Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To do list...

Hi everyone :D

so how was your week-end? Unlike US folks, I didn't have a long week-end. Nope, I had to go back to work yesterday :( but it was all right, I was able to sneak off to the bookstore. I bought the Bridgertons series as well as Melissa Nathan's backlist and a couple more. Then, after paying, the clerk tells me it's double discount days this week-end... So instead of saving 10%, I could have saved 20%. She asked if I wanted to return the books, but I said no... cos the bookstore I went was the farthest one (near my work) and there's no way I'm going to drive back on the week-end... but still, couldn't she have said something beforehand?

Rosie has been really busy with her son's coming graduation that she asked other what were their to do list. This is what I wrote in the comment section:

1.organize all my books and clean up my chaotic room
2.sign up at the gym
3.return one of the cell phone

I didn't touch my room at all since last week... however, I did give away my old computer and computer desk... so it's not too bad. Also, I finally signed up to the gym yesterday... for 3 months. That's a start. Now, I need to go train... sigh. I guess this isn't the right attitude, being depressed even before starting. I was going to wait till I finish shelving, but then, I figure I was only lying to myself and looking for excuse. So I went and signed up. I have no idea what I'm going to do... :( but yeah, I need to get back in shape and lose weight :( So first step taken.

Yesterday at supper, my dad talked about my future... more like, what am I going to do in the future. He says I should try out for pharmacy schools in the States... or law. I have no interest in law, so that takes care of it... as for pharmacy schools... My dad is right in a way. I'm still young and pharmacy schools will only take a few years and after that, I'm set right? The thing is, the idea of being so much in debts depresses me. Really. Never been in debt in my life and suddenly, at 30 y.o. I'll be more than 100k in debt? Hmmm, not appealing at all.

After he brought up pharmacy or law, I don't think it was a good time to tell him: you know what, Dad? I was thinking of becoming an office manager or whatever you call secretary nowadays. Sigh. There's another option: translation. I had a friend talked to me about one of his friends going into translation after a B.Sc. It sounds good, given the fact that we live in a bilingual country. I'm going to explore it a little more, see if there's a market for it... perhaps that what I'll do. Ugh. Future... if only I could find a rich husband and not worried anymore... but isn't that all our dream? LOL :P

anyway, time for me to got to work. I'll have a review up later today.


  1. Nath, getting started with exercise is always, ALWAYS the hardest part for me. There are still so many days when I rely on GG to get me out the door. Blech! The thing is when I go I always feel so good. Not because I went but the exercise actually makes me feel good. So hang in there...it'll come. You signed up and now you won't want to waste the $$.

    As for your future, if you were my kid I tell you to follow your heart and take money out of it. If you pursue something you are passionate about and really interested in the $$ will follow. Are there bilingual publications that need someone to write and review romance books? You'd have that locked up.

    Final note, your 'to do' list looks waaaaay shorter than mine.

  2. We had a long weekend! Woo hoo. We just hung out and ended up helping his parents with yard work. Bleh.

  3. We had a long weekend here in the UK too! Not that it was very nice - it was pouring with rain!

    Nice book haul there (despite the lack of the double discount).

    I'm with Rosie - take some time out and figure out what you really want to do. Of course, I'm one to talk - I don't think I would have exactly chosen to work for one of the banks, but hey, the money's good! LOL.

  4. I would have to agree with doing something you will enjoy rather than totally looking at the paycheck. If it is something that is not going to pay the bills then either do it on the side or find a way to make it pay (as long as it is still fun).
    Now that you have signed up for the gym you need to go. :P
    I had a very enjoyable long weekend thank you :)

  5. Rosie - Ugh, it was tough yesterday. Yeah, i don't want to waste my money and that's why I signed up for only three months. I wish I had someone to go with me though :(

    LOL, well I'm not a mother, so that's probably my to do list is so much shorter :P

    Isabel - Glad you had fun at Phantom... sorry you had to do yard work. I don't especially like yard work :(

    Li - What was the long week-end for? Sorry to hear it was pouring rain... We had a nice week-end, but the past few days have been rainy :(

    See, if I could go back and do it again, a job at a bank sounds good :D

    Kris - I have definitively no idea how my future is going to be...
    ... and I did go to the gym :P