Monday, December 08, 2008

Quick stop :)

Hi everyone :D

How are you doing all? Seems like everyone is getting ready for the holiday season: shopping and putting up decorations :D

I'm doing well. My boss has me working on some informatics stuff, so yay :D I don't have to run around. I'm doing well. Have been a bit lazy. I'll try to put up a review or something later this afternoon :D

I'm trying to think of some rules up for the Re-Read challenge :) Anyone has any suggestions?

Later :)


  1. I finished decorating. I just need to finish shopping. I'm almost done though!

  2. I've had a couple of madly busy weeks - you would think work quietens down as Christmas approaches, but just the opposite! Wandered out on Sunday to do some Christmas shopping, but didn't actually get anything. I'm holding out for further discounts ;-)

    I meant to comment on your Re-Read Challenge post, but didn't actually make it. I'll try to join in, but no guarantees I'd make every month! Apart from the obvious "you must have read it at least once before"... hmmm, maybe for the blogger to explain why it was chosen for the challenge. Though again, that would probably be included anyway.

  3. Hey Nath,

    Good to hear work is going well for you. I'm trying to get ready for the holidays and stay sane at the same time. *g*

    I've avoid the mall so far but I know I will have to venture over there soon. :(

    I've got some reviews to write and a tree to decorate today.

  4. Isabel - Great for you!! That's nice. I just bought Christmas card yesterday, LOL :) Hope it's not too late :)

    Li - Yay, it's been a while since you last commented on my blog.

    I hope you get to find everything you want to buy :)

    and LOL, yes, nice rule :) I'm going to try to have it up this week-end.

    Leslie - How are you doing on staying sane part?

    I say, for the mall, the earlier, the better. If you wait till last minute, you'll only suffer more.