Thursday, April 15, 2010

In need of a break...

Okay, I gotta ask... is it tacky to start a post by "Hello everyone"? I do it quite often - probably the most among all the blogs I visit, LOL. I try to avoid it, but sometimes, I don't know... Like today, I was wondering if I should dive in and just start with what I wanted to say... but in that case, it would have been: "Sigh..." LOL. I don't think that's a better way to start a post... Am I the only one struggling with the first line?

Now, that aside. The past few days have once again been quite busy, mainly with work. You know the phrase "publish or perish"? Well it seemed like my boss just remembered it ^_^; Since the beginning 2010, he's been pushing my co-worker to write a manuscript, then he worked the whole month of March on writing one himself... and now, he wants to write another manuscript about the project I'm working on... before I leave for RT!!!! That's less than 2 weeks away! For the manuscript he worked on in March, he already had the figures and some abstracts... and it still took him more than a month!! Ugh. So he's pushing and pushing for more, partly because of the manuscript and partly because I'm going away for a week. Let just say the days have been long :(

Then, it didn't help that I had a presentation to give this week in front of our whole department. I really hate giving talks... and the worst is when you don't know what to say. One of the reasons why I "like" my current work is that it's pretty straightforward and I don't have to think too much. I do what my boss tells me. It's not mindless work, but I don't have to "analyze" the data - find what it means, what the repercussions are, etc. I'll find out what the level of a certain marker is, but I don't care what the level means. So basically, I was presenting our lab results... and quite frankly, I didn't know what to say about them... I didn't know the "story." Also, it took forever to get everything together - finalize the experiments, do the analysis, prepare tables and figures and then slides for the presentation. Ugh. However, it went pretty smoothly. Phew.

After the presentation, my boss told me to go home and rest. Mind you, it was already 4.30pm LOL, but I've been working long hours lately. So I was quite happy, especially since I didn't have to pick up my sister either. One street away from home, I heard a 'toc' and my car started making a lot of noise... something happened to my muffler. Sigh. Got home, asked my dad to take a look... My parents then sent me to the dealership. They took a look and indeed, need to change the muffler... but they don't have the parts, so can I come back, etc. By the time I got home, it was almost 7pm already :(

It just seems to me, things are always piling up at the wrong time. In May, there's going to be a symposium and my boss wants me to present. Ugh. I thought I could escape it when the resident that is part of our lab showed up to talk with the boss... but the boss believes we have so much data, we could split it in 2 and we could both present. Oh joy... not. Then, the reappearance of the resident means that we're going to start collecting urine samples again. I mean, it's part of the work, so I don't mind... but when your boss tells you something like: "Yes, we're going to start collecting more urine samples and it's going to be busy. Keep in mind, we also have the experiments to do." Seriously, I'm only one person!!! So yeah, I definitively need a break and I'm hoping that after I come back from RT, things will calm down. The good news is, I'm not afraid of losing my job soon!

Also, I don't know why, but I've been very moody/emotional lately... I thought it was PMS, but I think there's something more... maybe it's stress?

What about everyone else? How are you doing? How is work?

Oh, by the way, this is the song I've been addicted to in the past few days. It's from a chinese tv series, Chinese Paladin 3, which is based on a videogame. I haven't watched the whole thing and I don't think I will. I've seen all the parts I want to... it's really a lovely song though :P


  1. Hi Nath
    The title of your post says it all. You sound like you're burned out & you need time off. Looks like the week off for RT is happening just in time. You'll probably feel refreshed when you come back even if you're tired from all the fun you'll have.

  2. I wondered when you were going to give your presentation, since it got postponed a few times.

    I am also feeling totally overwhelmed at work, and I guess, in life, too. There just isn't enough time to do everything, and that makes me not want to do anything.

    Hang in there - you get to go to RT, have some friend time, and do whatever you want! (like never go back?)

  3. First off, re: your question about saying hello -- I don't think it's tacky. You're a friendly person and you welcome everyone who comes by. Asking how someone is doing, shows that you're a thoughtful person. You're not just about reading and reviewing. :)

    I have trouble with my lines all the time. haha.

    You definitely need a break. I hope the RT convention comes fast for you!

  4. Um, no you write very well. I don't think "hello everyone" sounds lame, at all!

    Oh yeah Science! I know how that goes... lol I am an AA in Research area and my husband is a post doctoral fellow. I can COMPLETELY sympathize with you! Haha

    Take care and hang in there...

  5. Wow, I didn't realize how much your boss had you working.

    I'll come over and smack him if you want me to.

  6. I LOVE that you start nearly all your blog posts by addressing your audience and adding a few lines about your day, your week, your month, whatever. It's very welcoming and makes me feel that you're talking specifically to me. And others, too, I'm guess. LOL :o)

    I have to agree that RT is going to be a much welcomed and deserved break for you. It will help you get through the coming month or two of the extra workload and job stress. Authors, bloggers, books, romance... it'll be great for you! :)

  7. Mary - Yep, it says it all. The problem is I need to say "NO." But I feel bad to.

    I'm so looking forward to the RT... thing is though, I don't think I'll have time to "rest" LOL ^_^; Luckily, I took an extra day :D

    Lori - It was this week!! And luckily, it's only once a year, sigh. I was a nervous wreck... You know when you just don't want to do something (like *cough*your taxes*cought* :P)...

    I don't know how you do it, Lori. Working 11-12 hours a day, plus your family and everything. Seriously, once I get home, I just want to relax.

    Tabitha - Thanks for answering my question, Tabitha :D Guess it means I'll keep doing it :D

    Less than 2 weeks!! Woohoo!! Starting from tomorrow, I can do a countdown :P

    Brahmin - Tough field we are in, right? Someday, it really isn't worth all the work :(

    What does AA stand for? I have assistant associate, LOL, but I'm guessing that's not it ^_^;

    Ames - Sigh, it's not fun... but you know what? He works even more than me! The thing that sucks though, is that I'm the only one who's doing experiment, sigh.

    But one or two smacks wouldn't hurt :P

    Christine - Glad people like it. I wasn't too sure. LOL, I don't see many doing it, so I was wondering... ^_^;

    I'm really looking forward to it :D

  8. I like the "Hello everyone". Essentially you're welcoming us into your home. It may be online but I tend to consider blogs our online homes. And I always feel welcomed here. :)

    I'm sorry work has been so hard on you. Oh, nathie you are going to have so much fun at RT! After these last weeks, you deserve it. Just keep counting down the days - you're getting close.

    The song is very beautiful, the video sad but still, visually it's stunning. Love the costumes.

  9. I go with Hello Everyone or what's up or whatever I feel like at the time. It's your blog honey, go with what you feel comfortable with. :)

    I hope you get some rest soon. I'm sorry things are piling up but unfortunately I think that's how it goes most of the time - at least for me. When things are good they're good when they're bad, oh boy. :)

    {{big hug}}

  10. Leslie - LOL, I really can't wait for RT :D

    I'm glad you enjoyed the video :) The costumes are really pretty. I'm quite impressed. The story was okay though.

    Tracy - I'm really looking forward to the end of May or June. I think that's when it'll quiet down. Hopefully :)

    Thanks for the hug!