Monday, December 15, 2008

Re-Read Challenge 2009 sign-up

A few weeks ago, I was in the mood of re-reading some of my keepers and it gave me the idea of organizing a Re-Read challenge for the coming year. I wrote a post to see if people would be interested and I got a very good response :)

So this post is the official announcement for the Re-Read Challenge 2009 :)

Here are the rules:

1. You must have read the book at least once before and the book should preferably be part of your keepers pile
^_^; LOL, I know, pretty obvious rule

2. Review must be posted on the last day of the month
I know end/beginning of months are quite busy times for blogging and posting (monthly reads list, new releases, etc.); however, it's an easy date to remember.

and there you go, that's pretty much it :) Easy, peachy no?

Here are my suggestions for the reviews...

a) indicate clearly in the title post that it's your entry of the Re-Read Challenge. Could be Re-Read Day, Re-Read Review, January's Re-Read...

b) link back to the official post for the Re-Read Challenge with participants list (that I will put up on January)

c) try to remember your first impressions: why is the book a keeper, why did you like it so much...

d) if you have reviewed it previously, please include the link

e) what are your feelings upon re-reading the book... Do you still like it as much? Or your taste has changed and the book doesn't grab you as it did the first time, etc.

Of course, you don't really have to follow what I suggested to the letter or exactly. I think that anyone part of the challenge would have included those elements in their review anyway :)

Remember, the goal of this challenge is not simply to re-read one of your keepers, but to also share them with other bloggers :D

Just leave a comment if you want to participate :) The challenge will run from January 2009 to December 2009, so that's an entire year, i.e. 12 entries :) You have till December 31st to sign up :) On January 1st (or close to), I'll put up a post with all the participants and everything :)

There will be a small reward to go with the challenge... my question is, would you prefer a small prize for each month, or a bigger one at the end?

If you think I forgot to cover something, let me know :)

psst - anyone good at making icon?


  1. I'm in I'm in!

    I just reread Count to Ten the other day. LOL

  2. I love to reread my favorite books - so I'm in I'm in!!!!

  3. Yay! I'm in! Ooooh, Ames - Count to Ten. Great book!

  4. I think I will try to do this in '09. I can think of tons of books I would love to re-read and review. Great idea!

    I do know that I may not be able to keep up with it as well as some, but will certainly try. I'll be doing a category romance challenge on my blog too, but I hear those are quick, easy reads.

  5. Oh what the heck- I'm usually suckie with keeping up with these things- but I'll give it a go!

  6. Count me in too. I'm not entirely sure that I'll manage the whole year, but I'll certainly do my best! :-)

  7. I said it when you first came up with the idea and I'll say it again!!:-)
    Count me in - I love to reread!

  8. I can dig this so count me in! =)

  9. Sounds like fun!! Count me in :)

  10. I signed up earlier and I'm signing up again. :-D Great idea, Nath, and thanks for organizing this.

    As for the reward, I think it'd be nice if someone received one at the end of each month instead of a big reward at the end of the year. Just my opinion. ;-)

  11. Wow, I'm glad that many people want to participate! This is going to be fun :D

  12. Thanks for organizing this Nath. Count me in :)

  13. I'm in!! I already wrote out a list of books I want to reread for it in my notebook. :D

  14. I've been rereading, lately, and really enjoyed it. Sounds like fun to do it in an organized way!
    Count me in!

  15. HI Nath, wonderful idea. I'm in!

  16. Oh Oh Oh, I am in!!!!

    I'm SO excited for this challenge. yay.

    Great idea, hon!

  17. Count me in. :-) FABULOUS challenge! Woot!

  18. Hi Nath! This is my first comment on your blog and I'm rather late but I like your idea for this challenge and I would like to sign up. I just hope I manage to post every month.

    Thanks for organizing this challenge.

  19. Taja - Nope, you're not too late :D and welcome to my blog!

  20. Is it too late to join??? Nikki and Lori talked me into it. lol Actually sounds fun.

  21. Tracy - No problem Tracy :D I added you to the mix :D

  22. Please add me to the list of participants! This sounds like a lot of fun.