Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RT 2010: Day 0

Hello everyone :D

Just to let everyone know that Jill, Kristie and I made it safely to Columbus :) I don't know how often I'm going to be able to blog... so I'll take this opportunity to blog a little...

Day started early for me, 5am to be exact. Luckily, I was all packed. The most difficult was actually choosing which books to bring with me on the plane. I got a case of "nothing appeals to me." Sigh. I finally brought Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts, Warprize and Warlord by Elizabeth Vaughan and Iron King.

My flight was delayed because they had to defrost the plane ^_^; Did I mention wet snow? However, I had  3 hours lay-over, so I was safe. The funniest thing happened to me though in Toronto while I was waiting for my 2nd flight. I was sitting there, waiting... and the two ladies next to me started talking and one mentioned Lori Foster signing. Then, I looked over and she had a Sony e-reader... so I asked if they were going to Columbus and if yes, RT convention... and they were!! One lady was an editor for Samhain, the other was... Michelle Rowen!! I got a nice little bookmart - my first freebie even before getting to Columbus! By the way, both ladies were very nice :) The connection is not just between bloggers, but even author-reader! Oh... and the flight from Toronto and Columbus? Ugh. I still feel nauseous from it... it was such a small plane!

Jill was already waiting for me when I got to Columbus airport and we shared a cab to get to the hotel. Kristie joined us about an hour later and after some rest, we headed out for some snack. Then, I went to the RT Virgin for some tips :)

The coolest thing though was that we were meeting with Mollie from Book Fare Delights - a Columbus native - for dinner at 7pm. The group suddenly expanded when Jill's friends joined us as well as author Delilah Marville! We had a really great time during dinner just talking about books, blogging and etc. :) So far, it's really been great. There's an insane amount of people this year - apparently, they're expecting 1200 attendees!! Can you imagine? That's just a lot, lot, lot of people! And everyone is just so friendly. People just come up to each other and start up conversation.

Anyway, so far it's very cool and relax... the next few days will probably be a lot, lot, lot busier :D But I'll still try to blog. Pictures to come later. I haven't figured out how to upload them ^_^;


  1. Holy smokes! Sounds like a great day already!

  2. Meeting an editor and an author on the way to the convention? Unbelievable! You'll have to let us in on the RT Virgin tips - that sounds like something we should all know about ;)


  3. Have an incredible time there with the o-0 1200 attendees!! You must all be having a rocking book party :)

  4. Hi Nath! My mom and I are driving down to Columbus on Friday for the signing Saturday. Maybe we'll see you there? That would be awesome!

  5. Ames - LOL, it was quite a nice day. I mean, just meeting Jill and Kristie would have been great :P However, I could have done without the queasiness. Ugh. I'm dreading Monday's flight home already.

    Brie - Hello you!!Where have you been? and Thanks! :P

    Cindy - I know!!! LOL, it was really surprising. I mean, you really feel like the world is small.

    Leontine - I didn't expect 1200 attendees. It'll be interesting to see everyone together...

    Amy C - Oh cool!! Where are you staying? When Mollie and I set up a meeting time, I'll email you as well :)

  6. I was unable to get reservations at the Hyatt the convention is at. So we're staying at the Hyatt that is a few blocks away, about a mile away I believe. I had emailed Jo Carol a few times waiting to see if there were going to be any more rooms available but she said they actually had to use a few other hotels in the area for the convention attendees. Are you staying at the Hyatt the convention is at?

    Unless you email me before I leave on Friday, I'll have no way of checking my messages. I'll send you an email with my cell if you'd like. That would be awesome to meet :).

  7. Nath, it was great meeing you, Jill, Kristie, and the others! Hope you guys have a great time. I'll email you about meeting up on Saturday for the Book Fair!

  8. What a great start to your trip already! I'm excited about the convention just from reading your post. haha. Yeah, I'd like to hear about the RT Virgin tips too. ;)

    And wow, wow, wow -- 1,200 attendees?! If I were going alone, I'd feel so lost. Maybe, maybe, maybe next convention!

  9. LOL - that's happened to me before! Seeing authors in airports on the way to and from conferences. Last year Rosie and I were on the same plane with Sharon Sala - but alas, we didn't sit next to her so didn't get to chat :(

    Give everyone hugs for me. Hi Kristie, Jill and Mollie!

  10. Amy C - Hey Amy!! Sorry I missed you :( I realized in the middle of the bookfair signing that my cell phone is dead. I tried calling you, but no answer :( Perhaps next time?

    Tabitha - LOL, basically, it's pretty much: Wear your badge at all time :D However, perhaps I'll do a post about my own tips :D

    And yes, 1,200 attendees, but that includes volunteers, authors, etc. And seriously, you always see the same people again and again :P

    Wendy - LOL, it's awesome right? Sigh, lucky you... Sharon Sala!!!

  11. I love that you unexpectedly met people on the plane before even getting to the convention center. So fun, right?

  12. Christine - It was awesome and so bizarre! Shows how small the world really is!!