Wednesday, December 10, 2008

If anyone doubted it was winter in Montreal...

Well now you can't.

Oh gosh, what an horrible week so far weather-wise... and it's just Wednesday! So winter is really here now :( Basically, we got really cold temperature on Monday. -20C... first time it was this cold this winter... and for some reasons, it was shocking cold. I don't know why, but it really hasn't sunk in that we're in December.

Then, yesterday, we got 15cm of snow (we were expecting 5)... and afterwards, freezing rain. Ugh. Funniest thing is that the city of Montreal said that they were ready for the snow... They weren't exactly. It was so jammed yesterday!! For once, I'm glad that my sister had an exam till 9pm yesterday. It took my dad 4 hours to get home ^_^; and when I went home, at 9.30pm, the traffic has just started to get better. Took me 1.5 hours to get back on the South Shore. My friend who usually takes the bus gave me a call and asked if I could give her a ride. There was no way she would have gotten on a bus in, hmmm, the next 2 hours. So we went shopping. Didn't find any Christmas gift for anyone :(

Bad news is not over... Right now, we don't have power at home. I hate it when there's a power outage... and it's been a few hours already since it happened in the middle of the night. I'm a bit paranoid about power outage, because 10 years ago, Montreal had the ice storm... Basically, we got freezing rain for 3 consecutive days or something like that... and everything was ice... and with its weight, the ice took down a lot of cables and stuff like that. So we lost power for a week... in which case, we had to evacuate... Hopefully, it's not as serious this time and we'll get power back soon.

It's still snowing/raining lightly today. It should be over before the afternoon. We are expecting some more snow and rain this week-end.

Sometimes, I really hate living in a country that has a winter...

Oh by the way... my boots aren't as waterproof as I thought ^_^;


  1. Wow! Nothing but rain here- I'd love to have one big snowstorm though!

  2. Wowza!! I'm freezing just looking at it! I thought I was cold in the 65 degree weather here.

    My friend is visiting her family in Montreal this week. I hope she can get home.

  3. Oh no! We've had snow and cold, too (minneapolis) and I'm like, we should put down our storm windows. And, I totally remember when you all had that ice storm. It made news here. I would go through such a bad blogging withdrawal!

  4. This reminds me why I live in Florida. I hope that your power stays okay and on.

  5. It's just cold and foggy over here. no snow thank God.

  6. Oh wow ... that's a lot of snow! Must not be fun. I've never seen real snow before and have always wanted to experience it BUT this looks pretty daunting.

  7. Yeah, in less than a week we have had a snowstorm, a rain storm, and last night we had an ice storm. It's crazy! Good ole Canada, eh! I am paranoid about the power going out too. It went out the other night when I was at my guys house and then it went out yesterday afternoon at my own house. I well remember the ice storms that you had, even if I didn't live there, and a few years ago we had an early storm in November and lost power for like 3 or 4 days. So, I HATE when the power goes out in the winter.

  8. Zeek - I'll be happy to ship you some snow!! LOL, you can take the whole storm with you if you want!

    No seriously, we got more today. You really don't want snow, Zeek.

    Lori - Yeah, it's cold. The temperature keeps changing... one day is warmer, the other really cold. Windchill doesn't help.

    Your friend is probably fine :) No worries. Lots of delays probably, but she'll get home :)

    Carolyn Jean - I would go through blogging withdrawal too!! Ah well, it wasn't as bad. We got electricity back within the day :)

    Kris - Yeah, but then, you have hurricanes.

    Isabel - Lucky you!

    Jace - That's not a lot, Jace. Unfortunately, that's just the beginning. Snow looks really nice, but seriously, it's not worth the trouble :)

    Kailana - I know. The worst is that if power goes out, no heat... and in this kind of conditions, you just have to evacuate.

  9. Oooo, preeetty. We just got some snow here today but alas, its just a light dusting. Just enough to be annoying to have to scrape it off of your car before going to and leaving work. :(

  10. Samantha - Well, in my opinion, we'd have enough, LOL :) Ugh, that sucks about scraping the car... one of my least favorite chore... esp. in the morning when it's uber cold and you just woke up.