Monday, December 22, 2008

Gift Exchange 2008 :)

It seems to me like it's been forever since I last blogged. Sigh... I've been feeling very tired lately - running around a lot and also lack of sleep. Can't wait till Christmas and New Year, it means 2 long week-ends :D

Where to start? So, lot more people signed up for the Re-Reading Challenge :) I have to say, I'm really happy :D It'll be very interesting, I can't wait :) Thank you everyone :D

So this week-end, I was quite busy. I was hosting our annual Christmas gift exchange on Sunday :) That event about sums up all my Christmas spirit for the holidays season LOL. So it was over at my house and that meant, I had to do a lot of cleaning ^_^; The week-end didn't start of that well either... one of our friends is working in Seattle and she was supposed to come back on Saturday morning... however, she was stuck in Washington D.C. and wasn't sure if she would be able to fly back on Saturday. Luckily, I got an email in the evening telling me she made it :D

Quite frankly, I've been stressing about the gift exchange the whole week... not about the event itself, but the weather... they were predicting snow... and we got snow. 15 to 20cm ^_^; Luckily for me, it wasn't too bad. It snowed steadily the whole day, but not too heavily and although it was windy in the morning, it wasn't in the afternoon. Everyone came so that really made my day... and made all the cleaning worth it.

LOL, it was funny... my parents go to the temple every Sunday morning and come back in the afternoon. When they came back yesterday, my dad was like:" Wow, it's so clean. You cleaned Nath? Why? Are you having a party?" and my mom was all like: "Well duh, she has a party. Her friends are about to arrive!" and my dad was all like: "Oh, I didn't know... Nobody ever tells me anything. I'm always the last to know things." LOL :) It was so cute and it was said so carefreely :)

Anyway, I had a great time :D This is an annual event, like the BBQ we have in the summer, and this year, well, we've down-sized it... as in, I've taken the administrative decision to cut off some people of the event... I mean, when you only hear from them or not at all in the last 6 months... when you've felt used by some... I mean, I've seen my friend who's been working in Seattle for the past year more often than those so-called friends... so I feel like I've done a good decision. Okay, enough on that... so, yep, I had a great time :) It was much cozier and friendly I think. We had a pot luck dinner, the food was great and we didn't have too much food (that's always been a problem:P) We had fun and here is what I got:

Isn't it cute? I asked for a tote bag so I could carry my books around and that's the bag I got! I just love it and it's quite big :D (It's supposed to be a laptop bag:)

So that was my week-end :D We have quite a lot of snow outside, but the streets are quite clean (well not the ones in downtown, of course)... and there was no one on the road! Yay!

LOL, I'm watching Samantha Who right now with my sis and it's great! :D


  1. Aww your Dad sounds too cute (= And you're right, the bag is cute as well! I'm glad you had fun at your party, you deserved it! I hope you get some rest tonight.

  2. Awwww, how cute! And I love that bag, seriously...LOVE IT!

  3. Love the bag - cute and practical!

  4. That is a great bag! Merry Christmas!

    Oh, and confirm me as a friend on facebook... :p

  5. Very cute bag :)
    Great story of your father, very cute

    Have a great Christmas :D

  6. That bag is top notch let me tell ya! Somebody loves you ;)

    Good for you on making tough decisions about friends. It's a hard one to make but no one can fault you for knowing who is a true friend and who is there for other reasons.

    And I love your Dad stories!

    Food is also one of those things I'm told I need to pare back on. Thing is I always want to be that person that has too much than too little.

    Glad you had a great time with your friends!


  7. miish - LOL, my dad is cute :) Haha :) and thanks a lot for the kind words!

    Isabel - Yes, it is. The greatest thing is that the compartments inside are removable!!! They're attached with velcro. This is one of the greatest gift I've ever received!

    Rowena - Me too :)

    Li - Yep! I'm glad I asked for it!

    Kailana - Merry belated Christmas! and I did.

    Kris - Thanks :D

    Cindy - LOL, I know! I'm sooo lucky!

    How was your Christmas?