Monday, January 17, 2011

2010 in numbers...

As Christine said with her post, better late than never :) Although I have to point out that we're still in January, so it's really not that late... especially for someone who wasn't planning to write a 2010 wrap-up post! Initially, I thought I'd continue being a rebel - I did not write a recap post for 2009, mostly because I did a poor job tracking my books; I abandoned Shelfari halfway through the year ^_^; However, I don't have the same excuse for  2010 and after seeing everyone's posts, I have to admit I was itching to write a recap post :P So here it is :)

Number of books read

Now, this number is actually not accurate ^_^; I know, I know, it doesn't start the post very well... This is the number of books I've recorded in my Google spreadsheet. However, If you add up the number of books read in my monthly posts, it'll be approximately 183. That's because I did not count re-reads in the monthly reads posts, but I did in my Google spreadsheet ^_^;  Yep, it's the eternal debate (at least for me) as to whether re-reads count or not... Also, I'm pretty sure I've slipped a few times throughout the year and didn't record all the books read and I did not include the mangas... So the real number is probably a few books higher. In any case, I'm very pleased with 190. My unofficial goal was 200 and I'm close to it and quite surprised because I thought I didn't read very consistently in 2010. I'd read a lot for a week or two, then slump for 2 weeks and start reading again for a few days ^_^;

For 2011, my goal remains 200 books read. I also hope to do a better job keeping track of my books :P

Number of books bought

Are you surprised at the number? LOL, well disclaimer, the number is not accurate either ^_^; 193 does not include books I've bought at the UBS or book fair, nor the books bought on my trip or received for free from friends, bloggers, contests and of course, not the mangas either ^_^; So why even put it up there? Well just because I feel like it LOL. In truth, the number of books I've gotten in 2010 is somewhat closer to 232, which comes from crunching the books bought in the monthly reads post. However, what's interesting is that according to my Google spreadsheet, I saved at least 517.57$!!! That's not a bad number! Of course, how much did I spend in order to save that much? LOL, not saying.

In 2011, I hope to do a better job recording every book I bought :P I'm also aiming to increase the number of books I buy in e-format.

What did I read?

Historical romance = 45
Contemporary romance = 42
Young Adult = 22
Urban Fantasy = 17
Paranormal romance = 17
Fantasy = 14
Romantic suspense = 13
Category romance = 9
M/M = 5
Sci-Fi = 3
Mystery/thriller = 2
Steampunk = 1
Fiction = 1

I think I read a great selection of books - definitively a lot of romance :) Does it reflect my tastes? Not exactly; however, it does reflect what's being published currently :)  What I'm most surprised of is the number of YA books. I didn't realize I've read that many!! I'm also surprised that Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romance came neck to neck. I feel like I've read more Urban Fantasy :P

I see no reason to change my reading habits when it comes to genres, as I read what I enjoy :) However, I have a feeling that I'll be picking up more mysteries in 2011... Anyone has recommendations for mystery series, but with strong romance elements?

Who published them?

Penguin Group (Berkley, Putnam, Daw, NAL) = 65
Harlequin (Harlequin, Mira, HQN, Carina Press) = 31
Harpercollins Publishers (Avon) = 22
Simon & Schuster (Pocket) = 21
Grand Central Publishing = 10
Macmillian (St. Martin's Press, Tor) = 9
Random House (Bantam Books) =6
Kensington (Zebra) = 3
Dorchester = 2
Sourcebook = 1
Others (Orbit, Doubleday Canada, Hyperion, Scholastic, etc.) = 20

It's kind of fun to find out who belongs to who when it comes to publishing house. Fun and confusing at the same time. LOL.

When were they published?

2010 = 120
2009 = 27
2008 = 10
2007 = 10
2006 = 3
2000 to 2005 = 10
1990 to 1999 = 6
Before 1990 = 4

120 books released in 2010, that means 63.2% of the books I read. That makes sense given how much I run after new releases LOL. And see, see! I don't run for nothing, I do read most of them right away!! Actually, what would be interesting is to see how much did I read from the books I bought and from my TBR pile. Hmmm, maybe something for next year :)

Well, I did say my reading reflected what is being published at the moment and it's no real surprised that the bulk of my reading is from books published after 2005. There was hardly any Urban Fantasy, Young Adult and Paranormal romance before... Also, I really started reading romance in 2000 and I've been looking forward most of my reading years. The only reason why I'd buy books published before 2000 is that I was glomming on an author with a very old backlist. My guess is that the books published before 2000 are primarily from Jayne Ann Krentz and Nora Roberts :P

How did I enjoy the books I read?
A = 15
B = 115
C = 43
D = 8
E = 1
DNF = 2

I did not grade everything I read, sometimes because I had no idea what to grade them and other time, because they were re-reads. Looking at the grade distribution, I've enjoyed the majority of the books I've read and loved quite a few as well :) However, I know that if I go back and take another look at the books and reviews, many would be down-graded. It'll be interesting to see what my grade distribution in 2011 will be as I aim to be more consistent and objective...

