Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Annul BBQ, 8th edition, over

First, since I've still got about 45 minutes...

to my fellow Canadian romance bloggers and whoever want to celebrate :)

So how was everyone's day? My long week-end is coming to an end (boo!) and the BBQ's been over for a couple of hours now... Everything went really well. I didn't over-buy too much food and I have to admit this is one of the most enjoyable BBQ I've hosted in the 8 editions. Everything was pretty good this year... the weather was very nice, quite sunny and not too humid. We had some cloudy moments which were really appreciated. We were only 10 this time and it felt like a pretty intimate group. It was nice to have time to sit down and chat with the others and to actually enjoy the food! My only complaint is that not everyone arrived on time... but that's pretty minor.

Note to myself... reminder BBQ grocery shopping list for 10 ppl:

- 5kg of chicken wings
- 10-15 pork chops
- 10-15 European sausages
- 10-15 hot dogs
- one bag of shrimps (2kg)
- 2-3 lbs of fish balls
- 4 2L lemonade
- 2L of soft drinks
- ice tea
- 1 or 2L of other kind of juices
- 1 dozen corn
- 1 big bag of carrots, 1 broccoli, 1 cauliflower
- 1-1.5L of dips
- desserts: rice crispies squares, watermelon and sweet soup

*don't go overboard with chips, salsa and etc.
** honey

Sorry guys to post this up. It's because I usually tend to buy wayyyy too much food and this year, it was good quantities of everything... so I have to write it down somewhere so I can remember for the next year.

Like I said, everything was great this year. We played a bit of Wii... but mostly spent our time talking to each other and just hanging out, enjoying the food.

For those who wonder, I did finish cleaning my room!! Look at the result:

*My friends were quite surprised to see my room this clean, LOL :) Especially some that helped me out in the process ^_^;

Okie... time for me to go to sleep... Have to work tomorrow (boo!)... I'll have my list of reads for the month of June up tomorrow... and I haven't forgotten the people for my books away!! I'll try to email everyone tomorrow!


  1. Looks like some good food you had! Your room looks nice too. :)

  2. Yeah!! Looks like you had fun, I am glad that it went well. Sounds like a good menu as well.
    Your room looks wonderful. Great job! :)

  3. I'm almost afraid to ask but...

    WTF are fish balls???

    YAY!!! Your room looks AWESOME! Nice job, babe! I knew you could do it! ;)

  4. I have to admit I got stuck on the fish balls also ;)

    You are a brave woman to cook over coals. Of course, I'm not loving our gas BBQ right now either.

    Glad you had such a nice day to host your BBQ and your room looks great!


  5. Isabel - LOL, well good food or not, at least this year, I had time to eat and enjoy my food :D but yeah, it was pretty good :D and thanks for the comment on the room. to tell the truth, everyone (i.e. my mom)'s pretty happy that my room is finally clean.

    Kris - Yeah, I had fun and everything went well :D Isn't my room pristine? It's actually sooo weird LOL :)

    Holly - I meant fish meatballs :) I did a direct translation and I guess i forgot meat somewhere :P and yeah!! I did it... the thing is, how long is it going to stay that way before I need to do it again ^_^;

    Cindy - LOL, meatballs :P

    I'm not that brave... I'm just out-numbered... and it's true that charcoal bbq tastes better... sure, the smell sticks to your clothes and sometimes, it's hard to start the bbq, but it's worth it :D

  6. You room looks great, Nath. Very neat and and organized. Glad you had a great Canada Day. And really cute pics!

  7. Brie - Thanks so much :D So what have you been up to?