Sunday, April 25, 2010

Review: Roadkill by Rob Thurman

My poor blog! I haven't meant to neglect you! I swear! Things have just been hectic... and most of it hasn't even been related to my trip! Ugh, I was all ready to write this post last Thursday after work - even got to go home early!! I was changing into my pjs and what happened? The little, tiny screw in my glasses got loose!! That meant the lens fell... Luckily, I was able to find the screw and still had my old pair of glasses... However, the screw was soooo small I couldn't do it on my own. So I had to head back out, go to the store and have them do it. It took just a few minutes, but ugh, it was enough to exhaust me. (I kind of freaked out, thinking I needed the receipt so I looked for it... and I was like, what if they can't repair it?!? I need my glasses for everything!!)

Afterward, I think my brain has had enough and decided to shut down LOL. It needed a break from everything, including blogging and reading. I think I spent the past few days watching chinese tv series and this week-end, shopping. I did clean my room some, plus I started packing - actually almost done... All I have left to pack is my clothes that I need to wash first ^_^; and my cute shoes... However, I can't find them. Sigh. Nothing can't ever go totally smoothly, sigh.

Anyway, enough about that. You'll get more tomorrow about my packing and impeding trip. For now, let's focus on the review at hand. This review actually went up last Thursday at Breezing Through. I'm a few days late... so sue me LOL. Leslie from Leslie's Psyche and Hilcia from Impressions of a Reader... are joining me to review Roadkill - the latest installment in the Cal Leandros series by Rob Thurman :) You can click here to go directly to the review.

Roadkill by Rob Thurman
published by ROC (New American Library) in March 2010

It's time to lock, load, and hit the road...

Once, while half-human Cal Leandros and his brother Niko were working on a case, an ancient gypsy queen gave them a good old-fashioned backstabbing. Now, just as their P.I. business hits a slow patch, the old crone shows up with a job.

She wants them to find a stolen coffin that contains a blight that makes the Black Death seem like a fond memory. But the thief has already left town, so the Leandros brothers are going on the road. And if they're very, very lucky, there might even be a return trip...
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Cal Leandros series, Book #5


  1. LOL I read the post title and I thought "what is she doing, we already posted that review." You crack me up nath. :D

    Hey, you need to get one of those eye glass repair kits. They come with a tiny screw driver and extra screws. Get one for your trip.

    You needed a couple of days to just relax a bit since this week will be crazy fun. Take lots of pictures nath. Yes, I'm going to keep reminding you. :P

  2. Leslie - What can I say? I got lazy LOL... this should have gone up Thursday... Better late than never, right?

    Thing with my glasses is I couldn't even pull it close enough to screw it, you know what I mean? Position of the lens I think...

    I will take lots of pictures and hopefully, have the opportunity to post them during :D