Did I share my thoughts with you?

Number of reviews = 77
Mini-reviews (from monthly reads posts) = 76
Books I still want to review = 28

I'm not the type of blogger who can review everything she read. I just can't. So how do I choose which books to review? Well it's simple, the book has to call to me :P Still, I try to justify my grades when I share it with everyone by including mini-reviews in my monthly reads posts :)

Overall, I think I did pretty good this year when it comes to sharing my thoughts on books with everyone else :) Combining the reviews with the mini-reviews, I've covered 80% of the books I've read! Of course, there are still those 28 books that have fallen through the cracks and quite frankly, I don't know if I'll ever get back to them... but we never know, right? :) Hopefully, I'll be better at it this year :) (although it's not starting out too well ^_^;;;)

Random numbers

New Authors = 40

I think that I'm quite adventurous in my reading. Perhaps not in genres, but I have no qualms at trying new authors and picking up new series, especially if they come recommended. Plus, I'm very impulsive in my buying... and also very easy LOL. I don't know how many of those 40 I'm going to keep looking out for though...

Books read part of a series = 139

Series are definitively the way to go nowadays in the publishing world and I'm not afraid of them :) I can't really tell those 139 books come from how many series, but I know myself. If I enjoy a series and many books are out, I'm going to binge on them :) I think that's really the way to go with series - to not wait too long, if not you fall behind and it's hard to get back into it.


And there you have it, my numbers for 2010 :) LOL, this was really last minute crunching ^_^; Anyway, one thing that is obvious for 2011 is I need to do a better job at tracking books that I read and buy. Of course, it's one thing knowing and another doing it, but I'm hoping. Also, I think it will help if I am more consistent in my blogging. Seems like 2010 was all about ups and downs in all aspect of my life.

By the way, while there are a lot of numbers in this post, there are no titles or author names... well that's because I decided it'd be more fun to do a Best and Worst of 2010 post with someone else than just on my own. So head over Breezing Through to find out what Ames, Monroe and I thought were the Best and Worst of 2010! This will last the whole week, so I hope you enjoy :)

And with this, I have finally wrap up my posts for 2010!! Woohoo!! Now, onto 2011! LOL.


  1. Yay, 190 books read is a really good number!

    Hmm, I think you bought more than 230+ book. You seem to buy more frequently than I do not to mention in quantities so your numbers look low compared to mine. Not that 232 is anything to sneeze at. Lol!

    For last minute crunching, you sure break out the genres, publishing houses, and even publishing dates so neatly. I can't keep track like that. I just got used to tracking purchases and reading by month. Lol!

    40 new authors is pretty good. Keep it up! And then you can share with me as usual. hehe.

    Lastly, I think you do reviewing pretty well. You may not review all but your reviews and minis are still pretty awesome.

  2. Wow - you really keep a lot of information on what you read. And you've got it broken down so well. I'm surprised at the 2 DNFs. That's really low for the amount of books you read.

    40 new authors is great! Considering how many series and authors you already keep up with, 40 is a lot. I wonder how many of those 40 you'll continue to read?

    80% reviewed is a great number. I can't review everything I read either. Mostly because I take too long writing reviews. Wish I could write them in 20-30 minutes. :)

    Awesome year Nath!

  3. It all looks great to me and I'm really starting to think that re-reads have to count. Instead of grabbing a new book you feel compelled to read a book you have already read and loved.

    This year I fell apart with reading and blogging - I have read more books than I have listed and I have stopped reading more books than I have listed. I think I have to go back to my old style where if I started a book I had to finish the book or declare it a DNF (I have a few where I literally stopped reading a few chapters from the end, I just couldn't care anymore!)

    And you are great with trying new authors - this year you should track how well you do with them. I'm terrified of buying a book by an author I haven't read before. I'm not sure where this fear came from but it's there. So I'm going to try and break through that this year also.


  4. Leslie recently posted her Best of post, too... so you're in good company! Besides, I never get tired of reading this kind of stuff! ^_^

    I know we've discussed and debate this in the past, bue I think re-reads definitely count as books read. I mean, you READ it! And I'm not just saying that because I need my re-reads to count if I'm ever going to break 100 books in a year. LOL!

    You are SO brave even going anywhere NEAR any dollar figures when it comes to books. Very brave.

    I love the diversity in genres that you read from nath. Even better than me and I thought I did pretty darned good! ;)

    I'm in the lookout for mysteries with strong romance elements, too. Do you read Deanna Raybourn? I can't speak for experience, but her Lady Grey series is on my list to read.

    Haha! About running after new releases. I love that about you. You rarely hesitate... and then you actually READ what you buy! So impressive. ;)

    Mostly B's is reasonable. My list is probably split one third A's and two thirds B's with one C. I'm too easy.

