Thursday, July 10, 2008

Opportunity no.1

hi everyone :D

It's been quiet... where are you all?!? LOL... I guess I have too much free time, right?

I'm reading Tribute by Nora Roberts at the moment. Yes, I broke down and went to buy another copy... I'm still waiting for the one I pre-ordered. Really missed the timing this time. I like it so far. Have to admit that it reminds me a bit of Angels Fall... both heroes are writers, although Ford is definitively less moody and more cheerful :) Both heroines are trying to start a new life... as always, NR writes awesome relationships... but more when I finish reading it :)

I've sent my first CV yesterday :) I'll give you guys more details if I get an interview, which I hope so. The job I'm applying for really fits what I want... so wish me luck. So that means that I'm done updating my CV, I also wrote my professor who supervised my master. He'll be happy be my reference. Two of my current supervisors have also offered to be references... so this is good :) I wasn't going to tell my parents about it... since there's still some time before my contract ends. I don't want them to worry, but also, I don't want them to bug and pressure me... I had to tell my mom this morning though, in case they call to set up an interview.

That's it for now... Oh, anyone in the mood to do some buddy reviews?!?


  1. Hi Nath, I am sorry about your current job situation. It sounds like things are looking up for you though. I wish you good look with this job and I hope they call you for an interview.

    I wanted to let you know I am not sure I will read The Iron Hunt. It has gotten a lot of bad reviews so my interest has gone down. Although I do plan on reading the prequel that is in the Wild Things anthology. I just got it from the library.

    I am reading Tall Tales and Wedding Veils right now. I know you already did a review of this one (it's one of the reasons why I am currently reading it).

    I have Angel Falls in my TBR pile that I have never gotten around to reading. I bought it when it first came out. One of these days... right!

  2. Jill - hi Jill! I hope that they call me for the interview soon as well!!

    Don't worry about The Iron Hunt. I'm not planning to read it soon either ^_^; yeah, kind of lost interest in it...

    Hey, if you want to still discuss Tall Tales and WEdding Veils with me, I'd like that :) and you must read Angel Falls... that one was great!! :)

  3. What buddy review did you have in mind?
    Good luck on the job search!

  4. Hi Nath, did you have any particular books in mind for a buddy review?

    Keep us updated on the job hunt.

  5. Katie(babs) - Any buddy reviews! :) LOL, I don't have anything really particular in mind :)

    Brie - I will keep you updated on my job hunt.

    As for buddy review, I didn't have any particular books in mind... I've read Tribute by Nora Roberts just now as well as Twisted Creek by Jodi Thomas. Those are my most recent reads... What about you?