Friday, July 18, 2008

Good news!!

Hello everyone!!

Just a quick post to let you know how it went! Basically, I think I got the job. I say I think, because the professor told me to go home and think about it and then email him if I was still interested. So there was no: You got the job affirmation... but well, yeah, I'm interested, so I guess that means I got it... right?

*EDIT: Not sure if my explanation was clear, but just to precise... from the way the professor talked and how I understood it is the job is mine if I want it... and I do :) I just need to confirm with him... I think :P

This morning, I woke up and we had thunderstorms and it was really bad. I've driven in the rain, but I don't think ever when it thundered. Anyway, I could see the sky changing color from gray to pink-purplish when there was thunder. I was quite nervous this morning... I didn't know what to expect and after talking with my friend, I gave up on reading articles to prepare myself.

I got to the interview early, so my friend gave me a tour and quick explanation. Then it was time to meet the professor. Basically, here are the following questions he asked: where are you working presently and what are you doing? why are you leaving? what do you like of your present work? what was your master project? when could I start? Then, he went on explaining what were the projects in his lab and what he was looking for.

I think this job is really good and fits the criteria I had. Yes, my salary will decrease and significantly. However, the working place will be closer, the job more stable and interesting.

So now, I have to send him an email telling I'm interested (either Monday or Tuesday), ask my references to write an email recommending me (although being referred by my friend seems to be enough :P), give my two weeks notice. I'll be starting mid-August... so if everything goes well, I should have 2 weeks vacation. Yay me :)

That's it, you guys know everything about the interview :) I'd like to thank everyone for their support. It was great and truly appreciated!!!


  1. Oh boy Nath, I hope you got the job! It sounds promising! I am sure you will fill us in on the details. Of course, it totally sucks about the lack of pay. Well, at least you have a job though, right?!

  2. That's awesome. I hope you got the job!

  3. That is wonderful!! I am glad that it went so well. The pay thing stinks but you will (hopefully) enjoy what you are doing. :)

  4. YAYYY! I'm so glad that worked out so well! And I think more interesting work is much more important than higher salary. Good job, Nath!

  5. Yay! I'm glad the interview went so well for you, Nath! I hope you got the job! :D

    And ick, I hate driving in storms. I freak out, but then again I live in tornado alley. :)

  6. Yay! Yay! Yay! Keep us posted as things progress. Life and professors are unpredictable. I'm so happy for you.

  7. Wow - you don't wait around! Great news Nath - and yeah, sucks about the pay but loving your job is always better than more money to do something that is boring.

    And two weeks off!! You so deserve it!

    So will you be writing articles also? The more you research and write the more valuable you become so maybe this is the new stepping stone.

  8. That's great, Nath. I'm hoping that everything goes through without a hitch!

  9. Hi everyone :) Thanks for all the nice words :) I'll be giving him an answer tomorrow, so I'll keep everyone updated :)

    Jill - Yes, at least I got a job and that's what really matters :) Yeah, lack of pay sucks, but it could have been worse. My friend thought it would be worse, so I'm kind of happy.

    Isabel - Thanks :)!

    Kris - Yes, I'm glad it went well :)

    Jennie - True what you said. It's more important having something you like to do than the pay. Of course, if you can have both, it's better :)

    Samantha - Thanks Sam :) and it was soooo scary, seriously. Where do you live again?

    Rosie - Thanks ;) I will keep you updated :) Thanks for the good vibes :)

    Cindy - LOL, it was there for me to grab and I did :) so I'm glad ;) Not sure I'll be writing articles, but even if I'm not the one writing, my name will be on them since the professor will be using my results :)

    I'm so glad that I'll get some vacation time!!

    Brie - I hope so too!!

  10. Late to the party, but I'm really glad it's all worked out for you. Now you can present your parents with a fait accompli!

  11. Sorry, I wasn't around all weekend, but YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you!

  12. Congrats! I hope everything works out :D

  13. I live in Illinois, south of Chicago. :)