Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Monthly Reads June 2008

It's that time of the month already!! Time to list all the books I've read in June!

June was a so-so month in my opinion, both in the quantity of books read as the quality. So here we go...

1) How to Knit a Wild Bikini by Christie Ridgway: C
2) Tall Tales and Wedding Veils by Jane Graves: B+
3) In Twilight's Shadow by Patti O'Shea: 3.75/5 (~ B/B+)
4) Nightkeepers by Jessica Andersen: B
5) Moon Called by Patricia Briggs: B+
6) Just Desserts by Barbara Bretton: B
7) Fools Rush In by Kristan Higgins: B+
8) Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs: B+/A-
9) Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs: B-
10) A Match Made in Hell by Terri Garey: B-
11) Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins: B-
12) Light My Fire by Jane Graves: B
13) The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong: A-
14) She's no Angel by Leslie Kelly: DNF
15) In Bed with the Devil by Lorraine Heath: B
16) Sweet Talk by Susan Mallery: D

Okay, so not as bad as I made it sounded... and I've actually read quite a lot of good books. (I just can't remember when I've read them... how sad... ^_^; ) The month started of really good... I was anticipating a lot of releases and I wasn't disappointed... it's the end of the month that got rough... Like last week-end... a 4 days week-end and I read only one book... and for the whole week, I've been struggling with She's No Angel before deciding to call it quit.

As you also know, I've been buying quite a few books in the past 2 weeks... but then, when I look at them to pick one to read... I feel 'meh'... Hopefully, I'll get back my reading mojo soon... (like tonight... cos that's what I'm going to do when I get home... read.) Oh and I'll try to catch up on my reviews :)

So everyone, how was your reading month?


  1. Well, it appears we have a lot of the same tastes in common. I wasn't a HUGE fan of the Ridgway book either. I was rather disappointed. Ah, well. I've had a lot of disappointments this past month...Susan Mallery, HelenKay Dimon's Right Here, Right Now which had WAY too much sarcasm. Think Nicole from Mallery's book but ALL the time. Yeah, it was a bit much.

  2. So what do you think of the Mercy Thompson series so far? Wasn't the ending in Iron Kissed heart wrenching?

    I have Nightkeeper and need to get around to reading it. I really want to read Tall Tales... and The Summoning. I read Hot Wheels and High Heels by Graves and I really enjoyed it.

  3. Mine was horrible. I think i read like one book.

  4. Anne - Isn't it cool to find ppl with the same reading tastes as you? It also helps avoiding books and so on :) and ugh, I'm surprised you finished the HelenKay Dimon's book.

    Jill - I really enjoyed the Mercy Thompson series :D Have to admit though that Iron Kissed wasn't my favorite... what happened in it helped bringing Adam and Mercy together and I think it's going to make their relationship stronger.

    LOL :) so many books right? I hope you get your hands on Tall Tales and the Summoning and that you enjoy them all :) Surprisingly, I didn't like Hot Wheels and High Heels that much :(

    Isabel - Which book was it? and at least, you did read something :D

  5. I looked at my list and stack of books for May and June and thought 'meh' about the reads and then when I had to grade them realized they were a lot better than that.

    I'm buying waaaay faster than I'm reading right now. I still feel itchy and anxious to read and just don't seem to have big blocks of time to do any.

    It's SUMMER I tell you. So distracting.

  6. Rosie - Well my problem is I kind of forget when I read the books... to me, a month is like the last 2 weeks ^_^;

    As for buying books, me too :D although I'm reading fast... still I buy more than I read ^_^; as for you, well yeah, you've definitively been distracted. To me, summer means vacation means more time to read :D LOL