Monday, December 01, 2008

Monthly Reads: November 2008

The end of another month! Wow, 2008 is almost over folks!! Excited or not? I think that I'm ready to start a new year :P

November was a so-so month. I had a mini-slump and didn't read that much... well, yes, I did read... but not as enthusiastically as usual... and if it wasn't for this week-end, my month would only be average.

I was going to start my book journal this month, but ended up being lazy. Which in a way, is a great thing because I found the perfect little book journal at the bookstore. The only inconvenient is that it's small... it has maybe 60 pages? Going to have to stock up on them LOL :)

So here we go, the list of books I've read:

1) Head Over Heels by Susan Andersen: C
2) Love with the Proper Gentleman by Victoria Alexander: B-
3) Risking Her Heart by Liz Allison and Wendy Etherington: B
4) Have You Seen Her? by Karen Rose: B
5) Clockheart Work by Dru Pagliasotti: C+
6) Talk of the Town by Karen Hawkins: B
7) Let it be Love by Victoria Alexander: C
8) Really Something by Shirley Jump: B-
9) The Seduction of His Wife by Janet Chapman: B+
10) Flat-Out Sexy by Erin McCarthy: B+
11) The Pearls by Deborah Chester: D
12) Shadows of the Moon by Serrilyn Kenyon (anthology Dead After Dark): B
13) Catch a Shadow by Patricia Potter: B-
14) Behind the Shadows by Patricia Potter: B
15) To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt: B
16) The Bluebird Winter by Linda Howard (anthology Under the Mistletoe): C-
17) Marry Christmas by Jane Goodger*: B

*I read Marry Christmas at the beginning of the month, but can't remember the exact date ^_^;

So that's about it :) Not bad... a few books that stand out, but otherwise, a meh month. I've also re-read a couple of books... What a Lady Wants by Victoria Alexander, An Enchanted Season by Marilyn Pappano... and a few others, but not entirely... so I won't list them. I might have read some other books, but forgot to list them ^_^; Seriously, I can't wait to be keeping another book journal!

Review-wise though, this month was quite poor. Going to be working on that next month :D At least, Talk of the Town's review is in the work and it will be a buddy review with Lori for Breezing Through :) Should be up this week, so look forward to it.


  1. You still read more than me though. :)

  2. What a list! November was a busy reading month for you. I'm lucky if I read five books a month.

  3. Great list!! Lots of good books.

  4. Ohh, it looks like you really liked The Seduction of His Wife. Yay :)

    I think that I am going to re read that one very soon. It's a feel good book book.

    Tell me more about book journaling. Is it any different than how we do it on our blogs?

  5. Isabel - True, but then, I don't have a life :) You have a husband :P He must demand attention, LOL :)

    Brie - You see to be very busy lately :) I read fast too and like I told Isabel, I don't have a life or a family. Less demands on my time :P

    Kris - Thanks :D How many books did you read this month?

    Seneca - Yep, I enjoyed it :D Although Alex was really a jerk in the beginning... glad he turned into a better man :) Loved how he enjoyed the romance novels LOL :) Did you read the next book?

    As for book journal, no, it's not very different than on the blogs. I don't know why but I can't keep an excel spreadsheet :( I just don't like it. I had a notebook last year and it went really well, but I gave it up because it had a spirals spine and the spirals were getting all deformed... and also, since I was carrying the notebook everywhere, it was getting worn out. Also, since I read so much, I don't review every book that I read ^_^; so the book journal allows me keep some notes...

  6. Yep, I read the second one. You commented on the review, lol

  7. Seneca - Ugh, I have such a short memory :) I'm confusing Dev's review with yours ^_^;!!