Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RT 2010: Day -1/0

Hmmm, yes. I was planning to blog a little bit more about me getting ready for RT, but doesn't seem like it's going to happen...

Technically, it's actually Day 0 right now, since it's 12.33am. Guess what? Miraculously, I'm all packed. All I'm missing is which book I'm going to bring with me on the plane... The whole packing wasn't as difficult as I thought it'd be. There were a few panic moments of course, but otherwise... it's been going on smoothly.

I went to work today and it was okay. Not as hectic as I thought it would be. This is my first real vacation since I've started work. I wasn't the only one nervous LOL. Hopefully, everything will be okay ^_^;

Let see if I can recap what has happened in the last few days...

DAY -6:

LOL, it was actually funny. That morning, I came down to the kitchen early and was waiting my sister. While waiting, I started talking with my parents... It went something like this...

Me: Next week, this time, I'll be on the plane! I'm so excited!

Dad: So, how much is the registration for the convention?

Me: Huh? What?

Dad: You have to pay for those things.

Mom: Don't you see she's trying to avoid your answer.

Me: *really fast* 500$

Dad: What? Wow, that's a lot of money.

Mom: I don't hear you say that when you spend 500$ on wine. In the end, your wine is just pee.

Me and sis: Go mom!!

LMAO. It was sooo funny. That was such a good answer LOL. It wasn't that my dad disapproved it, but I guess he didn't expect it to be so expensive. I know I'm a grown woman and I don't need my parents approval, but I have to say, I'm glad my parents are okay with it. I'm not saying they've been supportive, pushing me to go, etc. But they haven't said anything along the lines of: "Why are you going?" or "This is a waste of money."

Day -5:

This is the day the screw got loose and my lens fell off the frame of my glasses. Let say, I did panic for 2 seconds. It was like: Oh no! Why is it happening now?!?! I need my freaking glasses on the trip!!

In the end, everything was fine. It took them 5 minutes to get my glasses back together... However, the lesson I got from this? Bring my extra pair of glasses to RT! LOL. Which is something I wouldn't have done in the past...

Day -4:

I don't think anything special happened really that day. Except I had to coach my co-worker how to process urine samples. My boss was being very paranoid and annoying. Oh, I did jump up and down when my boss said: Have a nice week-end... without any mention of me coming to work during the week-end! It was my first free week-end since Easter... Wow, seriously, Easter sounds so far away...

Day - 3:

Went to have breakfast and then shopping with a friend. Got this very nice red top that I'm bringing with me. Only problem is I didn't have the proper bra... So had to get a new one. Seriously, I'm so clueless about that stuff ^_^; My friend also lent me a suitcase weighter... Actually don't know how it's called, but it's a gadget that measure the weight of your suitcases... and it's like big as my hand. It's really practical and I'm really thinking I'm going to need it LOL.

Then, I went home and I played cards with my parents' friends. I lost :(

Day - 2:

I was still in my shopping mood, so I went out to look for jeans and accessories. Nothing appealing really... but I did end up buying Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts and Chasing Perfect by Susan Mallery. Initially, I was going to wait to get to the States to buy it - it'd be cheaper. But then, I had a 35%off coupon that I used on the NR, so it was cheaper than the American price. I know I could have gotten it even cheaper in the States, but I figured it'd be two books less to bring back home right? Which is something very important given the potential number of books I'm going to bring back. So my logic is sound :D Except that I've started Savor the Moment today... and I really want to bring it with me now!! ^_^; Maybe I'll bring it with me to read, give it to Jill and then get a new copy when I get back?

Also, I brought up the suitcases I'm planning to bring with me. Nowadays, we're only allowed one free check baggage when traveling to the US with Air Canada. I've decided to bring 2 and just pay for the second one on my way back. The 2nd check baggage cost 30$ which is not too bad... and way better than if your 1st baggage is oversize or overweight (75$). I did toy with the idea of buying a bigger suitcase... but then, the limiting factor for me is not going to be the size, but the weight. When I came back from the Canadian blogger meet last year, my suitcase weighted 32kg!! The limit is 23kg by plane... So see, I don't need bigger.

