Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Burst my bubble...

Not too long ago, Isabel had this post on her blog about her bubble. I remember reading her post and thinking, that's exactly me. I have this comfort zone and it's just darn hard to get out of it.

Just to recap the situation... some time during my undergrad studies, I lost my motivation that would have pushed me to achieve stuff. I don't know why or how, but I just lost it... Then, after my undergard, I went straight ahead and did my master degree, because truth was, I was too scare to leave the student life and become an adult. While doing my master degree, I found this job... and come September, I'll have been here for 2 years.

When I started this job, I knew it wouldn't be forever. I have been on short contracts ever since I started... 4 months here, 4 months there... 6 months here, 5 months there. My goal was to stay here at least a year and a half to gather experience and then, find a new job... Thing is, with the job market pretty saturated in my field, it's just hard to look for a new job. So I got comfy in my position, doing the brainless work and collecting a steady paycheck.

Well guess what? Yep, they've just burst my bubble. I've approached my supervisor last week, asking him about my contract. See, it ends at the end of August and rumors are that none of the contract will be renewed. I had my doubts about it since late April, early May... so I've started looking for work, but nothing really serious... well now, it's confirmed. My supervisor said that the chances were slim that my contract will be renewed. Not because I'm not doing a good job or the work I do is unimportant... just because they are short on funds.

Ah well... what can I say? For the moment, I'm not too worried about it. In a way, I'm actually glad cos this is the kick I needed to move on. Time to re-motivate myself and achieve something... At the same time, I would welcome a few weeks off... I've never had a real break... I went from undergrad to master to having a job, without a pause... and well since I was on contract, I haven't had "real" vacation for a long time... and since I'm still living at home, I don't have that much expenses. It's not as if I had student loans and lots of bills to pay (phewww)...

Of course, on the other hand, I'm panicking... first, like I said, job market is saturated and R&D in biotechs and the pharmaceutical industry isn't doing great at the moment. Add in the fact that I don't really want to re-locate... Maybe it's time for me to find something else to do? I haven't told my parents yet, because then they would worry and be nagging me about looking for a job. I am looking... just at my pace.

So there... my bubble is gone... burst...

However, I'm not done with my ramblings... sorry ^_^; You'll have to bear with me a little bit more... first, my head has been itching soooo much!! I have eczema on my head. Yes, on my head... worst place to have it! and I really don't know why it's been so bad lately? Usually, it gets better during the summer... perhaps my body is stressing?!? All I know is that I hate it, because you have dry skin coming off... Speaking of dry skin, I have a patch of it on my left eyelid. Seriously, these things happen to me at the weirdest place.

Also, I lost my Indigo/Chapters coupons :( I had 3 5$ off coupons and I don't know where they are!! I think they slipped out of my book journal :( It just plain sucks. Luckily, I can still use the 5$ off online...

Now, you know I'm really whining... because my copy of Tribute by Nora Roberts still hasn't been shipped!!! I'm thinking of going to the bookstore and buying it... Then, I'll return the copy I get by mail... I really need a good book to get me back in my reading mojo... Plus, Holly has just reviewed Death Angel by Linda Howard and she makes the book sounds sooo good... Should I get it?

So enough whining and ranting... to finish on a good note, I'm going to see Indiana Jones 4 tonight!! I've already seen it with some friends, but my dad wants to see it... I think the last time my dad went to see a movie, it was Crocodile Dundee 3 LOL :) So rare!!

ps - by the way, anyone has suggestions/recommendations for urban fantasy/fantasy books with romance in it?


  1. That sucks about your bubble. It sucks, but in an odd sort of way good. It forces you to move out of our comfort zone.

    Damn bubble. good luck finding another job. :)

  2. That's too bad, Nath. But sometimes it is good to be pushed out of our comfort zone, it opens up new doors. I'm sure you will find another job soon, and in the meantime enjoy your break!

  3. Agree with the others - at least you will do something new, even though you don't want to! Sorry about your job, hopefully you have enough time to regroup and figure out what you really want to do.

