Tuesday, December 30, 2008

McAffee Security Center?

All right, so with all the computer problems I have had recently... I need to choose a new anti-virus. I've got an e-mail from McAffee (it's what was installed on my computer initially), offering me 50% on a renewal... which comes to a really great price...

However, I'm wondering if it's the best. Anyone has suggestions or advices?

I used to use AVG... but I ran into trouble. My friend suggested Avast, a free anti-virus... That's what my dad had on his computer... and it went loco as well... So yeah, I don't know anymore. Problem with McAffee is that the reviews out there are atrocious... so it's hard to know what to believe.

What are you using?

EDIT: (Dec.31)

Thanks to everyone who commented and shared their experience with me. I decided to cave this morning at 2h30 AM and bought 2 years protection with McAfee. I have to say, part of it was the price. 70$ for 2 years, even if it's in US$, it's quite a bargain.

Also, I've been using McAfee for the past few days and my computer seems to be functioning correctly. However, like Li, I'll be knocking on wood :)


  1. AVAST really screwed up my mother's computer...the tech guy put Bit Defender on and she really likes it.

    I use McAfee Security Center and haven't had any problems.

  2. I have used McAfee since I got my laptop since last year. I have no complaints.

  3. Maybe it depends on the computer and the user because McAfee did my computer all kinds of wrong. I have had AVG for two years now and I can't complain, it has been good to me.

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  5. Hey Nath, I've been using Avast for the last 8 months or so, and it's behaving well so far. ;-)

  6. I've found Kaspersky Anti-Virus to be one of the best out there. In tests, it's also ranked one of the highest as well. My only complaint is when it's doing a full scan it can slow down the computer, so I set it to auto-scan at a time when I know I won't be on the computer. :D

  7. I'm a Norton girl and haven't had problems until this last year when I downloaded the wrong license.

    Question - do you guys have to pay yearly for your protection? I get annoyed that I have to put out money for this stuff.

    And my computer also slows down when doing a full scan but I'll turn the scan on and then go watch TV so it's not horrible.


  8. I use Norton but that's because I got a discount through work. No issues so far *touch wood*

    And yeah, it's a yearly subscription. I sort of resent shelling out for it, then I think of how much it would cost if I did get a virus, so I just take a deep breath and hand over the credit card details :-)

    I'll probably switch to McAfee once my yearly subscription ends because my bank's now offering it for free to online account holders.

  9. I hated to have to pay for virus protection, but trust me after you loose a computer to a virus you'll do anything not to have it happen again.

    I use McAfee, but I get it for free from my internet provider. When we switched to Comcast they included it and I get my downloads and updates from them.

  10. Kara - Yeah, my dad reformatted his computer not long ago and the guy put AVAST on it... and it didn't do much...

    It's good to know that at least, one person uses McAfee and is happy LOL :)

    Katiebabs - Yay! A second person!!

    Brie - I think you're right, it depends on the computer.

    What version of AVG are you using?

    Jace - Nod nod, good for you. My friend suggests me Avast... but I don't think I'm ready for it, LOL :)

    Ann-Kat - I think that slow computer during scan is one of the consequences of most anti-virus. However, that's smart of you to do the scan when you're not using it :D

    Cindy - Ugh, it galls me also to pay yearly for protection. I think it really sucks and it's a total rip-off... but then, the others are also right. Better pay than lose the computer.

    Li - LOL, I think I should knock on wood as well. That is great that your bank is offering it free. Lucky you.

    Jenn - Lucky you as well :D getting it free :) and you're right... better pay and prevent... than lose everything.

  11. Congrats on signing up for the anti-virus ... may it serve you well and never acts up. :-D

    Also, thanks very much for the feedback you left at my craft blog. Appreciate it a great deal. :-)