a long weekend. :p

  2. I'm so jealous. I want to re-do the office and our bedroom and our bathroom. This time of year I always want to make changes, changes, changes. However, I'm getting started on Shmoo's scrapbook instead. Sort of.

    BTW, if you've been by my blog you know I've gotten the Kresley Cole. Don't tell anyone. SHHHHH! ;-)

    *whispers* I finished it late last night. It was good wasn't it?

  3. Very cool. We just bought bookcasses from IKEA as well. We got the black-brown Billy bookcases. We are lining one wall of our living room with them. My hubby is currently painting the wall so that we can get them assembled this week. Very exciting. I love being able to organize books better.

  4. my room looks like a cyclone hit. I need some major clutter help. The clutter is all my books!

  5. LOL It hasn't been that bad. :P I'm not totally sick of hearing about them yet. And yay!! You finally got some. hehe

    They look nice. I'm very jealous.

  6. You know, you just can't beat IKEA for some things and the bookcase you bought looks nice!

    Your sister is gone until June 8th!! That's some vacation!

    I swear getting organized helps to clear the mind also. So far this weekend I'm just veggin'.

    I tore up carpet before the weekend though and I have more to do after the weekend. So we'll see ;)


  7. Jennie - Real wood sure is expensive. I guess that for books, it doesn't really matter though. I'm happy with the way they turned out, although they were a bit darker than I wanted them.

    LOL, you're the lucky one now, since you're going to have a long week-end next :P

    Rosie - LOL, at least, you have two sons and a husband to help you. This is "my" project and my sister is away... so I'm on my own.

    LOL, email me your thoughts of Dark Needs :P

    Kris - I got the same then :P I got the Billy in dark brown. One 80cm and the other, 40cm. Have fun re-organizing the books :P

    Katie(babs) - LOL, I believe one of the reason is that we have too much books ^_^;

    Ames - You could get some, but I think you still have space no? Anyway, this time, I'm getting it right... my problem has always been I run out of patience by the end... but this time, I really want to do the whole thing right, so it'll just take longer. You might still hear about it from me :P

    Cindy - Ain't she the lucky girl :P But then, it's right that she enjoys while she's still in school.

    I half vegged too :P So don't feel bad... and you had the carpet done, that's a good start :D

  8. I think those are the same ones I have too - only in white. I'll be looking forward to seeing them filled! And what books you have in them.

  9. Kristie - Chances are high that they're the same ones :D I think they were the nicest from Ikea. It's great that they come in many different colors :D