Also, next time I'm buying a suitcase, I'm really going to pay attention to the weight of it, when it's empty. I was playing with the suitcase weight gadget and found out that my suitcases are 4 and 3kg respectively. That's a lot!!

I spent the rest of the day starting to pack... So I put a lot of clothes in the laundry ^_^; and then, I hunted for my cute high heels shoes that I bought for Holly's wedding... and I just couldn't find them!!! I looked and I looked... and I started panicking. Last time I saw them was when I went to California for my cousin's wedding. Haven't worn or seen them since... In the end, I was ready to give up and just bring my other shoes - the sandals one... Till I realized I haven't seen them either for quite a while!! Gosh. Finally, I found the sandals, but not the high heels. Phew. The sandals might not go with the dress... but who cares?

Day -1:

First thing my mom did was to look for my high heels shoes and of course, she found them... in the closet. In my defense, they were on the top shelf in a Gap bag... but yeah, it's a relief LOL. In any case, my feet going to hurt and I can't walk in those... but LOL, I'm vain enough to wear them.

Work was okay. Nothing special. I did stay a bit late, but that was my decision. I wanted everything to be done and clear for my vacation. My boss asked if he could email me in case of problem... Sure, but no guarantee when I'm going to check/answer.

Finally came home. Started packing. What annoys me is I keep misplacing stuff... like putting them away too well. That's really annoying. Anyway. I made copies of all my documents, left copies with my mom. I have the money, the booking info for flight, confirmation email for convention and hotel, my passport. I have the clothes, the books for bookswap, a toothbrush, shampoo-conditioner, toothpaste.... I have the camera, the batteries are charged, cell phone, cell phone charger, my mp3 players, earphones... I mean, I guess I'm set....

Oh, by the way, do you know what kind of temperature we're having tomorrow? Apparently, we're getting wet snow!! I mean, seriously?!?! It has to be the day I'm leaving on a trip!!! Grrrr. So far though, it doesn't seem like it started to rain or snow. I hope the weather ppl got it wrong.

And there you have it, the recap of my past week :) Now, I'm going to head for bed... Quite frankly, I'm not sure how I feel right now. I'm not really excited, but at least, the dread syndrome hasn't hit. I do think it's because I was too busy with work. I was very nervous today... or perhaps just worrying too much about small details... or perhaps it's the pizza I ate yesterday. A good night of sleep and everything should be good :)

My flight leaves Montreal at 9am. Should make it in Toronto at 10.15am. Then, back on the plane at 1.15pm to 2.45pm. I'm glad the flights are so short :) Jill and I are meeting at the airport... and by the time we make it to the hotel, Kristie should be in as well :D

Then, we're meeting Mollie from Book Fare Delights who lives in Columbus for dinner :D

Definitively, great time ahead!

I'll try to take as many pictures as possible and hopefully, be able to blog and check my emails... but at least, if I'm scarce in the next few days, you know why!!


  1. Have an absolutely fantastic time!

  2. Ditto was Lori said - have a ball!!


  3. Safe travels and have lots of fun!!

    Can't wait for the pictures. :P

  4. Have a great time, Nath! Travel safely and take lots of pictures. Can't wait for your upcoming posts. :D

  5. You're mom is a very smart woman. :)

    Hey, if I figured the time diff, then you're in Toronto right now. Almost there. :) I hope you have a wonderful time nath.

    Take lots of pics. :D

  6. Can't wait to hear about the good times!

  7. Thank you everyone!! I'll try my best to share the good times ahead with you :D

    Leslie - Indeed, she is a smart woman :)

  8. I love this: "Mom: I don't hear you say that when you spend 500$ on wine. In the end, your wine is just pee." ROFL

    I know you're already there but is still wanted to say: have a great time, nath!

  9. Taja - LOL, it was a great reply!! LOL and thanks, Taja ;D