    Very impressive number crunching, nath! Fun post!

    Here's to an even better 2011! :D

  5. Great post! I love reading this kind of stuff. It's interesting about the re-reads... I don't count them in my numbers either. Maybe I'll include next year. I just need to keep better track of them :)

  6. OMG, you read 190 books last year? You should celebrate by going to Paris or something that's outstanding!

  7. Nath, I love your post! It's thorough and so organized.

    You had a wonderful year, 190 books and 80% reviewed is a great year! Your numbers are interesting -- 139 books that are part of a series is a really interesting number. And 40 new authors is excellent!

  8. Hey everyone! Sorry for the late replies ^_^;

    Tabitha - LOL, yeah, I probably bought much more than 230 books LOL.

    Yeah, I was pretty motivated to get this post out :) But I was pretty dead afterwards LOL.

    Yep, I'm really happy about 40 new authors. I'm also surprised. It didn't feel like I tried so many...

    Leslie - Yeah, I like to be complete Leslie... but it's hard ^_^; LOl.

    The book really has to be bad or rub me the wrong way for me to stop reading. I don't think I've ever had a lot of DNF... and it's really books that I put down, not ever wanting to pick it up again. Not books in which I lose interest and eventually will pick up.

    I think the trick is to be up-to-date in your series... that way, you can take time to explore instead of always catching up :) Also, I read quite a few UF and YA and those are new categories for me :)

    I'm just in awe at those who review everything. Seriously. Me, those monthly reads posts are killing me, seriously. Takes me several days to finish them, which is why they're always so late ^_^;

    Yeah, pretty good year. Hoping that 2011 will be at least as good :)

    Cindy - You know? I think I should put the re-reads in a different tab. Stop wondering about whether they count or not. As long as I keep track of them properly, then I can take that decision later :)

    Perhaps you only needed a break, Cindy. Sometimes, that happens. Take a break, clear your mind and come back stronger. What I've learned is not to push it :) I know we all want to read good books and a lot, but sometimes...

    Well it really depends on how picky you are, Cindy about trying new books. I think what's important is knowing yourself and your tastes :) I know you're afraid, but perhaps finding someone that has similar reading tastes than you will help as well :)

  9. Christine - True, true :)

    The problem is that some re-reads, I just read my favorite parts or skim through it... In that case, what do I do?

    LOL, well you know why I keep track? It's because I'm part of the bookstore rewards program, kind of like Barnes & Nobles and Borders 10% off on every books purchased... and when it came time to renew, they would send me a letter letting me know how much I saved... and then, they stopped... and I thought it was interesting. Show how worth it is to own that I-rewards card :)

    Well actually, I think you read a lot of fiction, which I don't. Books like Room, I would never go near... so it's just a different kind of diversity :)

    No, I haven't read that author yet, but I heard a lot of good about her. But I'm looking for something a little cozier.

    Yeah... I actually read what I buy LOL. Actually, reading from the TBR pile is my difficulty LOL :)

    LOL, well we'll see how it goes this year about grades :) Trying to level it out between Bs and Cs :)

    And yes, to a great 2011!! :)

    Mariana - Thank you Mariana :) It's actually fun, seems we all have a little nerdy side LOL.

    Keeping track is the hard part LOL.

    Rowena - Yeah, 190 is good... but I want 200 LOL.

    Hilcia - Thanks Hils! :) Yeah, now that you mention it, it's interesting... but like I said, I think it really reflects the publishing world. Like the series, well it counts the trilogy and stuff you know.

    40 new authors, well that's thanks to everyone :)

  10. Wow Nath, I am really impressed! This is a great post, you really broke everything down. LOL, the total number of books you read published in 2010 is the total number of books I read :)

    190 books is super impressive! Good for you. Historical was the most I read too.

    It's fun keeping track, don't you think?

  11. Hi. I just found your blog. I was doing a search on Jennifer Crusie who I just discovered. As for new authors have you read Nicole Peeler? Fantasy Mystery with romance. Very Charlaine Harris IMO. I just finished her 3 book and really liked it.

  12. Jill - Thanks Jill :)

    Well I have more time to read :) I think your number would really be more if it wasn't for your new job :P

    As for historicals, I think it's because there are so many out there being released...

    and yes, it's fun keeping track :)

    PS - are you going to RT this year?

    Danielle - Welcome to my blog! :) Oh, lucky you, discovering Jennifer Crusie :) You're in for lots of laughs :)

    I haven't read Nicole Peeler yet, although she is on my list of authors to try. I have the first book in my TBR pile. The problem though is that I'm not a huge fan of Ms Harris ^_^;

  13. Whenever I think I have bought too many books I visit you and Ames and feel way better! lol

  14. Kailana - LOL, you should, Kailana!! :)