Thursday, May 29, 2008

This and that...

I'm tired... in a good way though, I guess. The last few days have been busy. Like I told everyone, I signed up to the gym on Monday... and I had my first session on Tuesday. Yay - not. I worked out for 40 minutes and it was painful - not just because I'm out of shape (which is really sad), but also because it's soooo boring! I had music with me (thanks heaven) and was watching tennis at the same time, but still... I had too much time to think with my brain and all I could do is wish that time would go faster. I'm definitively bringing a book today when I go... and oh, I spent most of my time biking... so but bottom hurts. Seriously, those bike seats are really uncomfortable!

One thing that annoys me is coming out of the parking lot, which is incline, I heard a huge scratching sound :( I scratched the whole bottom on the left side of the front of my car :( Yeah, definitively not happy :( I have to say though, Honda carrosserie sucks. It's soo easy to scratch the car... so it's been bugging me :(

I also got my annual letter from the I-Rewards membership - that's the membership of the bookstore Chapters/Indigo/Coles that allows me to save 10% of all the books I buy in-store and 5% online. It's time that I renew the membership and on the letter, it tells you how much you've saved for the year...


Yay!! I saved 10$ more than last year... which when you think about it is a bit frightening. Especially since the books price has gone down significantly ever since the Canadian dollar is doing so well. So I must have bought even more books ^_^; !

Oh and fellow Canadian book lovers, Chapters/Indigo/Coles are having double discount days on this week-end (May 31 & June 1st)! I guess it means that you save 20% instead of 10% if you're a member. By the way, English mangas are already on-sale at 20% off (+10% if you're a member... don't know if it's going to be 20% though this week-end... hmmm)... and finally, starting from June 13 for two weeks, it's the buy 3 books and get the 4th free sale!

Yesterday, I went out with friends. Two of them are graduating!! That's very good news :) I wore a skirt and a very nice top. Very feminine. Actually, my friend, KK, has been complaining, LOL :) See, I ask her to go shop with me and choose more feminine/grown-up clothes for me... and she has a good taste... but then, I never wear what she choose. For me, skirts and nice tops are for nice occasions, not simply going to work or going out. Plus, the temperature has been a bit chilly and it's been windy... so KK has been complaining that I never wear the clothes that I bought with her. So yesterday, I wore the skirt, the nice top and the sandals. It was quite funny, because she actually chose everything I was wearing yesterday - the top, the skirt, the sandals and she's the one who bought me the purse for my b-day, LOL :) I'll post a pic up when they'll send me the pictures... Though you guys have seen pictures of me at Holly's wedding, so it's not so special now :P

Ah... I think I forgot my cellphone at the restaurant yesterday. Ugh. I can't find it :( Or perhaps, it's in KK's jacket... I hope I haven't lost it yet, but it's too early at the moment to call either of them (KK or the restaurant)... but yeah, that's one problem I don't need at the moment :(

Oh by the way, anyone interested to do some buddy reviews with me? Lately, I've read The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn, The Waitress by Melissa Nathan, Finding Mary Blaine by Jodi Thomas and the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn.


  1. I used to have trouble exercising for more than 20 minutes because it just seemed I was on there forever. I tried to get the smaller tv put in the room where I exercise but there wasn't any room. So now I try to read or crochet. ha ha. Joey just laughs at me. But if I'm walking on the bike trail, I'm not bored at all.

  2. The boring part is what's kept me away from the gym. Maybe I should try swimming.

  3. I used to swim for 30 minutes every few days but that was way too much time to be alone with my thoughts. Boring doesn't begin to describe it! I've heard they now have underwater mp3 players which would be perfect (vibrates on your cheek bone) for me except I then day dream and I wonder if I would remember when to breath and stuff.

    Now I only walk on the treadmill at home to a 1/2 hour sitcom. I overheat so I wear stuff I wouldn't wear in public because of my size. Ugh.

    Hey, I don't know if I-Rewards tells me how much I've saved! I remembered last night while at the store that it was this weekend for the 20% off. Problem is I wasn't leaving the store without the books I had in my hands so they told me I could bring in the receipt and get the extra 10%. If I was paying for my own gas it wouldn't be worth it but for me, I'm all good and I'm going back for my 5 bucks! ;)

    I'm like you with dressy clothes. I actually love looking all feminine but it has to be for an occasion or it ain't happening.

    I lost my phone there last weekend and discovered it in a jacket pocket. I was upset because some turd looted one of our vehicles during the night and I was worried he had got my phone too.

    So hope you find your phone - okay, I woke Bob up to take me to breaky so I gotta run.


  4. Isabel - It's really boring; however, better with the book. You're lucky that you can exercise from home. Crocheting while exercising, I'd like to see that :P

    Zeek - It's really boring :( but then, I think I found the perfect exercising machine... it's the sitting bike :P

    Cindy - LOL :) well I think that swimming is better though. At least, you don't get too hot :)

    yeah, you definitively have to be doing something at the same time as exercising.

    I'm definitively going to bring my receipt in too. Hopefully, they'll give me a 10% too... it's like 12$
    As for the saving money... each year, you get a letter giving you a 5$ rebate for your I-rewards renewal membership... it's on the right corner.

    and good news, I found my phone! :)

  5. Yay! Glad you found your phone!


  6. Hey Nath,

    Exercising is the pits, isn't it? I especially hate starting exercising when you have gone a really long time since doing it. It takes a while to get back on track.

    I read while doing the arc-trainer at the gym. I usually crank up the resistance really high so I can go slow and still be able to read. This way I am able to work out for an hour at a time. I would never be able to do that with out a book.

  7. Cindy - I know! I'm glad too :D

    Jill - It is!!! I don't know how I'm going to do this cos it's definitively not something I'm looking forward to :(

    The only thing I don't like is that my hands are sweaty... so it makes holding the book difficult and it yellows a bit the pages :(