Friday, April 02, 2010

Re-Read Challenge 2010: March

I'm still alive!! But barely ^_^; Sorry for having been MIA the whole week. Work has just been incredibly busy :( You know what is worse than going to work on the week-end? Having your work being for naught. In my case, last Saturday, it wasn't completely for nothing, but still... I was finishing an experiment and starting another one and lately, I've been working with cells. Well the cells I prepared for the new experiment all got contaminated :( So they were all useless and we had to start from scratch. It really, really, really sucks. So now, I still have to go in this Sunday to start it all over again. So send me your positive thoughts and prayers that my cells are all going to be nice, because seriously, I can't take have them contaminated anymore :( It's the second time and I've been so stressed about it. It sounds trivial, but seriously ^_^;

In the meantime, while the cells were growing, my boss gave me other stuff to do. I was supposed to have a presentation on April 7, but it was pushed back a week! Yes!! I so wasn't ready. Not sure I'll be ready either, but it gives us more time to prepare. Anyway, because of it all, I've had to collect more data and blablabla. I'm boring you all, but it's just to say, I've been busy and so my blogging took a hit. As a result, I'll be trying to catch up everything this week-end :D

First thing first, the Re-Read Challenge :) March was a weird month in my opinion. At time, it felt like time was going by so fast and at other time, so slowly. Wonder if it's because February was so short and daylight saving time, hmmm. The deadline was earlier this week on Wednesday and despite having re-read a couple of books, I managed to miss the deadline ^_^; Actually, nobody to my knowledge made it except for Ms Moonlight :P It doesn't matter though, because I'm giving myself and everyone else extra time!! LOL. So if you did a re-read in March and you'd like to review it, feel free to share it with everyone in this post, even though you're not an official participant :) There's really no rule this year to the Re-Read Challenge except to enjoy ourselves and our re-reads.

Enjoy :)

Ms Moonlight: Colters' Woman by Maya Banks
Ames: Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris
Hilcia: Gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson
Nath: Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas


  1. I figure since the month was up on a Wednesday, we could get our review by this weekend. LOL

    But I feel you about this month going by slow and fast. I think for me it was the travel I was doing. But I still read lots! Just maybe not reviewed as much. And blog hopping did not get done at all!

  2. I actually try to start off each month with my Re-read book and any other challenge so I am not going crazy at the end of the month to make book challenge deadlines!

    (if only I was so dedicated to all the other things in my life!)



  3. Hi! I finally posted my review for March... a couple of days late, lol! I read the book early in the month, but left the review for the last minute. Ugh!

    Gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson. :)

  4. Ames - LOL, well I did say there was no rule to the challenge this year :D So early, on time or late... doesn't really matter :D Most important is really to re-read :D

    Ms Moonlight - LOL, well reading is our passion right? :D

    I did my re-read quite early this month, but I usually leave the review for the end of the month. Should know better ^_^;

    Hilcia - LOL, I did the same Hils!! We should so know better, right? :D

  5. I finally finished the book but have no idea when I'll get the review written. Since it's already the 3rd, I might just skip this month.

    I do like MsM idea of reading the challenge books in the beginning of the month. But, I would probably put off the review writing until the end and still be rushed. :)

  6. I love these re-read links!

    It's not trivial when you're stressed about work. Since you spend the majority of your day at work anything that happens can make or break your mood, and extend it to home. That's why I'm always stress these days because work does that to me. Anyways, I'm so glad that your presentation got push back!


  7. Leslie - It's up to you :D Either way will be good with me :P

    LOL, no matter when I read it, I just wait till the end of the month to write the review :P

    Tabitha - Glad you're enjoying the links, Tabitha :D

    How's work going for you? and yes, very happy that the presentation was pushed back... what my boss doesn't realize is that it was pushed back a week... not 3!!!

  8. I hope the experiments go well!

    I didn't join the challenge (you know how I feel about them) but I'm thinking I should reading so far this year has been more re-reads than anything else.

  9. Holly - Well it's not too late :D You can just review some :P