    We've just been through a round of redundancies at work, and another one is rumoured to be coming up, so I can completely identify with the uncertainty and the horrible job market at the mo!

    Your eczema is prob stress-related. When I get stressed, one sure sign is that a patch of skin to the left of my mouth (I know, weird) starts to flake r-e-a-l-l-y badly. I use some really creamy moisturiser or oils to help sort it out.

    And finally, fantasy recs - umm... looking at my reads this year, can't remember if you've read Eileen Wilks? I like her Lupi books, Tempting Danger is the first.

    Her website: http://www.eileenwilks.com/

  4. I hope you find another bubble, a bigger and better one soon!

  5. What KB said.

    I think it is good to be pushed out of your bubble (I keep waiting for the same to happen to me) but I understand it's scary out there. Good luck finding what you want to do.

    I think you should buy DA. It was way better than I expected. ;)

  6. Aww, that sucks! I know it's probably all for the good but I know what it's like to sit in the bubble. So yeah, the next few months are going to be stressful but I know you will find your new track. I'll be thinking of you often!


  7. Isabel - It sure sucks, but yeah, in a good way ^_^;

    Brie - At least, I have some time, so that's good for me :)

    Li - I think I'd embrace something new... I'm quite tired of what I'm doing now. Especially since they kept shoving new assays to me. I mean, I haven't had the opportunity to use my brain much lately.

    I hate it that the job market is so bad... what is just wrong in our world? It's just scary for the future...

    and yeah, I think so too about my eczema... although I've never been able to get rid of it (the one on my head). I took out the big gun for my eyelid: cortisone.

    And I have read the Eileen Wils Lupi series... although I still have the newest one to read. Probably should. Thanks for the suggestion :)

    Katie(babs) - I hope too!! :)

    Holly - Be careful Holly... if you keep waiting, you might end up just being shoved out of it and it might not be pleasant. Although now, at least, you have MM :)

    I'll probably order DA soon.

    Cindy - I hope the transition will go well... I just don't want to get stress about it.

  8. Well I hope the job hunt goes well and that you find a better bubble. :P

  9. Bubble, shmubble... You are young, smart, attractive and have the safety net of a roof over your head. You are going to find a great job and be telling us all about it before we know it.

    Smart people always find a place to land and even with the job market saturated I have a feeling you will find your niche. Go Nath!

  10. Ames - thanks Ames :) You'll be the one hearing all the tribulations of my search, LOL :)

    Rosie - I hope too, Rosie. I hope too! and thank you so much :)

  11. Nath, I've got eczema on my lips and it's itching right now and it hurts and it's just plain nasty. Thank goodness I don't yet look like a puffer fish in the mouth. Or a clown. Those days were loads of fun. And because it's on my lips, there's nothing I can really treat it with. Also have an ugly spot on my leg and combined with the place where I had to get a chunk removed from my calf from a spider bite, shorts are not my fiend. :) Which is not good in the summer.

    So I feel ya on that eczema. I kinda agree with some others here, it could be stress related for you.

    I'm sorry about your job. I hope you get that relaxation time you need and the motivation to do what is right for you. It's always hard to find or justify time for ourselves. I have different circumstances from you of course, but I think we can all relate.

    And I have a straight Urban Fantasy rec if you've not read it yet: Magic Bites and Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews. There's some great sexual tension between the heroine and another character.

  12. Good luck with the interview, and you have my sympathies from a fellow eczema sufferer. Mine tends to stay on my hands.

  13. Kmont - It sucks no to suffer from eczema... I remember when I was young, it was the elbows and behind the knees... I wish it was still in those place... sigh. My eyelid is better now though, thanks god. My head it worst though and I do agree, I think it's stress-related :(

    Thanks for your recommendation. I have the first book somewhere. I guess it's time to pull it out of the TBR pile.

    Sydney - Thanks Sydney. and my sympathy too :)